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What’s going on, sunny here. And in today’s video I want to show you how to clear out a lot of the negativity that you’re holding within unconsciously.

Right? So I’m not talking about clearing, um, the negative energy like by taking a salt bath, right? Like clear cleansing your aura, that’s different. I’m talking about clearing the negative energy, the negative beliefs, the negative patterns that you’re holding within that you don’t even know about that are creating your negative experiences outside.

So maybe you’re experiencing like a financial struggle or you’re always coming across the same type of, or a similar type of negative relationship, things of that nature. These are created by the negativity that you are unconsciously identified with within that you’re just holding onto clinging onto and you don’t even know about. So it’s not so much that these negative experiences and that negativity from the inside is clinging on to you. Matter of fact, it’s the other way around. You are clinging onto them, not even knowing that you’re actually doing so.

So today that’s what I want to talk to about and I want to show you how to start clearing out this negativity from within. Okay? And there’s this letting go process that you have to become aware of. And I want to resort to one of my Instagram posts that I made recently that said, negativity is not coming from anywhere outside of you. It already exists within you. And it is creating triggers in your external environment, in hopes to release itself in hopes to make you become aware of what you are carrying within so that you can let go of it, right?

So to do this process, you have to start letting go of blame, right? And as long as you continue to blame those extra external triggers for what you are experiencing, for the negativity that you’re experiencing, then you lose all power to actually become aware of that negativity and let it go, right?

Because then you’re always making the reason for that negativity outside. But the cause of that negativity is within. It’s those little beliefs that you hold about yourself is those little subtle, um, thoughts that you have about how the world is and everything like that. Okay, so in order to become aware of a lot of that stuff and let it go, right? Like how do we do that? What’s the practice of doing that? It is something that you have to do consistently again and again. It’s not like a onetime thing and then Bam, there’s all that negativity gone.

This is, this is a process that I’ve been doing over the past, a year and a half or so, and it’s done wonders for me, right? Like by letting go. A lot of the negative stuff within my relationships have improved. The way I communicate with people has, it has improved. My financial situation has improved, my businesses improved because you know, when you’re letting go of a lot of those limiting definitions and beliefs, everything in your life starts to flourish.

Meanwhile, it has those limits. A matter of fact, it was those limiting beliefs and things that you hold to be true by yourself and the world that holds back the wellbeing from flowing to you. Okay? So it’s very crucial to not blame, right? If you think that person is causing you suffering, it’s not true. The suffering already exists and your mind is creating those triggers in your external environment, like that person saying something mean to you in order to release some of that negativity, that’s why rises up to the surface again and then you don’t know what to do with it.

And then you just kind of blame and you just kind of distract yourself from the, from the feelings and um, you know, you’re just kinda suppress it back inside and then the pressure cooker keeps building up until it creates more triggers. And then you’re like, oh my God, my life sucks.

Everything on the outside is triggered. Like, you know, making me feel all this negative stuff. But it’s not, the negativity itself is seeking a release like all the steam and the pressure from the pressure cooker, and it constantly goes off by creating external invite triggers. I mean by creating triggers in your external environment, in hopes to actually wake you up that you are holding all this stuff with them, but you just keep suppressing it. So let go of blame first step, right? Let go of blame and realize that the negativity is within you and it’s not so much that we’re blaming ourselves.

We’re simply becoming aware that the cause of everything outside is where then now within your body necessarily, but just within you. Okay, so second step, you have to first just, I’m going to ask you to think about an area of your life where you’re consistently just experiencing a lack of well-being. Maybe you’re constantly having a money issue. Maybe you’re constantly having problems in your relationship. Maybe you’re constantly attracting negative people in your life. What is it for you? Just take a second to really think about that. I’m sure it’s going to come to you right away, but just really take, take a second to really become aware of where you are experiencing a lack of well-being.

Notice the feelings that are triggers within you, right? So if you’re constantly experiencing a lack of financial well being, you might always be feeling um, uncertain. You might be feeling and so once you begin to do that, unworthy, undervalued like you’re inferior to other people who do have money. Just take a hold of all, all those feelings. You could even write it down. And even if you’re experiencing problems in your relationship or you know, like it’s always going to be the same type of feelings that are going to be coming up, right?

Like a lack of worth feeling like undervalued, unworthy, inferior, like your lesser, you feel irritated. So what is that for you? Now when you become aware of the feelings themselves, how you are feeling you have to now go into them. Okay? So this is where it gets kind of subtle and these are the subtle inner processes that you have to start doing in order to let go of this negativity. It becomes subtle because you have to allow yourself to feel these feelings and be within them, right? Exploring them, but not at this at the same time.

Not judging them and not blaming the outside for them, but just simply allowing yourself to experience, okay, if this is the feeling that I’m feeling right? So you have to be within it, but then you have to. So it’s so subtle that you have to be within it, but at the same time, look at that feeling. Observe that feeling from above it like you are not at, you are not attached to that feeling. So you have to be above it, right? Observe that feeling and ask yourself, what am I believing to be true about myself or the world? What is that belief that is causing me this feeling? and so this is something that you know, do it in silence.

This is some like things, something that you do alone. Ask yourself like, what am I below? What have I believe to be true all my life? Or maybe because of a certain event that happened in my past, something that I may have started to believe about myself that is creating this type of feeling of feeling inferior or feeling unworthy. What was an event in my past that made me perhaps feel this way? And then I just kind of latched onto that. So again, you’re within the feeling, not judging it. Simply allowing yourself to feel how you feel, right? Like most of us just constantly suppress everything uncomfortable that comes up.

No, welcome it, embrace it and go right into it and then go above it. And so you are that awareness, experiencing this emotion or this kind of experience even. And Ask yourself, why am I experiencing this? Like what do I believe to be true about myself that is causing me this feeling? So maybe you believe to be like you believe that you are, and this won’t be a conscious belief, right? Maybe you believe that you are not worthy of love and you don’t consciously think this everyday you do. You’re like, oh yeah, I think I’m worthy of love. Why not? But deep down, do you actually believe wholeheartedly that you are worthy of love?

Maybe you’re holding onto that definition so tightly because of a past experience that happened to you. Maybe like your parents as you were growing up, didn’t show you the love that you wanted to receive and that created a pattern within your mind that like, oh, you’re not worthy of love. You just accepted that to be the the truth within on the surface you’re just like, oh yeah, I still do think I’m worthy of love.

But like deep within, you’re holding onto that definition that I’m not worthy of love because that’s all I’ve experienced in my American life. And now because you’re holding onto this within this definition is literally creating your experience. So you constantly come across people who show you you’re not worthy of love, who don’t give you the love that you want, et Cetera, et cetera. You see how subtle this stuff is.

So you have to like get through the phase of the mind, which is like, oh no, I think I’m worthy. I think the world is abundant. No, I think I’m great. Get past all those surface thoughts. That’s, those thoughts are something that all of us experience. Just because, you know, we want to feel good about ourselves. We want to protect our worth. We want to prove our worth to others. Get past that phase and go deep within.

What do you actually believe to be true? Deep within, you know, for years I thought I was confident. For years I thought I will secure four years. I thought I was like, you know, even superior than others until I realized that all of those thoughts and you know, things that I held on the surface to be true by myself, we’re actually like overcompensating for all the insecurities that I really believed in.

So I thought I was all this, but I was really all this because on the surface, right? Like it doesn’t matter where you were, you kind of pretend to think and be on the surface. What matters is who you truly believe yourself to be, who you are truly identified with being deeper within and inside I was insecure. I felt unworthy. I um, did not have a good relationship with myself. I thought the world was a difficult place.

I didn’t think I was worthy of success. And so you see, like once I started to stop blaming and then using my experiences, like, like if something was triggered in the outside, so now I’m a negative event and instead of blaming, I started to go within, right? I started to ask myself like, why am I feeling this way? Like I’m feeling inferior, I’m feeling like a lack of self worth.

So what am I believing to be true about myself? And like maybe what was an event that happened in my past that made me feel this way maybe and maybe a made me agree with this definition about myself. And so, you know, as you start doing this kind of inquiry within yourself, memories of the past sometimes even come up certain times where maybe someone said something mean to you or you know, someone insulted you or you had like a negative experience where you didn’t get what you wanted. And so as a child or as as a younger person, you could just kind of made that identification, I’m not worthy of love, I’m not, I’m not worthy of success and you still carry that on to you today and that is creating an experience.

So it requires you to start doing this sort of inquiry within. Okay? And you see like while you’re doing this, you have completely already forgotten about what is going on outside. Right now you’re simply just doing your inquiry within going deep within, why are you experiencing this event? What are you believing to be true by yourself? Why are you feeling this way? And once you start coming up across the reasons, and you don’t have to certainly know it, this is exactly why this is exactly what I believe, but you can just start to explore within, get real with yourself. Allow yourself to be fully vulnerable, at least with yourself.

There’s something that I noticed with myself like when I was just starting to do this process. There were certain things that I didn’t want to want to eat, to even confront the fact that I was insecure about myself as a person.

The fact that I didn’t think that I was worthy of success. I didn’t want to confront those things because it made me even uncomfortable to just think about them. But you have to get through the discomfort, embrace the discomfort, allow it to come up and actually become aware of the discomfort. That discomfort is the exact thing that is creating all these negative experiences in your life.

That resistance is the exact thing that’s keeping you clinging onto these things and here’s the beautiful part. You don’t even, once you do become aware of a lot of these beliefs, you don’t even have to necessarily do anything to start letting them go. The mere fact that you are becoming aware of them, allows them to start automatically releasing themselves. Why does this happen? Because you cannot be something that you are aware of. If you are aware of something, you are always above it, beyond it, before it.

So once you start to flow your awareness into these negative definitions that you hold to be true about yourself and these negative beliefs automatically in your mind, and it’s not something you have to do consciously, I promise automatically you create this distinction, the separation between you and that feeling.

And naturally a lot of this stuff just starts being released on its own. Your job is to simply become aware of those negative beliefs and just explore them and get through the resistance of exploring and experiencing them. You simply have to become aware of the fact that they are there and just allow yourself to fully just be aware of them and be comfortable with the fact that they are there.

So if you feel like you are unworthy, if you feel like you are not worthy of success, go within that belief. Become fully aware of it, and let go of all resistance to that belief. So you might not want to believe that you’re not worthy of success, but for the time being fully allow the fact that you believe that, that to be true about yourself, don’t resist believing that to be true about yourself. I’m not saying believe that to be true. Now, I’m not saying believe that you are not worthy of success. I’m saying simply let go of the resistance that you feel to feeling that way.

Don’t be like, I don’t want to feel this. I don’t want to feel it. It’s no, allow yourself to become aware of the fact that this is how you feel. This is how you felt for years. This is something that you carry with them. And by just doing so and becoming completely comfortable within it, meanwhile, you’re actually above it automatically. You’ll start to dis identify with a lot of these things.

So just within the past couple of months and maybe a year or so, I have let go of so many limiting beliefs about myself, about my personality, about my body, about my worldliness of success, money, uh, relationships, love so many things. But you have to constantly do that inquiry. You have to face yourself, your inner self, everything you believe to be true about yourself. And you have to just become fully comfortable with the fact that you have bought into those beliefs. And by literally becoming aware of them, they automatically just naturally start to release themselves.

So this is like a deep process. This is something that you can only do if you weren’t actually willing to let go of that negativity. If you are fully committed to wanting to let go of that negativity, you know, maybe some people clicked on this video and they weren’t really serious about that negative, like wanting to let go of that stuff, right? If you’re not serious about this, you won’t be able to do this. You have to be fully committed.

You have to be fully willing to go and face your dark side. Going within is not easy, my friend. However, it is something that will make your external life so much more blissful, so much more easygoing flowing. And honestly, it all starts within. So if you have questions about this video, let me know in the comment section below. And like if you want me to make like a part two to this and like carry on with this.

Also let me know that um, a lot of these teachings I learned from this book right here, it’s called letting go by David R. Hawkins. And honestly, this is a must read for anybody who is into spirituality, psychology, self betterment, anything, right? Like there’s not a super spiritual book, but it shows you how literally what is holding you back from living the life that you want is not the fact that you can achieve this and this is hard to achieve them all this, all these external things.

But actually the reason you can’t achieve what you want, um, and can’t create the life that you want is because you’re holding so many limited limiting beliefs, emotions, and definitions about yourself that are just like holding you back from allowing a lot of that abundance from naturally flowing into your life. So as you become aware of them, you let go of identification with them.

And this happens naturally. A direct byproduct of that is that you start to experience wellbeing in your external life. You literally become a new person. The person I am today is not the same person who started this youtube channel like a two year, a year and a half ago or so. Like you go watch my first video and you’ll just see the difference. You’ll see the difference in my, like just my energy, my eyes, like how I carry myself. And Yeah, a part of that is just natural changing through life. But the way that I’ve changed has largely been due to, you know, becoming more aware and going within and letting go of what does not serve me. And then creating new beliefs and definitions about what, um, like things that will actually serve me and help me become a person that I want to become, create the life that I want to create.

And also just becoming more and more blank so that there are no definitions so that I can actually just allow natural intelligence to help my life move and flow accordance with itself with nature. So again, um, I’ve linked this book down below. Okay. Um, if it’s not linked by any chance, I, I’ll, I’ll remember to do that. But if I don’t, I’m just go on Amazon. It’s like, I don’t even, I think it’s like 15 bucks. Well worth it. It will teach you so much about yourself and a lot like how to let go of a lot of that inner stuff. Okay.

Make sure to do that. Also, if you want to get one on one coaching with me to accelerate this process, to let go of a lot of those limiting stuff and to actually start accelerating the time between your desires and their manifestation, learning how to accelerate your reality. Also, check out a one on one coaching with me. Link in the description box below. Okay. If you have any questions that I’m in the comment section below, I will see you in the next video. Subscribe to this channel.

August 31, 2019

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