Accelerate Manifestation With Mental Clarity

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Once you gain clarity on exactly what it is that you want, the how starts to figure itself out. What you need starts to present itself to you at the right place at the right time, and a process unfolds a process that is much more precise, much more focused, much more clear, and much quicker that gets you from point a to point B from where you are to where you want to go.

It’s early morning here in New York, and I just was thinking about how we live in a state of constantly just wanting so many things, constantly having our focus, which is limited per day, right? You only have 24 hours of focus per day, right? And this focus is going towards so many different things because there’s always a lack of clarity about who you truly are and what you really want from this life. What would really make your life so joyful and until that, that picture of what you want this life to be for you stays a little foggy, right?

All the action that you take, all the things that you do every single day will also just remain clouded with that image. They will be your exact reflection of your clouded goal, your clouded vision. And so that’s why we keep running around doing a million things and then we get frustrated because it’s not happening for us. It’s not manifesting. It’s not coming into fruition, our goals. Right? But the reason for that is, is that what we want is not precise. What we want is not clear to us.

So, um, to give you a little example, when I was just getting into this entrepreneurship journey, um, straight out of college and I’m not, you know, going for the nine to five work culture, like pretty much all of my peers were at that time. I didn’t know that I want, uh, I wanted to become an entrepreneur and I wanted to work for myself, right? However, at the same time, I was still not completely clear on what was truly valuable to me. So at the same time, yes, I didn’t want to be the entrepreneur, right?

And I wanted to go my own way and I started to create this whole thing and I started to create personal mastery requests. However, at the same time I still thought I cared a lot about or I did still care a lot about going out all the time and maintaining my social status. And that was also important to me. And what was also important to me is, you know, maybe the other things that I really did for fun all the time and just a whole bunch of different things and I had so many priorities that all my energy was going to and some of the things that I didn’t want as much were taking focus away from what I did want. And the reason for that was, is that I wasn’t fully clear on what it is that I truly want.

Right. There’s a quote that says if you have more than three priorities, you actually have none. You have zero priorities. And that’s the state that I was living in. And so I remember I would be working really hard. Right? Um, and sometimes I would even say no to my friends. Like, cause this is when I just got out of college and I was still in that party phase.

Right. I still didn’t get out of that. You know, I was like really into that and it really was important to me. Like I wanted to go out all the time and like, you know, multiple times a week and everything like that. And um, so I remember in the beginning when I started saying no to my friends more and everything like that, but it still kinda hurt me when I saw like, um, on Snapchat and Instagram, like my friends are having a lot of fun while I’m at home working on myself on my goals.

So see the reason I felt that, you know, fear like the missing out kind of feeling the hurt, whereas like I could be doing that when I’m doing this is because I wasn’t clear on what was truly valuable to me, which was building my own business at the time. Right. Going my own way and working for myself because there’s a certain level of sacrifice. Not necessarily, you don’t have to sacrifice things in your life, but like you have to sacrifice some other things that are also taking your focus away from you.

But I wasn’t clear about that. Right? I said I wanted to work for myself, but I was also so hung up in other things that I didn’t really want as much, but because there was no clarity, I was giving it so much of my attention. So over time, however, as I got so clear on what I do want now, if I, let’s say I see my, my friends on Instagram or whatever, being out on like a Friday night word, let’s say I’m working, there is no feeling of missing out.

There is no feeling of like remorse over what I’m doing versus what what I’m seeing my friends are doing. Why? Because there’s complete pristine clarity of what is truly valuable to me. This is also something we referred to as excess potential in reality transfer thing. So there’s a desire for what you want, right? Then you start moving towards that desire.

But let’s, okay, now you see your friend going out and you create all these excess potentials like, like missing out, like that feeling of missing out, maybe feeling of not being like worthy because maybe you didn’t get invited to something. And all of these different feelings and emotions that start taking your energy and now you’re literally, your entire energy is maintaining those excess potentials, those emotions, those feelings and those thoughts that now your journey is completely unclear. Now your life focus is precise.

It is not one pointed in the direction in which you would like to go. And so what happens is that you become like a sort of, you become a person who just is in sort of a limbo, going a million directions and not really creating any progress whatsoever in the direction that you want to actually go in. What truly is valuable to you.

So my message with this video is that until you have a vague goal, you will continue to get vague results until you know exactly what it is that you want, until you know what it is that you value in life, you will become, you’ll remain a puppet to all of these different things that are just constantly taking up your time that you may think you really care about but like don’t actually care about. Again, if you have more than three priorities in life, you have none, and if you have more than three priorities in life, then you will always remain moving here.

They, they’re here, they’re here, they’re there, and just, you continue to grow in frustration too because you’re like, okay, why is it that the things that I actually do want are not happening? They’re not happening because you’re not focused. They’re not happening because you’re not even clear about the thing that you really, really want. But here’s the thing. Here’s a little fun part to this, right? Because humans like us, human beings, we hate the sacrifice, right? The mind hates to sacrifice.

The mind hates the fact that, okay, if it wants something really bad, then it has to sacrifice some of the other things that I want just because there’s not enough focus in your day in your, in your ability. Here’s the beautiful thing about this. Once you find out exactly what it is that you want in life and you start moving towards that goal and you start making that goal happen and you, you know, you’re like actually focused on that goal and you’re like care about that goal and you’re fully in mental clarity in this process towards your goal and your largest goal, what would really make your life a continual holiday?

The beautiful part about it is that now all your little desires that you were doing so much to maintain before that you were exerting so much energy to maintain before. Now all of these little desires start to naturally and effortlessly manifest in your experience. So now you start to actually experience wellbeing, the frequency of wellbeing in your overall life as compared to before.

When you were actually trying to experience that well-being and you were trying to create it through constantly focusing on a million things at once and you weren’t even experiencing any well-being. Notice that now all of that energy that you saved and you started putting towards your real big goal and you started moving towards that one thing that ends up becoming the very act that starts to create effortless well-being in all areas of your life. And once you go for your big goal, all the manifestations of all your little desires start to move on and manifest at their own pace.

So I have realized that, you know, the more one point that I become in what is valuable to me, what I really want in life, you know, everything, my relationships always just works out in terms of my health and wellness always just works out in terms of financial, um, and, and, and financial and professional terms. Everything works out as long as I remain focused on what it is that I do want. Only once your focus becomes a little hazy. Now it’s just a billion different things that are as chaotic and all over the place. So that’s a beautiful part about it.

Yes. In the beginning you’re going to feel like you’re sacrificing something. However, in the end it just ends up becoming manifested on its own. The friends that you thought you had to like maintain and work so hard to keep and like, you know, constantly give your energy to now naturally some of them may be even from fall out of your life, but the ones who you have a deeper connection with remain and it’s an effortless connection.

It’s not something that you have to maintain. Even if you don’t talk for a long time, it’s still there, it’s still there and that love is still there. That mutual connection is still there and so on and so forth. And every area of your life. So get clear on what you want. Stop waiting, you know, stop having your focus going a million different directions and then maybe like you’re, you’re going towards one goal and then you feel bad because you’re missing out on something else.

You feel bad because you’re, you’re not able to experience something else. All that is happening is because you’re not fully clear on what it is that you want. Once you find out exactly what you find valuable, the rest becomes cake. The the process unfolds. The action finds you, the intelligence that you need to make it happen, finds you moment by moment as long as you remain clear about what you want.

So practice this. Let me know if you have any questions about it in the comments section below. All right? If you want one on one coaching with me and learning and just learn the entire process of how to manifest your desires faster, accelerate your reality moving forward. Click the link in the description box below. Schedule a free call with me in which we can discuss if it’s the right fit for us to work together. All right? But other than that, give me a thumbs up. Subscribe to this channel and I will see you in the next video.

August 23, 2019

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