Self Image Visualization For INSANE Transformation

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In this video, I’m going to be showing you how to do an amazing self image visualization that is going to help you improve your self esteem, your self image, your self confidence, and will help you develop qualities and characteristics that you don’t yet currently possess.

Did you know that visualization isn’t just for the achievement of your goals, of like your physical goals. It’s not just to, you know, get that new car or get that new job. Visualization can also be done to develop qualities, capabilities, certain personality traits that you don’t yet currently possess. Anything is within your reach. Matter of fact, you’re already kind of doing this sort of visualization on a day to day basis. We are doing it unconsciously.

Did you know that you are always have a slide of a filter in your mind based on how you view yourself and you’re constantly projecting this slide onto yourself and this slide becomes the filter through which other people see you as well. So let’s just say you have a very negative opinion about yourself and you’re very self critical and you’re always viewing yourself like, man, I have this weakness.

Um, I don’t like my body. I don’t like, I don’t like that I’m shy. And you’re, you have created this slide over time, over your life about who you are, about how you view yourself, and it’s constantly focused on your shortcomings. Let’s say that’s the case. Did you know that, that you’re constantly communicating with other people in your life through the filter of how you see yourself. You’re projecting your slide of how you see yourself onto them.

Meaning that not only now, because you’re always looking for shortcomings in yourself, you’re going to be more likely to look for shortcomings and other people or similar shortcomings in other people or you know, trying to get, try to get them on your level because like you want them to also be equal to you, so on and so forth. But did you know that like how you view yourself is mostly always how other people also view you.

It’s because the slide that you hold for yourself subconsciously becomes a slide through which other people see you. So if you’re constantly holding a negative slide for yourself, you’re literally setting yourself up to experience that as a reality. So you will literally see your shortcomings being more emphasized by other people and so on and so forth.

So this you’re, you’re, you might be doing this on an unconscious, um, state right now and we want to make this process conscious. We want to change your slide that you view yourself through in a very positive manner, so that naturally, not only does that affect your behavior and how you carry yourself, but also that other people start to see you in that same manner. Okay? So you can truly do this for any quality that you want to develop.

So for the purpose of this video, I’m going to ask you right now, what is it that you want to grow into? What quality, what characteristic, what personality trait do you want to develop within yourself? Really just take a moment to think about that right now. Okay. It could be, you know, you want to be charming. You want to be more talkative. You want to be better at your work. Maybe you want to be a better speaker. Um, maybe you want to be more courageous. What is it that you want to create within yourself? So once you have that right get real with yourself. Okay, this is what I want. But then also affirm to yourself that this is possible for you until you believe firmly that this is possible for you, it will not become a reality.

So first and foremost, affirm that what you want is possible for you. Even though, let’s say you’ve been shy all your life and now you want to be courageous and brave and um, outgoing and you don’t even think that possible, that’s like a far away reality. It is not. And until you believe that, until you accept the fact that it is possible for you, it’s always going to be hard making it real. So even if there’s resistance, come to terms with the fact that what you want is possible for you. Now where you’re going to be doing is you’re going to be visualizing yourself embodying these traits.

So let’s just say you want to be charming and you want to be really outgoing. Visualize yourself maybe in a party, right, surrounded by all of these people and you’re literally, you’re, you’re just like going at it. You’re, you’re speaking to them, they’re all just dialed in on what you’re saying. They’re just, um, paying attention to only you and they’re, they have all, all of them have smiles on their faces.

You’re literally charming. The whole crowd with your story, whatever you’re saying, visualize yourself within that image. Visualize how it feels to be that guy, to be charming, to be outgoing, and to have the whole crowd just give their full attention to you. Put yourself into that, into that version of you just for a couple of moments again and again. So you run this visualization again and again, right? But your real work begins now when you come out of the visualization and you carry on with your day.

So here’s the part, the reality and serving part that, um, that is kind of hard to implement. But this is what gets results. Most people don’t get results. Visualization is because they visualize and then they just go back to their old self and just like live their day like they would have all in those fears, all in those like other characteristics and traits about them that they don’t like. Just focused on those.

Well we’re going to be doing is once you visualize yourself, right, like charming the whole room, you’re like outgoing. You’re visualizing yourself with the qualities that you really want to develop. Let’s say you do that once a day. Now you come back into your regular life and you’re going to start living your life through that slide. You’re going to start embodying that energy of that slide, of that visualization, mental image, that slide as your filter through which you look at reality.

Now, you’re literally going to be quote unquote pretending that you are already that person. Now you don’t have, the more you feel like, oh, it’s pretending. The more the farther away you are actually from it. The truth is if you just believe in it’s reality right here and right now and create that mental slide and start living through that mental slide wherever you go.

Let’s say you go to work, believe that you are already that person, that charming, outgoing individual, you fear of going to a party, believe that you’re already that charming, outgoing individual. Wherever you go, carry that slide with you, live through that slide, be like that slide. Be So focused on that belief that you are that person, and watch how naturally that characteristic trait flows through you. It’s not even something that you have to work so hard upon. It will literally flow through you.

If you can just get yourself to believe that you are that person. So yes, it requires practice. You’re not just going to get on the first time just believing that you’re a completely different person. However, with time and practice, this becomes real for you, but it’s very important that yes, you one, visualize consistently so that you become very um, comfortable. With that slide.

You become comfortable with the possibility of becoming that person. But then number two, you now come back to your regular life and you truly live like that person. So you’re living like that charming, outgoing individual or whatever quality that you want to develop within yourself. If you want to be more physically attractive, you want to be like more. You want to be funnier. You want to be more courageous. You want to be better at your work. Visualize yourself being that and now create that as your regular slide.

Every single time you notice yourself thinking negative thoughts about yourself. Every single time you notice yourself going back to your old slide about how you view, viewed yourself, focusing on all your shortcomings. Wake up first and divert your focus to your new slide where you are charming, where you’re outgoing, where you’re literally embodying the physical and the mental personality, everything, all those traits that you really want to develop in yourself and live through it.

Again, practice is for this. It’s not going to happen, but just one time doing it. Two Times doing it, you’re going to have to do it again and again. Okay, so stay patient. Keep implementing this and through it. You will literally see that you find yourself one day, like you’re going to wake up and realize, I’m a completely different person today than I was maybe a month ago or a year ago. You have to be consistent and you have to make it real for you.

The proportion to which you make it real for you is the proportion in which it will become real for you in your physical life. Okay, so let me know what you thought about this in the comment section below. Let me know what physical or any sort of characteristics that you were trying to develop within yourself. Okay? Give me a thumbs up if you want one on one coaching with me to accelerate your manifestation process. The link for that is in the description box below. All right? Other than that, subscribe to the channel and I will see you in the next video.

September 5, 2019

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