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I did the inner engineering program with Sadhguru mainly because I just wanted to see him live in person. Not even gonna lie. That was my main intention going into the program. But what I ended up receiving was something much greater.

So four months ago, I’m at the end of April, I did the inner engineering program with Sadhguru and that’s like an online program mixed with the in-person program where you actually learned the practices. So it was a really cool experience and I want to share with you my four month review on, um, the practices that I’ve been doing every single day and what I learned from that program, how it has changed my life and created a very, very big impact in the way that I am living in the way that I’m experiencing life and what I’m creating going forward.

Just to kind of give you a disclaimer and no way am I promoting inner engineering. I simply went to the program and I’m kind of letting you know, my experience with it. However, also over the past four months, the incredible changes that I’ve seen in myself and my life cannot be fully attributed to the entire engineering program itself because I myself do so many other things.

I’m constantly trying to enhance my awareness and you know, live life consciously. So I think the changes that I’m seeing are overall, um, due to a mix of different things. But the inner engineering program along with the Shambhavi practice that we learned in the program definitely has to do something with it. Okay. So, just to even begin this video, I just want to let you know, only do this program if it truly resonates with you.

Anything on your spiritual journey that you’re kind of, thinking about doing or practicing instead of like watching a lot of videos or trying to ask other people if you should be doing it, simply consult yourself. How do you feel about it? Right. So going into this video, maybe you were thinking about my review regarding inner engineering, but before we even get to that review, decide for yourself if it’s something that even resonates with you.

You know, and if it does, then you maybe want to look more into it. If it doesn’t, then that’s okay. You can simply just learn about it and, you know, just like leave it at that. But truly anything on your spiritual journey, always see how it feels to you and then based on that, either do it or don’t. So I wanna kind of share my experience with Shambhavi Mahamudra itself, which is the 21 minute Korea Yoga exercise that you get every day you have to do every single day.

And that was what we learned in the in-person program. Like when we actually have to go out to go to Philly and Sadhguru who taught us that creative exercise himself. And so that is really the larger part of the program where you have to learn this exercise. It’s not necessarily physical exercise, but it is a bunch of breathing exercises, um, combined with a certain like ohm chanting and like that.

But it’s a overall 21 minute practice that you do every single day. Um, and I have been doing it for the past four months. I have missed a few days in the middle. Um, and I know like some people who really do it like really well. I know if some of you are watching this video, you’re probably gonna criticize me in the comments.

But honestly the days that I did miss the practice showed me the actual effects of Shambhavi. They woke me up to the fact that of like the difference of how I felt in my body of the vibration that I was just embodying while I was doing it every single day.

So I think I missed like, you know, a couple of days in between, not in a row but like every now and then. But overall it really showed me like by doing it every single day and you know, for the past month I haven’t missed anything but Shambhavi creates this sort of enhanced vibration within your body, which you can sense if you build up a certain amount of sensitivity to it, a certain amount of awareness to it.

Shambhavi creates this sort of like, it just leaves you feeling really good in a higher vibration throughout your day. And I think it sets you up for greater mental clarity throughout the day. Now this alone right is in itself one of the greatest things that you can do for yourself because once you have greater mental clarity and you are operating in a higher vibration, literally the thoughts that you think throughout the day are going to be the nature of them are going to be different.

The actions that results from those thoughts is going to be different and therefore the life that you create, the results that you get are also going to be different. One of the greatest things that, um, you know, Shambhavi is truly something that I look forward to like every single day. And, it’s now something that I never miss. And one of the things that I love about it is the feeling that it leaves me with every single morning.

It produces a sort of healing and like a balanced sort of feeling that stays with you throughout the day. Um, and obviously that translates over into everything that you do throughout the day. I’m a large part of the practice is actually balancing your left and right hemispheres of your body. And so, you know, just bringing your system through which you operate into balance and enhancing as vibration through which now the natural intelligence, the greater power can flow through you and help you create what you want, create the life of well-being that you desire.

That’s one of the takeaways that I took from um, Shambhavi and something that’s really helping me with throughout the day. Now that’s just the Shambhavi practice itself, like on its own right. However, inner engineering as a whole, as much more than that, if you did the program or if you’re kind of inquiring about the program first, you actually have to go through like an online course through which is basically like the instructional, like the, the lectures from Sadhguru on how to live your life in alignment with nature, in alignment with the higher power.

And so you first learned those principles and then also in the in person event, you know, you hear a lot about more in detail about what you learned online, but really it’s the entire engineering philosophy. The program, how to align your energies with nature itself so that you are living in a way and moving through your experience in a way which has the least amount of friction possible so that you’re not constantly creating conflict. You’re not constantly creating unnecessary obstacles for yourself in your journey.

So if you are, you know, maybe not experiencing the affects of Shambhavi or in an engineering as much as you’d like them to be, ask yourself, have you actually been following the principles that were laid out in the program? It’s okay and it’s great to do the 21 minute creative exercise every single day that will help you. However, are you combining that with living your life in the way that is in alignment with natural law in a way that was stated in the program?

And so I think that’s been a large part of why it has been really doing a lot of wonders for me, how it’s really helping me raise my awareness and living life in a much more simple, a energetic, blissful manner is because I’ve really done my best to implement all of those techniques and practices into my life the best that I could.

You know, uh, things about living in the moment, living with presence, taking responsibility for your experience, always being the one like assuming your responsibility for your entire reality rather than just this one little body and mind that you think you are. And just doing things in a very simple nature. Always looking at the, uh, at everything through the perspective of love rather than fear and seeing what you can do with the possibility of this life rather than always being in a fearful state and just guarding yourself by these walls of fear.

So that’s something that has to go along with your practice. And if you do those two things really well, it will produce those results for you. So for my review, my, what I’ll like Kinda just wrap it up with is that I’ve been doing the Shambhavi practice with the inner engineering principles, implementing them into my life in a concrete way and together they have really helped me to accelerate my life to um, gain mental clarity and to just start creating the life that I really want to.

And if you are interested in the program, if it truly resonates with you, look into it. If not, then leave it. However, it is a really cool program that is orchestrated by the Isah Foundation, Sadhuru and I’m very thankful to it.

I just wanted to leave my four month review because I’ve been getting a lot of questions about it in the comments of my old video that I did on inner engineering. If you want to watch that, I’ll put the link in the comment section and the discussion box below. Okay. But, uh, if you have done inner engineering yourself, I would love to know a little bit more about your experience, how it has been helping you, or if it’s not being, is not producing the results that you wanted. Um, let me know about that in the comment section below. Okay. Other than that, give me a thumbs up. Subscribe to this channel and I’ll see you in the next video.

August 26, 2019

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