Tufti The Priestess – ADVANTAGE Method (Vadim Zeland)

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In this video, we’re going to be talking about the advantage method, which is one of my favorite methods, techniques, principles, whatever you want to call it, from the Reality Trend Surfing series and the Tufty, the priestess book, the novel Zealand

Okay. Um, so the advantage method is very, very, very important on the journey to your goal. Okay? So in Tufty, the priestess first you compose reality, right? You first, you decide what it is that you want. You become aware, you decide and visualize what it is that you want. You visualize yourself already having it. And now comes the third step when you have to allow life to create what you want for you. And you have to go through this process with trust

And this is where the advantage method is going to be your best friend. So what is the advantage method? The advantage method is your ability to turn seemingly negative events on the journey into positive events, events that actually serve to your benefit. So let’s say you have decided what you wanted and you have visualized it and you are working towards that. You’re taking action towards your goal and now on this journey, something happens that wasn’t necessarily planned.

Something happens that it’s almost like a setback, right? Let’s say you even like fall and break your leg or something like that and now you’re like, I can’t work for like three months, blah, blah, blah, whatever it may be. And you think that your mind automatically thinks that it’s a setback or it’s a failure or it’s something really bad that’s going to hold you back from achieving your goal, something completely unexpected.

Now in that moment, you have to realize that how you react in this moment can either help you move towards your goal faster or it can actually, you can be the own person getting in your own way of achieving the goal by reacting in a way that takes you farther away from the goal. And the way that takes you farther away from the goal is when you automatically just react to an event that occurs in your life based on the conditioning that you have received in the past.

So let’s just say you do break your leg and you fall off your bike and break your leg and now you’re like, I can’t work on my goal for three months and this is a huge setback. Automatically you’re giving it a such a negative, meaning your mind just automatically resorts to it because that’s the conditioning that is received all of its life.

It has received the conditioning that okay, when you fall off your bike and break your leg, it is a very bad thing. It is something to be very sad about. It’s something be mad about. It’s something that you can recover from. So on and so forth. There’s so many subtle definitions that you, your mind has underneath the surface of your perception that it is basically calculating off of all the past experiences of when you may be broke, your leg before or when you saw someone else break their leg, so on and so forth.

It is just a definition that has been instilled into your mind, eye conditioning and unconsciously you have accepted this conditioning. So now when this event occurs in your life, you automatically give it that meaning. But it’s not like you chose to give it that meaning it just happened because you weren’t even aware that you had a choice of how this event could unfold for you.

Does that make sense? So the advantage method requires you to become more aware of the fact that every single thing that appears that happens to you has no meaning other than the meaning that you give it. You breaking your leg by falling off your bike doesn’t necessarily have any meaning. The event is not necessarily leading to something yet until you give it a certain meaning. Because by giving it a certain meaning, by labeling the event in a certain way, you are intending for something.

So you either intend consciously or unconsciously. If you just react negatively, you unconsciously give it a negative label, a negative meaning, and you are intending for that event to bring you to a negative outcome. And now that is exactly how the event will unfold. So a neutral event that occurred, even though it hurt physically, you know, whatever, still not bad.

It’s not bad, it was not good. It’s not negative, it’s not positive. It just is. Experiences just are things just are the meaning that we, that they get is the meaning that we give them. So that happened. A neutral event happened. You gave it a negative meaning not knowing that you are doing. So you actually created a negative intention and now that negative intention is going to unfold in a way which is it’s going to create a negative outcome for that event.

So maybe you do, you know, that ends up being a huge setback for you and now you can’t work on your goal for three months. Okay? However, now if you were to consciously go on with this, um, process, which I’m hoping you’re intending to do, let’s just say the same event happens. You fell off your bike and broke your leg. Now when this same event happens, you have to wake up and remember advantage.

What is advantage? Advantage is knowing that this event will get the meaning that you give it. This event, how it unfolds is going to be determined by how you react to the initial provocation to the actual event. So the advantage method requires you to give every single event that happens on the journey, a positive meaning affirming to yourself when it happens. This is exactly what was meant to happen. This is exactly what I needed to get to my goal faster.

This will unfold in the best possible way for me. Everything is unfolding just the way that it should. Um, rejoice in the fact that this is happening and this is going to require you to think differently than the average human being. That’s why it’s difficult. That’s why your mind doesn’t want to do it. It’s, it’s only you know, like it’s going to require you to be a little bit of a Weirdo and a little bit of that positive person. But it’s not just blind positivity.

It’s awareness of the fact that the meaning that you give to this event right now is going to determine how it unfolds. So knowing that what meaning are you going to give it or are you going to self sabotage and get in your own way by giving the event a negative meaning? Or are you going to consciously affirm a positive meaning onto this event and then watch it unfold in a positive way?

That is your power when you consciously do so. When you consciously affirm this event to be a positive event, you are now intending you’re creating an intention for this event to unfold in a positive direction. How how it unfolds. You cannot tell that is not up to you. That is up to life. Your job is simply to determine the label that you give to this event, the meaning that you give to it, the rest, leave it up to life and then just simply watch it unfold that my friend has the advantage method so when things go wrong, use the principle advent of of advantage.

You could even yell out advantage just to remind yourself to wake up in that moment and not just react based on your old conditioning. Instead, wake up, affirmed the event to be positive and then keep on going. Keep on moving in the positive, positive direction.

Keep being firmly based in the energy of your goal already being achieved. Keep dwelling in the end, having that perspective that everything’s already taken care of, everything’s done. And then keep moving forward. Use the principle of advantage. It will do wonders for you. It will literally change negative events into positive events. Works like magic. Try it. Okay. Um, if you enjoyed this video, give me a thumbs up. If you want one on one coaching with me, the link is in the description box below. Okay. Other than that, subscribe to the channel and I will see you in the next video.

September 2, 2019

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