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The concept of time, the concept of linear time, past, present, and future. To me, it’s one of the funniest things that we have come up with. To me, it’s one of the greatest obstacles that we have created for ourselves.

If I tell you where, you know, if I ask you about where you’re going to be in 10 years, you’re going to think that that’s like a really long time. And you know, from this perspective it always does seem like a really, really long time. But at the same time, if I ask you, you know where you were 10 years ago, you know what your life looked like and how long did it take you from there to here to the present moment.

You’ll notice that 10 years went by like this. You’ll notice that so much changed. However it feels like it all happened within a blink of an eye. You know, it’s almost like unnoticeable. It just slipped from your um, fingers. And so you see that there’s like some sort of weird way that our mind observes time from the past to the present.

It seems like there was no time. It was so quick, but from the now to the future, it could be the same segment of time from the now to the future. It seems like there is eternity left for us to live. And so this creates a sense of waiting in the now to do the things that you want to do. It creates a sense of waiting to be the way that you really want to be.

So you look at your present surroundings, right? Your and your mind goes, it’s not really the way that I want them to be. I’m not really the way that I want myself to be. But sometime in the distant future, I feel I have a hope for success. You know, I’m going to be successful. I’m going to be happy when this happens. I’ll be feeling successful, I’ll be feeling amazing.

And so you’ll notice that maybe for the past 10 years you also have that hope. But right now it’s the present moment. And you still don’t feel like that. You’re still not happy. You’re still not feeling successful. You’re still not doing the things that you want to do. Now I remember talking to, um, one of my family members, um, like two years ago or a year ago, actually around that time, see lose at the time.

But I remember I was going on a trip and I asked them, you know, let’s go on, let’s go on the strip, come with me and do the spontaneous thing with me. And they were like, no, maybe by like next, next November. And you know, my friends do this all the time too because now that I travel more spontaneously, I hit him up like a really quick and I’m like, okay, you want to go on this trip with me?

And a lot of them say this kind of stuff where it’s like, man, I can’t right now, but maybe in a couple of months when I’ll be here. Then I’ll be more spontaneous. I promise. Or like when I get to this phase in my life, then trust me, I’ll, I’ll go everywhere with you.

Then you don’t even have to ask me. You see how much of an illusion it is. See how much of like a trap the concept of time creates around you, where it constantly keeps you in the illusion that yes, you will experience all these things in the future. Yes, the future is going to be amazing.

You’re going to get everything that you want to. There’s complete salivation over there. There’s complete freedom, there’s complete happiness. But for now, you know, just deal with whatever you got. Just just be miserable, you know, just continue doing what you’re doing. It’s okay. And so this creates inaction. People don’t ever go for their dreams because they, okay.

They think that yes, in the future I will, but they just continue waiting and waiting and waiting and then so much time goes by. Then they lose all self confidence because it has never happened and they don’t think that they can make it happen now. And they still continue to hold for a better future while taking no action and the now while just doing the same stuff in the now while still being unhappy in the now.

Most people are waiting to be happy. I used to be waiting to have be happy and not, not until very recently. You know, it’s something that I woke up to as well. That’s why I started that series on my child. Act on your bliss. I was waiting to feel more successful. I was waiting to beat happy. I was waiting to do the things that I wanted to do until I got to a certain phase of my life or a certain place in my career and what so on.

And so what even like on the spiritual journey, you might create these um, sort of markers where you’re like, oh, once I hit this level of awareness, then I’ll be really happy. Or like, then I can feel spiritual and Zen and whatnot. So it’s like, it’s so stupid and we just completely, we don’t wake up to this, we just continue to live this illusion. So I want to encourage you in this video to realize

That 10 years ago when you were experiencing that self, that’s version of you. One thing, you will notice that you are conscious of that version of you right at that time and you were present to that version of you in that moment when you were experiencing that version of you, it was the present moment and little by little, right? You got here, where did you get to? You got to the present moment.

So where did you come from? Oh, you might say I came from the past, but did you really come from the past or did you just come from a present moment? You came from the present to just more of the present and this future that you’re projecting right now.

Little by little, let’s say this eternity that it seems like right now from this perspective, let’s just say you crawl to that future and now you’re experiencing that future, that future version of you, the future life that you want. You being conscious of that future when you’re experiencing it, you are going to experience it as the present moment. So from here to there, where did you go?

You didn’t go anywhere. You are literally going from the present moment to the present moment. You came from the present moment. You’re here in the present moment right now listening to this video and you’re going to continue to go to the present moment and always be in this present moment whenever you have any sort of experience of life. Whenever you are awake to life happening in the now, it is always in the present moment.

That is the realization that can change everything for you. It might be conceptual right now, but it’s something that you can meditate on and practice further in your life that will change the entirety of how you live your life. Because once you stop projecting constantly a past, a present and a future, and you just start to live like there is this one eternal present moment, then there is no concept of once I get this, I will be happy.

Once I have this, then I can feel successful. It’s literally just all about the now. How do you feel right now? What are you doing right now? Who are you right now? Who are you identified with being right now? What is your experience like right now? And it all just comes down to the choice, to a choice that you have in the now, to be the way that you want to be in the now, to do the things that you want to do in the now in whatever capacity you have, the ability to do them and the now

So do you want to have a big business in which you’re making a lot of money? Do that right now in whatever capacity you can do it. And so maybe that big vision of yours can only be done in the capacity of you taking some steps towards that goal right now. Then do that right now. That is you literally living that desire of yours in the now. Do you want to be happy Well stop waiting to be happy. Simply make the choice in this eternal now to be happy.

By realizing that you do not need external things to be happy, that you don’t need to define your life in a way, in a lack, full negative way. You know, and then constantly project a future in which you will be happier. Notice that like once you get rid of this concept of time more and more, once this kind of just dissolves and this happens naturally as you wake up to your true self, as you start to meditate more and more often too, as the concept of time leaves your life, you will start realizing that you are the only thing.

You are the only one that was keeping yourself from being happy, by constantly defining your life in this way where it was like, oh, in the past I used to be happy. Right now sucks, and in the future I will be happy. So you’re constantly projecting this onto the present moment and every present moment you continue to manifest the same experience, the same reality in which you are not happy or not happy or not happy or not happy. Okay? See when there’s just one eternal present moment, all that is is like, okay, I’m here. Right? How do I know that?

Because I am conscious of this moment of whatever is right now. And then it’s like what do you want in this moment? And so you identify that and you simply do it. If you want to go to the movies, go to the movies. If you want to be happy, then just be happy. If you want to buy a car, buy a car in whatever capacity that you can buy a car right now.

If you have no money, then maybe you could just go online shopping for cars and just look at all the cars. Build your car. See, it’s like entertain yourself. Do it in whatever capacity that you can do it in by simply doing so in the present moment, you are putting your desires into motion and now you will manifest a present moment.

You will move to a present moment in which you will have the capacity to buy a car or whatever else it is that you want, but as long as you continue to project that. Right now, I don’t have the resources right now. I don’t have the means, but in the future when I get there, I’m going to be happy. I’m going to have all this abundance and then I’m going to be able to buy that car. Excuse me, cops going by then you will continue to manifest a reality in which you are not.

Um, you don’t have the resources. You will continue to manifest a reality in which there is a future in which you will be happy and you will be abundant. And then in that future you’ll be able to buy that car. But do you see the illusion? It’s a constant, perpetual cycle.

Start living through the concept of the endless. Now it is always the present moment. And all that matters is how you’re feeling right now. What belief you’re projecting onto reality right now. What is your relationship to yourself and the world right now? Because see, that all creates your state of being. The perspective that you’re choosing to view life through in this moment is creating your experience of it.

The state of being is what is constantly reflecting outwards as your physical reality. You are always just experiencing yourself. So if you’re constantly waiting, you will continue to manifest the reality which is going to reflect back to you. The fact that you are waiting, that you need to way more. This can wake you up to a large degree to how you are the only obstacle to your desires.

The endless now is magical. It is a great place once you actually start to spend some time there. Your mind though constantly projecting a past and future loves to live in those two because then it doesn’t have to face reality upfront. It doesn’t have to face the fact that it is always the present moment. Then it can no longer blame others for it’s misfortunate right now, then it can no longer blame others for the fact that it isn’t happy right now, but you’ll notice you’re only unhappy with the present moment because you’re looking at the present moment through the perspective of their mind, through the filter of that mind.

Once you start to kind of ease the mind and seize the thought activity that is constantly going on and simply just become alert to the present moment, you’ll notice that there is no feeling there. You’ll notice that there is no necessarily like there’s no suffering in the present moment. The suffering all exists in your mind that it projects onto the present moment, but there is no suffering in the present moment. The present moment just is and you just are. You are that present and so allow yourself to experience yourself. Let yourself to experience life in this way without mind, but instead just presence

And you’ll notice that in this present moment there is no hope for a better future or reminiscing of a better past. This present is all there is and it’s somehow beautiful and enlightening and somehow there’s this sense of freshness within this present moment. Just like there used to be a sense of freshness in your experience when you were a child, because as when you were a child, you were living in the present moment more and more.

But over time as you grew up, you started to live entirely in the past and future and started to create a complete mess out of your experience. Well, you can go on and on and on about this, about practice this, wake up to the eternal. Now, the only thing that matters is you being here now with full presence, and what do you want to do? How do you want to be,

And how do you want to feel, feel that way, be that way. Do what you want, and celebrate this eternal present moment. All right, give me a thumbs up if you enjoyed this video. Any questions? Put them in the comment section below. If you want to get coaching with me one-on-one, I am doing that again for a limited amount of time. Please check the details in the description box below. Other than that, subscribe to this channel and I will you in the next present moment when I’m doing another video and in the next present moment when you are watching this video or the next video. All right. Peace.

August 24, 2019

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