How To Live In Detachment & Freely Choose Your Reality

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In today’s video, I want to talk about living in detachment living in a way where you always have a third person perspective on your life. You’re looking at your life like you are watching a movie from the Observer, Bird’s eye view perspective.

So the other day I was flying back from Chicago, um, had to come home early because the next, uh, well I had my Chicago trip planned for like four days. Right?

And on the fourth day I actually had like an emergency appointment that I had to make that I had to be in New York for it. So I cut my Chicago Day one trip short and I flew back on the third day. And as I was flying back on that third day, right? Like as I went to the airport, I found out that my flight got canceled.

It got canceled because of a huge storm that occurred here in New York. Okay. So there was a huge storm. Every single flight to New York got canceled, which is like very unlikely cause there’s so many flights that go into New York, especially from Chicago. And so obviously this is not something that I predicted or even imagined would happen.

And I was in the airport looking at all those customer service lines being flooded by people who were so angry, who were getting mad at the employees of the airlines who were like demanding refunds, who were just completely distraught over how they’re going to have to spend another night here in Chicago now.

And you know, I’m like, they’re just looking at the experience like, you know, not even really affected. And this is just a quality that I’ve kind of created now with my experience where I’m constantly looking at my experience just as you would be watching a movie.

So think about it, think about how liberating this is. Compare this to the perspective that you’ve held your entire life, where you are so fully immersed within your experience, within your character that you think everything

mean so much in full immersion, right? Anything anybody says to means a lot. Any experience. Like a cancellation of a flight means a lot. Any missed appointment means so much to the character that it evokes so much emotion that it constantly controls the character and sways the character between the positive and the negative.

And so when you’re watching a movie and you’re watching those characters get really upset when something bad happens and get really, really happy when something great happens, you see them being swayed back and forth, back and forth. But you, you’re just sitting in the movie theater watching the whole play and maybe you feel some sort of way, like you feel some light when things are occurring, depending on how immersed you are within the movie.

But you know, there’s this element of detachment that when something bad happens, you are just able to observe it and not feel so attached to what is happening.

You have this separation in between you and the experience that is being projected on this movie screen. And so for that reason, you at all times know that you are free from that experience. You would all times know that it’s always okay. You would all times know that the experience doesn’t really mean much.

And so as I’m even talking about this right now, feel how liberating that is to just have that detachment from your experience right now. You might just be thinking about it like you watching a movie, but try to just imagine it. Even if you can’t really like have you, can’t you feel like you can’t do that with your life. Just try to imagine having that sort of detachment, having that sort of separation between you and your experience. Now I’m in this airport, everybody else around me is freaking out, right?

And I’m just like watching it happen. Like, Oh, today I’m doing an experience of a canceled flight. Interesting. As a just right there you’ll see two different things.

One person who freaks out and is so immersed that they’re just caught up in all that negativity. Now their day is con obviously ruined and now from that state of being, from that negative state of being, they’re just self creating so much friction in their experience. Because as you know, circumstances will always reflect your state of being, how a situation unfolds will always reflect how you responded to that provocation to that experience.

So the first person who freaks out now has a really negative state of being and it’s gonna create that hell on earth for themselves at least for that day, at least for that hour because they’re so fully immersed. And now if you look at, you know, when I was over there at the airport, me literally just like looking at this experience like, Oh, I’m watching my character today having a canceled flight.

Interesting. I’ve never felt this before. Let’s experience it. And it’s funny because, and I’m not trying to say that I’m better than the other person at all. I’m simply saying how freeing it is because, and not feeling any sort of way when something quote unquote bad happens in your experience simply by having this detachment.

Meanwhile, I had even a greater reason to be upset and worried because I had a very, very important, um, in a appointment the next day at 1:00 PM that I had to make. And now the rescheduling of the flight, I wouldn’t make it to New York by 1:00 PM. And so I had a huge reason to be very afraid and worried and upset. But at the same time, um, I was able to create that or maintain that balance, which would actually allow me to figure out the situation in a much better manner, much more effective manner.

And not only that, but more importantly, I was not create creating a hell out of my experience. My Day was not ruined. Okay. And I was not harassing other people because of my own miserableness. So it was quite comical to see everybody, you know, act in this way because it’s like they’re so immersed in their experience that they’re not really necessarily realizing that the movie will continue to go on.

Everything will be okay. The experience will come back down to, you know, regular pace eventually. Even if it’s not today, eventually. And it’s just like they’re allowing that experience to dictate their state of being, which will further create for them negative circumstances in the future. So detachment is so necessary.

It is so freeing once you’re able to create that sort of being able to see everything from this movie viewer perspective, watching your life unfold. Like you are this objective observer. It gives you so much freedom. And it gives you a sense of knowing that you are always free of the circumstance. It gives you the freedom to create any state of being that you want at any given moment because in reality creation, what do you know from all my videos,

state of being determines the experience, the future circumstances that you will manifest into your life and so once you start to create this detachment, you’ll be able to better dictate what you manifest. Until then you will always just sway between negative and positive, negative and positive.

The thing with this is though, when you do start to create this sort of detachment, even within positive experiences, like I get this question a lot, right? So sunny, once I start creating the detachment and I don’t feel the negative as much anymore, well I also not feel the positive as much.

To a certain degree, yes, but at the same time, it’s not like a numbing that you do, right? It’s simply detachment. It’s not like you don’t feel the negative because you’re numb to it. It’s not like I didn’t react that day and get really angry. My like, I canceled because I was just numb to that.

Those negative emotions, no, the negativity can still be there, but at the same time you don’t identify that negativity as yourself in that moment and so even when you’re experiencing something super positive, it’s just the same thing.

Again, the positivity is still there and it can be experienced, but at the same time you don’t fall that positivity to be who you are because who you are is essentially always above what is happening. You are the space within which this experience is happening. You are the space that is enabling this experience to occur.

You are not the experience itself and until you continue to identify yourself as this experience, as this phenomenon, as this movie that is playing on the movie screen, you will continue to sway back and forth. Then the story will always control you. Then you will never control the story. You will never choose your own story. You will always be subject to the story that is playing and so you can still enjoy what is occurring.

You can still experience everything to the fullest. However, there’s always a detachment between who you are and what the experiences and that is beautiful and that is freedom.

So how can you start to practice this principle in your day to day life throughout the day, right? Start to literally view your circumstances as a movie just being watched on that screen in front of you. So if your flight gets canceled, be like wow, today I’m doing flight being canceled. You know, if you’re on a sunny beach, you know, in the Caribbean they’re like, wow, there’s was a nice scene today.

I’m experiencing this and tomorrow I’m going to be experiencing this. So on and so forth. And start to experience your experiences like you are viewing that movie knowing that you are not at your always above it and this alone will actually open the door to a much greater awareness to a much greater realization of self.

And then obviously as a natural byproduct will allow you that freedom to always maintain the state of being that you need to manifest a certain experiences that you want, the certain movies that you want projected on the screen, right?

Because if you are always feeling negative and your state of being is being controlled by the movie, now what will further happen is that you will continue to project a movie on the screen that is vibrating at a similar frequency to your state of being.

So if you are always feeling negative, think about battle like this, like if the projector is negative, the movie that is being projected will also be negative. But if you are the controller of your state of being and you choose your state of being rather than having it and swinging it back and forth by what’s happening, then you can choose to consciously and deliberately create the state of being that you want to be projected.

So the movie that starts being projected starts to reflect your chosen state of being more and more and more. But even then you’d never confuse yourself as the movie.

Even when you start to manifest positive experiences, you still maintain this perspective of being the objective observer rather than being the immersed participant rather than being the actor in the movie that is constantly controlled by the script of the movie.

You are above the script, you are watching the script unfold and you have the option. You have the freewill to project a new movie entirely based on Korea by creating a new state of being. And this freedom is only given to you once you start to create this detachment. So realize my friend, you are not the movie. You are not the experience. So stop letting the experience dictate your state of being. Practice this.

As long as this remains conceptual knowledge, it will never become real. Practice. This literally starting right now with little inconveniences and irritations and also big things. Someone pisses you off today.

I’m experiencing someone pissing me off. You know, you’re tired. You get a flat today I’m experiencing or fixing off that. Let’s do this. Enjoy every experience, extract from it, everything you can while knowing that you are not at all right.

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August 14, 2019

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