Meditating For HOURS Every Day – Act On Your Bliss Episode 6

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Welcome to another episode of Act on your bliss.

You’re probably thinking sunny, usually on a, in these act, on your bliss episodes, you’re like doing a lot of things. You’re out and about, you know, you’re acting on your desires. So what are you doing sitting here at your house? Just talking to us. What are you doing today? Show us that. Well, what if one of your desires that brought you the greatest bliss? And that moment was having a phase of non-action and simply meditating for hours every single day and deepening your realization.

So today that’s what I want to talk to you about. That’s the phase that I’m going through right now. And I want to kind of just, you know, this and this act on your bliss episode as compared to the other ones. It’s going to be a lot more relaxed, a lot more chill, nothing crazy. And I just want to kind of talk to you about the phase that I’m going through and maybe that will connect with the phase that you’re going through or show you, you know, a little bit more about my journey.

And so, you know, this summer has been pretty active. I’ve been taking a lot of action. I’ve been doing a lot, like not even hard work wise, but just I’ve been taking a lot of action on my desires, putting everything into motion. I’ve been traveling a lot, you know, things are looking good, things are amazing. And, um, after that phase, I kind of went through this other phase where I’ve kind of spoken about it publicly recently, how I realized that like, even me living the exact life that I want, I’m noticing the temporary nature of experiences, even great experiences.

They still just leave. And then you end up in a kind of a same state, just wanting more craving, more, always chasing the next thing, the next experience. And so when I had this realization like late July, you know, I was entering into August and, um, I really started to make this kind of intention that I was going to dedicate the month of August to meditation to not doing anything.

And so I obviously had a lot of resistance towards this because, well, you know, it’s like I was attracted to a lot of this self-realization teachings and you know, deepening awareness and all that stuff for a while now. But I was too focused on trying to build a business or trying to like do a lot of other things. And you know, just around life there’s always something, right? There’s always something that’s taking away our attention.

And I wasn’t giving enough attention to what my heart really desired, which was this a lot of self reflection, a month of non-action, just meditation, getting to know myself more, not my body, the real self. And so I decided to dedicate the month of August to just meditation and realization. And, um, it was hard because, you know, it’s like right now if I asked you, would you be able to give up wanting to work on your goals, you know, for a month, for a year, would you be willing to not wanting to secure your financial well-being?

Would you be willing to embrace the idea that you will never achieve your goal? That you will never be rich, that you will never have the things that you want. See like even me saying that our egos have such incredible resistance towards these things.

But what I started waking up to, right, like while I was living that amazing my life for the past couple of months was like when you are living such pleasurable experiences, such abundant experiences, even then the ego is not satisfied. And even then the ego just likes to crave. It just likes to walk more. And that is the state that it will literally make you live your life through.

And it’s like, okay, so even if I was to achieve all my biggest goals and you know, have all of what I want in my life, like will that still satisfy me? Ask yourself that too. And so that’s really what motivated me to, I’m not saying that you have to at all, but I’m saying that’s what motivated me to kind of dedicate this month to just complete surrender to that infinite intelligence, complete surrender to the flow of life and just letting go of all attachment to my goals.

Letting go of all attachment to securing my well-being, financially fit, like physically anything I’m now this month of non-action doesn’t mean that I don’t do anything. What I started to do as I really started to meditate hours on day, uh, per day, which is, I’ll talk about that too. But, um, I’ve made an intention that this month I’m just going to focus on deepening my awareness meditation, having a really more calmer days where I’m not like doing so much, but whatever I am doing, I’m doing with absolute presence of mind or presence of presence, presence of awareness.

And I started to, I made an intention that I will serve anybody who comes into my experience throughout the day, whether that’d be through like a DM or like a, you know, whatever it is or my clients existing and ones. So just not wanting or needing anything from anybody, not wanting more views, not wanting more clients, not wanting more money, nothing, not wanting more love from relationships, not wanting, you know, uh, progress in other areas and just like not wanting anything for one month.

Just cause that you know that sue the, the you go into it. I was like, okay, just one month I’m just going to dedicate two complete surrender. So I think all my goals threatening all my intentions with simply just one intention, just to deepen my awareness of self while serving anybody who comes into my experience while looking at everybody in my experience as myself and serving them with love, without wanting anything in return.

And something funny actually happened with this is that once I started to just completely let go literally within the first couple of days of August, like business did even better than usual. You know, relationships doing amazing, like working really smoothly, happiness, way more while not being in a state of chasing happiness. Way More amazing relief all day, every day. That feeling of adventure, that feeling of life is still coming to support me even when I’m giving up control.

You know, like all of these amazing things started to happen and like I’m really enjoying my August so far, even though I’m just sitting and meditating most of the day. And you know, the ego even tries to make you not do that. You know? And I just had started August and I started to like meditate more and more. My mind constantly was like, you should be making a video right now, or you should be like working on some client work right now.

You should be doing this, you should be doing that. And you feel guilty for just not doing anything. But it’s like, why do you need to do something all the time? See, that’s a false concept that is ingrained within our consciousness in life that you need to constantly do. And so we fill up our life with all these things and all this work and all that stuff. And then obviously we procrastinate because we’re so sick and tired of doing.

And so if you don’t make yourself do things all the time, then naturally you will naturally just do what you’re inspired to do. In my case, meditation, in my case, you know, doing whatever, like serving other people. But I know I kind of rambled in this video. I’m still rambling, but like, um, I just wanna say like this month has been so amazing and it’s, um, this is me acting on my bliss right now, not being scared to let go of control of my life.

And you’re taking that step towards doing what I want to do right now. This is what resonates with me most right now. So I’m going to do it. I’m not thinking about, oh, but you know, I need a secure my well-being. I need to raise my worth in society. Things like that. Things that are always going back on in the back of our mind.

So right now, um, I have a couple of days before I make two more act on your bliss videos. That’s something that I’ve booked like a month ago or so on. Um, and you’ll probably see this video maybe right before I go to La, um, for my meditation retreat and for this other thing that I’m going there for that I’ll share with you later on in the month. But yeah, I think I’ll release this video right before I go to la.

But I got that coming up on the 22nd, and I’m really excited for that too. Um, as I, I think I already did mention it in the video, but I’m going to La to um, the self-realization fellowship, which was established by Yogananda. Um, and I’m doing a retreat there for three days. It’s just completely silent. Um, I’m not gonna have my phone, I’m not going to have anything. And you know, that’s just like the icing on top of the cake of this month, which is just dedicated to complete surrender to just realizing more of the self, to deepening my presence and to just serve with love and

So the remainder of the time until I go on that retreat, I’m just honestly having fun meditating again, serving whoever comes to my experience, this is, this is kind of like really helped me enhance my service to my clients, to even like me replying to you to comments and whatnot. Right? Like when you don’t want things, when you’re not in a constant state of chasing you naturally just are more authentic to people.

You naturally now like are looking to help people rather than just trying to like save your time or you know, wanting something from in return from them. Even if you consider yourself a good person, you naturally are always strategizing for all of these things and wanting from other people and trying to manipulate them to get things from them.

That’s just the way ego is. Ego is madness and so living this month in this kind of way has been really like perspective changing and I’m really waking up to the nature of awareness and I’m waking up to the fact that all reality, including your body, all physical reality, everything that we filtered through, the five senses comes and goes. Everything comes and goes. The only thing that has a likeness, the only thing that makes reality alive is your presence.

The only thing that can never be challenged, the only thing that never leaves you, the only thing that is real is your presence, your memories of the past, right? They’re not real anymore. Like the past is not real anymore. That reality is not real anymore. Why? Because it has no aliveness. It has no presence. Where has your presence gone? Where your presence is here and this is why your current reality is alive.

And so we spent so much time, we spend our entire lives chasing things that are not real. This is a big paradigm shift coming to an understanding that reality, what we call reality is not even real. The ultimate reality. The only thing that is actually real. The essence of what you see is the presence which makes you you. You know, if you were to die right now and someone was to cut up your brain and like look for who you are. If they were to look for like if I was to die and someone was a cut in my brain and they were looking for sunny, they wouldn’t find sunny anywhere. All they would have is just this body in this physical stuff. But sunny has gone right. What is that essence? That is your presence

And so why do we spend our entire life focused on things that are not real? I’m not saying I don’t act like a reality, like if physical realities not real act in the world like it’s real. However, at the same time, this is a paradigm shift actually coming to a realization of what’s truly real, what truly can never be challenged or taken away from you, who you actually are beyond this body and mind, which is that presence.

And so that’s what I’m meditating on these past couple of days and during this month just becoming more and more aware of the nature of that presence, turning that presence onto itself. It’s always on something, right? It’s always lighting up a thought or lighting up an experience, lighting up the perception. What if it started to light itself? That is deepening of knowledge, that is deepening of awareness. That is how you kind of make your way out of this physical realm into the higher consciousness. At least that’s what I’m learning and that’s what I’m meditating on.

And so really having a lot of fun this month and I just want to, I know I rambled a lot on this video, but I wanted to share with you that it’s been amazing this month giving up like all attachment to all of my goals, all of my intentions and only just having this, these two intentions, which is to realize, I mean deepen my realization of self to meditate all day, right? Not all day but most of it, but also to just serve everybody with love. And that’s brought another element of service to my videos, to the work that I do. I look at that as my service to the world and as a, as long as I’m servicing myself, as long as I’m ser serving the world, then I’m always taken care of. And that belief is being reflected back to me through reality. I’m seeing everything is automatically, effortlessly and magically working.

Like Annette, I’m getting, I’m receiving wellbeing from like an unexpected channels this month. Things that I would never like, thought into existence, strategized into existence. And um, I’m really excited to see where this takes me. I’m really excited for my meditation retreat. Um, I can’t wait to just be in silence for, you know, not just be away from my phone away from everything. Um, for a couple of days.

I’m excited to be in California for a couple of days after my meditation retreat as well. Just like have a good time and then be back and then who knows what my life will look like after that. Right? Like the, the, my favorite part about the life that I’m living now is the fact that I have no idea what I’m going to want next month, where, where I’m going to be next month, what my life is going to look like next month. The uncertainty of it all.

I used to be so scared of. Right. But because I used to live through the ego perspective before, but now that I’m starting to live more and more through the higher self perspective and you know, like the conjoined perspective, the ego and higher self and uncertainty just makes me happy. Um, I find deep freedom in uncertainty knowing that anything can happen, knowing that my life is unfolding in magical ways. And, um, yeah. So I’m just really happy and I’m excited and I hope that this journey that I’m documenting of my personal mastery of my quest for personal mastery is inspiring you at the same time.

You know, um, Ho like if you’re watching this, it’s the 17 minute mark by now. Like you’re definitely connected somewhat to my journey and I’m hoping that this inspires you. This motivates you to live your most authentic life, knowing that if you really act on your bliss, life will come support you. Even if you’re acting on your bliss is like sitting and meditating all day. Don’t worry about the means. Don’t worry about how it’s going to all happen. It will just know that it will. Okay. So, uh, have a great rest of your day. I will see you in the next video.

August 21, 2019

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