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In today’s Reality Trans Surfing video, we are talking goals and doors again, and that’s what I’m going to show you how to find your true door that lies accordingly to your true goal.

Okay, so, um, to find your true door, first and foremost, you actually have to find your true goal. And I’ve done a completely other video about that. In fact, I’ve actually done multiple videos about that. So you’re probably going to go on and watch those first until you define your true goal. You can never really define your true door because the door to your goal is like the means to the fulfillment of that goal.

And how are you ever going to even allow the means to make their way into your life, into your reality. If you don’t even know what you’re after, what you want, what would fulfill you? So make sure to go watch those videos. Are LinkedIn in the description box below. Maybe I’ll even put them up here. But that is essential without finding your true goal first, your life will just not be fulfilling and you’ll just be, you know, going after other people’s goals or goals that aren’t really meant for you, which will create a life of suffering.

Um, and without finding a true goal, you can certainly not find your true door. Okay? So go watch those videos. Try to think about what your true goal is and come back to this one. Okay. Um, but let’s get started for if you do know what your true goal might be, right? It’s not something that you really have to know for certain all the time. It’s okay to not know it.

It’s okay to be in kind of limbo about it as long as you do have the active intention to be looking for it. Right? A lot of people are like in constant frustration over not being able to find their purpose, their true goal. At the same time, these are the same people that I see not actively searching for what truly fulfills them. They’re filling up their day with activities and constant distractions and going out.

That actually takes up all their time and energy. So what time and energy will be left over to find your true goal, your purpose, right? So if you do know kind of, um, if you don’t know fully exactly what your goal is, but as long as you have the act of intention to, to find it, you will stumble upon it. Life will literally walk you into the answer.

That’s exactly what happened to me. I did not know what my true goal was at all when I started this journey of personal mastery request. Okay. However, eventually, just by having faith and always being future focused and having the intention of the back of my mind that I’m going to find what will make my life a continuous holiday. Eventually I did stumble upon it. Life walked me into the answer. Little by little and, but you at the same time have to have the courage to follow that.

I’ll be honest with you, even in this phase of my life, sometimes I’m still constantly my true goal. You know, like this is something that you can just do once. It’s something that you have to consistently do because as you go through life, you know, you’re gonna, you’re living in a world full of pendulums and they’re going to try to impose four false beliefs in you false stereotypes, false goals, and you’re going to have to remain authentic to yourself.

You have to maintain that authenticity throughout your journey by constantly refining your intentions, by constantly refining your motive for doing everything. Are you doing things for like proving your worth and for all those ego reasons or are you doing them truly for, for, uh, for fulfillment, for service, for a higher purpose? So there’s something that I’m constantly doing and I’m actually currently going through a phase where I’m not really fully sure exactly of what my even goal.

A lot of my goals are changing now. So that’s for a different video. But in this video I want to talk about, um, as you are getting to know your goal, how to find the means to that goal, which is the door to that goal. And one of the things talked about in train surfing constantly is that you have to run the target slide of your goal in your mind constantly, every single day. Because think about it this way.

Most people, right when they think about their goal, they’re thinking about it from a perspective which is currently manifested in the lifeline, which on which those means don’t exist, right? When they’re thinking about their goal as like some distant far thing and not possible for them. And that perspective, you know, of, you know, I’m not good enough and I’m not worthy. That perspective comes attached with a reality on which the those means to that goal don’t exist.

Why? Because they only exist in the energy, in the reality of that goal. So instead of thinking and you know, trying to create the means in your current energy, in your current reality, to try to get to that goal where you have to start doing is cleaning up your energy and start becoming a vibrational match to your goal. So you have to, you know, run that flight in your mind again and again.

That visualization of your goal already being accomplished because by attuning your energy and your current reality resonating with that energy likeZ , now the the means can present themselves because they can actually make their way energetically into your lifeline, into your reality. It’s all, this is all an energy game at any time. Don’t ever think about achieving or trying to, you know, put something into place or trying to like create something out of your mind.

All you have to do is become an energetic, um, vibe, a vibrational match to what it is that you want, and then allow energy to reposition itself. And then just keep following the flow. Things come into your life. People come into your life and you start, you know, a path starts being built.

Now on this journey as you are trying to energetically align and you’re running that slide in your mind and you know you’re maybe having some ideas and you’re trying to follow them, you’re constantly going to have to ask yourself, does this feel good to me? Does this path feel good to me? You know, as a, when I had just started personal mastery quest and I was like starting the coaching thing, right? I was going through this entire course and this entire model of building your consulting business and it was great.

It, it literally became the foundation of how I built my entire business. But at the same time, the approach that was, um, predominant in that course, the approach that they recommended that I do after doing that for a certain amount of time, I just was not resonating with it at all. You know, a lot of things that I had to be doing every single day that I was forcing myself to do, we’re just not feeling good to me.

And this is not some sort of like, oh, I didn’t want to work hard or I’m, I wasn’t disciplined enough to do those things. It’s not about that. You know, I work equally as hard as anybody that I know, but I do the things that I like. Okay? So that’s the difference that you have to understand. You can work as hard as you want, but if you’re on the wrong path, the wrong door, doing things that don’t feel good to your heart doing things because your mind is, you know, caught up in some shiny object on the other side and thinks that this is the only way to your goal, then you can work as hard as you want.

You’re still not going to achieve your goal. And you know, while doing a lot of those things that I was doing in that course for a long time, even while realizing, man, this is not feel good, I just feel like a struggle every single day. I feel like I’m not really being true to myself. While I was reading all of this trend surfing stuff and trying to apply it, you know, I was realizing I wasn’t being true to myself and it wasn’t feeling good and I was creating friction in my life.

I was creating obstacles that didn’t need to exist in my journey. And so the answer is always diverting to what does feel good to you. First, attuning your energy to your dream self, but then also diverting your energy to a path that feels more authentic to you. Now the problem is the authentic path.

The authentic path never has a crowd of people around it. And so it almost feels like you have to create your own journey. You have to go a path that doesn’t exist. And that’s the hard part about it because it requires courage. You know, it’s easy to invest in a course and then follow the entire approach step by step, but it’s hard.

But, and then you know, hundreds and thousands of people in that course that you know you have the support system and you are looking at other people also doing it. So it’s like, okay, you feel some somewhat in place. You feel like you’re doing a good thing in your life. However, going on an approach completely alone, an approach has never worked before that you don’t know if it has ever worked before. You don’t know if it will work this time, but just having that faith in your own authenticity in your own what feels good.

That requires courage. But look at anybody that is really, really successful in the world. I’m not even talking, I’m not talking about like your average successful person that lives like by our house and you know, has a certain amount of like, you know, like the certain amount of conventional success that we call it. Like maybe a BMW in a nice house. That’s not success. That’s not what is success is success is someone truly going their own way and becoming the star of what they created themselves in a way.

You know, that’s one definition of success, but it’s definitely not the conventional success. Think about any person like that. You know, like Muhammad Ali, like Picasso, you know, Walt Disney, Steve Jobs, all of these people, um, Jeff Bezos, all of these people went their own path. They did not recreate another path. They did not go into a door which hundreds and thousands of people were crowded around.

Because see where hundreds and thousands of people that are crowded around, that’s usually the minds path. Whereas the heart, the path to your hearts, treasure lies in your individual path. And that’s what you’ve got to have the courage to follow and maintain and consistently fought, like pursue and it might even take years. I’m still on the path, I’m still on the journey of constantly refining what feels good to me, what doesn’t, you know, my journey is so new.

So sometimes I feel like I’m not able to completely show you the end goal, um, results looking back. But at the same time, it’s Kinda beautiful cause I’m sharing with you as I’m doing this as well. But you know, over the past few years I’ve constantly been refining and um, what I’m seeing is that the more I go to words, what my heart truly feels inclined to, words will feel good to me rather than what is not natural or what the mind might think is the better way to go.

The more life actually comes around to support me. And so in the conventional approach of trying to create that business through that, uh, course, right? Even when I was seeing results, I was still being miserable and I wasn’t even actually seeing many results for the most part.

However, when I started to go my own way and start to create my own structure and just started to follow my resonance, things started to flow for me naturally. You know, well being became like the optimal or the theme of my existence once again, because again, that’s just vibrational resonance. If you are following your passion, you are following your true goal in your true DOR.

Now well being will be like a natural existence in your life. So, but I mean that’s like something that I’m constantly refining. I’m still somewhat lost in terms of what I really want, you know, um, my goal is all, all of them are being, um, reshaped, re-positioned and then again, you know, to find a means to those goals.

However, the means is not something that you have to worry about. You know, every single time you start worrying about the means, you just have to re-attune your energy to the goal. Keep doing it again and again and have that faith that by doing this energetic dance that you know, by taking care of that energy, the means will flow into your life again and again and again.

They will always come a little bit at a time. They might even come fully at a time, but you always have to have the courage to follow them. So one, create that energetic resonance to always go towards what feels good, right? When the means do come into your life and you have all of these options, you have to literally, and you can try all of them out again and again, right? See what feels best to you, what feels most natural rather than what feels like a struggle.

What feels like efforting, what feels like men, this, I do not belong here. Give yourself the room to make mistakes. Allow yourself to learn and grow from each experience because you know even if you waste time in a wrong door, that experience will still be valuable in the rest of your journey. So don’t regret anything, but at the same time, don’t become stagnant. Being like, you know, I’m scared of go my own individual path. Therefore I’ll just, I’ll, I’ll do a little more of this. I’ll do two more months of this and then if not, then I’ll go, no, just do it. Now. It doesn’t feel good. Is that your original path? No. Then don’t do it.

Your original path. Your authentic path is the path of your treasure. So follow that. Make this life your expression, your most natural expression and trust that everything will come around to support you. So there’s more to be discussed on goals. I end doors, obviously I’ll be making further videos about it. Um, if you like this one though, give me a thumbs up. All right. Um, let me know if you have any questions about this in the comment section below. If you want to get coaching with me through for this entire process and learn how to accelerate your reality, the time between your desires and their manifestation, click the link in the description box below. Schedule a free call with me. Let’s see, for the right fit to work together. Um, subscribe to the channel and I’ll see you in the next video. [inaudible].

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