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In this video, I’ll be showing you how to light up the future frame that you want to manifest as your physical reality is a technique from Vadim Zeland’s Tufty, the priestess live stroll through a movie book. And I’ll be doing a couple of videos about that. But, and for the purpose of this video, we’ll be talking specifically about how you can light up the future frame of reality that you want to bring into physical reality. So let’s get right into it.

So for the purpose of this video, I’m going to break this process down into a very simple three step process. Okay. And this is straight from the book, and I’ll just be kind of expanding on what Vadim Zeland. Sometimes, you know, it doesn’t go into too much detail about, so the first step to light up the future frame of your reality is to become present, is to wake up, is to come into the center of awareness as Vadim describes it.

And tufty. So what does this mean? And you know, Vadim, uh, describes it as wake up and see yourself and see reality. And what I’ve noticed while talking to some people is that they kind of feel that this is kind of a confusing term, that they literally have to see themselves and see their reality. Whereas that’s not necessarily what that meant when he said, wake up, see yourself and see reality.

What is meant by that term is to simply wake up and become aware, detach your awareness from the external screen, which is your current surroundings and your internal screen, which is your thoughts and emotions, your attention. If you have kind of like practice the teachings and the book as of now, you’ll notice that your attention is constantly either immersed in the external screen or the internal screen.

Waking up simply means gaining back the control of your attention, bringing it under your full control where you can say, okay, right now I am in control of my attention right now I am my attention. And so there’s this kind of feeling of immense clarity, just this feeling of presence. And what you’ll actually notice is that in that moment of presence, there is no thought. You just are. And that waking up process is essentially what allows you to detach from your current manifested reality.

Before when you were just immersed in this reality, immersed in one of the two screens, you were a part of the movie that was playing that was being projected on the screen. Now you actually become alive within the movie before you were just a movie character, not in control at all whatsoever. Just going by with the plot that was already, you know, written in the movie.

Now when you wake up, the plot no longer has a firm hold over you. It can no longer control you for the remainder of the time that you’re awake. So maintain that awareness. This is the first step to actually projecting a new movie. You cannot project a new movie until you first detach yourself from your current movie that is playing. Okay? So that is what Vadim meant when he said, wake up. See yourself and see reality. Simply just bring your attention under your control.

Become the controller of your own attention and feel that sense of presence. There are no words to it. It’s not something you think about at something. You just, are you something you just do. So gain a sense of this. Okay, wake up. That’s the first step. Now, second step is to imagine what you want in your reality, right?

So on a day to day basis, on a smaller term basis, you can do this with little things like you know, you finding the perfect parking spot right when you pull up to your work building or the mall or whatnot or you having an amazing dinner later on with a person that you really, you know, wanted to meet or something like that on a day to day basis, you can do this with small goals where you’re constantly just lighting up the frame, the end goal frame of what you would like to manifest.

However, on a larger scale basis, you can do this with it, with your big goals as well. So light up the frame of like a, a version of your life, right? Blight of the frame of a reality in which you have already achieved your goals. Whatever feels good to you, you know? Um, but we’ll talk about like on a day to day basis, you can do this with little small term goals and it would actually help you to live more intent-fully.

Um, always visualize the end goal of what you are about to do. So let’s say you’re driving to work and you want to find that perfect parking spot. Don’t necessarily visualize yourself driving to work and parking in that parking spot that you want. What would be more beneficial is to simply when first become awake, okay? And then visualize you already just being parked in that parking spot and feeling amazing that, oh, you know, I just parked in this great parking spot.

So you see you’re always lighting up the end goal frame where what you want has already happened, where what you want is already yours. Rather than trying to visualize the process of getting there, you’re visualizing the end goal, the end frame where that is already true. Okay? And this brings us to our third step, which is also equally as important.

Now that you have woken up, composed your reality, lit up the frame that you want manifested as your reality. Now your job is to simply follow the flow rather than trying to control and manipulate every single thing. When you come back into reality, now you’re doing, you’re taking action, so now you’re driving to work. Stop thinking about it so much. Stop trying to control everything so that you get what you wanted. Stop trying to, you know, wonder the sub, wondering if it’s going to happen.

If it’s not going to happen, stop doubting yourself like all that stuff is what’s restricting the flow of life from helping you. So just get rid of it. Come back into awareness more and more and more. If you want to allow your desired frame to come into your physical reality, the best thing you can do is just be aware more often, wake up more and more and just live in this sort of state when you are, where you are, just present because when you are present, you are allowing the flow to just happen.

The flow will naturally take care of you and bring you towards the frame that you had manifested, the reality that you actually desire or what’s even best, what’s best for you as a general whole kind of picture. So give that job of how it comes into manifestation up to life, up to the greater power.

Okay? You, your job is to simply follow the flow and stop resisting, stop doubting, stop like getting in your own way. Okay. Implement this three step process. So first step is waking up, becoming aware. Second is lighting up the frame, like visualizing what you want, the end goal, not the process, the end goal of the reality, um, that you want. Visualize it being done already and then just enjoy that visualization. Okay? And then third step is to simply come back into reality and just follow the flow.

Now I’ll give you the bonus thing, which is also obviously a part of the video, a part of the tufty process, which is using your plate, using the outer intention plate, which is a, I’ll show a picture right here, right here. But a plate is basically your, it’s like a braid. So imagine you had a, a long braid of hair flowing from the back of your head and you’ll see it on the, uh, on the visual.

But Vadim Zeland calls this the outer intention plate where if you focus first on this, right before you launch that visualization, right? So first you wake up second, you focus on the plate and you just kind of imagine even if that the plate is rising a little bit and then you launch your visualization [inaudible] Zeeland claims that this is much effective in changing the film role in choosing that new frame and manifesting it as your physical reality.

So there’s no specific proof for this. This is something that you’re going to have to try out for yourself. This is something that I’m experimenting with as well. Um, so maybe I’ll speak about that in the future, but just to give you the instructions for it, first step is waking up. Second is, you know, feeling the braid, feeling the plate right behind your head, like in your back, and then composing the image of what you want manifested.

Visualize your desired end goal. And then lastly, follow that up by becoming aware and following the flow of life. Allow life to give you what you want, allow life to bring into your life. However it would like the thing that you want. Okay. So, um, let me know if you found this video helpful. Let me know if you have any questions about it. If you want them to, uh, if you want me to do more tufty videos, put that in the comment section below as well. I’m thinking of maybe making a series about this whole book because it’s definitely interesting, but if you are one on one coaching with me, the link for that is in the description box below as well. And subscribe to this channel if you haven’t already, I’ll see you in the next video.

August 22, 2019

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