3 GREATEST Reality Transurfing Lessons Explained

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In today’s video, I want to share with you the three greatest reality trends surfing lessons that if you implement into your life, will completely change your reality.

So as you may have realized, I have covered a lot of reality trend surfing on my channel, a lot of videos about reality trends surfing. And yet it is still something that I constantly go back to. I constantly reread the book because it connects with me in a different way every single time. And you know, there’s so much information in the book.

However, for the purpose of this video, I want to give you three of the greatest lessons, three of the greatest takeaways that I have personally taken from the process of Reality Trend Surfing that have completely changed my life.

And I know that if you implement these three things into your life, they will completely change the course of your life as well. So let’s start with number one. And this is something that reality shows surfing really helped me with, which is embracing your own individuality, finding the treasure which lies within, and not constantly chasing it in the external world.

So I remember my entire life at while growing up, right? I constantly compare myself to other people. I constantly looked at other people, um, who were maybe more attractive or maybe if I had more money or maybe had more success and use them as a reason for like feeling bad about myself. You know?

And we’re constantly creating these comparisons between our peers or even people we see in the media, on TV and everything. And we’re just always looking at other people’s successes. We’re always just judging other people’s lives and thinking that success lies over there.

What those person is doing would get me success. I’m going to follow his path, so on and so forth and so forth. So we’re constantly looking for the secret to our success in other places. We’re constantly looking for happiness externally rather than actually turning within rather than focusing on our strengths.

We’re trying to build certain qualities that other people have that have gotten them success. But this is where reality, Trans Surfing changed everything for me, where it taught me that the secret to my individual success lies within my own heart. That I have everything that I need for my personal success.

When I started to practice this principle, right? It gave me so much more confidence and it gave me the ability to actually embark on my own path. Like do things that were out of the ordinary, do things that hadn’t been done before, right? Not constantly trying to copy someone else’s path that brought them success because even if I did so, and let’s say I was to duplicate their success, Reality Show surfing taught me that if I was to gain somebody else’s success, it wouldn’t bring me any happiness anyway.

So life is not about trying to become successful by copying other people or by constantly trying to build traits that you see in the external world, but rather turning within and finding your treasure, like what you are here for, your true goal, what your heart truly desires, and then following that path little by little, just one broad breadcrumb at a time because it never comes to you all at once.

Right? My own journey came little by little, one by one piece by piece. But you have to have the confidence to embark on that path of uncertainty. And that is where reality train surfing brought me with this principle of embracing your own individuality. The treasure you seek. My friend lies within you.

Not In this video, not in a book, not in another person. Success nowhere. It’s within you. And all of these external things are simply just pointers turning you within. Okay? So this was number one, and this was huge for me. Now let’s get into number two. The second greatest thing, I actually still want to, I don’t even know how to rank these three, but number two, the nature of outer intention. The fact that there is a power in this universe that is greater than your personal will and that you can harness the power of this amazing outer intention by simply aligning your actions to natural law.

So Reality Train surfing right, introduces the concept of outer intention throughout the conventional worldview. And even in a lot of law of attraction teachings, we’re constantly urged to kind of work our way to our goal and there’s nothing wrong with that, right? But along side those teachings, people get confused and they start to believe that they have to work hard for success.

They have to extreme [inaudible] in grind, right? Whereas Reality Trend Surfing introduced a new concept where intention was broken down into two parts. Inner intention, which is your per personal will [inaudible] excuse me, and outer intention, which is you can say the universe as will or the higher self will not. Your Ego. Outer intention is something that is beyond your personal control. Yet you can align your actions in such a way that outer intention will come to your aid and help you achieve your goals in a more effortless fashion.

This was an amazing moment in my journey where I realized that, okay, just by grinding and putting in more work and efforting my way through, I’m not necessarily helping myself and matter of fact I’m getting in my own way, rather if I was actually gone my own way, embrace my own individuality and start to live in a way where I constantly was aware of pendulums, where I was constantly observing the mirror principle of reality, where I was visualizing my end goal and if I consistently chose to observe the principle of coordination and follow it through that, all of these things would create such an atmosphere in my life where I would just start making leaps towards Michaels and started living the life that I truly want more and more effortlessly start creating the life that I want further, more and more effortlessly.

So the nature of outer intention as compared to inner intention, learning more about it, realizing more of what it is through meditation and through practice, we’ll do you a huge favor.

It’s going to benefit you in a huge way of where you can now do less. Well, meanwhile, actually creating the life you want just as much. Now that brings us to number three. The Third Reality Transfer surfing idea that really helped me was that you can make friends with your world, right? Your world, the layer of your reality will come to meet you halfway and give you everything that you want.

If you make friends with your world by just instilling some new beliefs, some new agreements through which your world starts to operate, and that’s all I believe really is. So how many people do you know? And you may certainly be one of them. I know I was, I used to be constantly in a battle with my world, constantly complaining, constantly believing that my world treats me poorly. Why is everybody else’s world treating them well? Uh, why am I always getting the short end of the stick? Why am I, you know, just like that victim mentality. How many people do you know in your life that are constantly thinking like this? But I constantly complaining.

We believe that, you know, we all have like such a bad relationship with our world and not until you get into spirituality and all of these concepts is when you actually start to heal your relationship with your world, right? Think about the version of you that has everything that he or she wants. How is that person thinking about their world? Are they complaining? Are they kind of cursing at their world like, Oh, you did me wrong, you did me this and everything like that.

Or are they like appreciative of their world? Are they like embracing their life experience? Just the attitude that you have towards your world determines the behavior that the world has towards you. And this might be difficult for certain people to believe. At first it was for me. However, once you start to practice these principles like all along my wall, I have such certain things written as you know, everything is going smoothly and according to plan, my world takes care of me.

Everything is unfolding just the way that it should. My world always looks after me today is better than yesterday and tomorrow will be better than today. Like all of these affirmations that in the beginning of my journey, I literally placed right before me so that I could just constantly read them all the time.

And what I started to do was basically reversed my thought process from complaining to appreciation, to coordinating my intention in a positive manner, always believing that the world is looking after me. My reality is taking care of me at all times.

And what happens over time when you continue to affirm this and truly mean it and truly practice it, now you form a new belief which gets stronger and stronger and stronger. And as I’ve said in previous videos, a belief is simply an agreement through which your reality operates. And so now when you’re creating such powerful beliefs like my world always takes care of me, what is going to happen?

How is the world going to treat you? How will your world start to behave towards you with this attitude that you are giving to the world? It will start to give you exactly that. It will start to meet you halfway. You can be friend your world and just instantly create an a pleasant atmosphere in your reality. So that was huge for me because now on the journey towards all my big goals, right? I no longer have to struggle.

I no longer have to constantly compare myself to others. I no longer have to, um, think like, why the world is not looking after me and go through all these little miscue inconveniences and little accidents. Once you truly start to believe that your world is taking care of you, even within difficult situations, you will start to see help just automatically coming to you. And I can’t prove this to you right now through this video.

It’s only something that you can actually practice and see for yourself. If you don’t believe me right now, simply just practice it for a month. What do you have to lose? Right? But you have everything to gain. So might as well practice it. So, you know, this was huge for me and that’s why I wanted to make this a number three principle, the greatest lesson that I learned from reality at surfing all three, all these three together.

If you start to practice them and implement them, they create such a great atmosphere in your reality. Um, you truly start to make faster leaps towards your goal, towards the person that you want to become towards your individual treasure, which lies within your own heart, you know, through mental clarity, through abundance. So, um, that’s what I wanted to share with you in today’s video.

3 GREATEST Reality Transurfing Lessons Explained
3 GREATEST Reality Transurfing Lessons Explained

Um, letting me know which one of the three resonated with you the most in this process of reality. Tread surfing. Put them in the comment section down below. All right? If you’d like one on one coaching with me and learn the entire process of Reality Tread surfing and just start to move towards your desires faster, click the link in the description box below and get one on one coaching with me. All right, other than that, uh, subscribe to this channel and I’ll see you in the next video.

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