Spiritual Awakening Stories – Waking Up From The Dream Of Life

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Before we get started with the video, take a really deep breath. Yeah. Now drop all concepts, all thoughts, all feelings, all stories, all thoughts about how your day was going. Just drop all of that before watching this video. Just let it go for a few moments. It’ll still be there when you get back, but just for now, let it go. And while you’re watching this video, maintain that awareness.

Maintain that awareness of being here now, watching this video, and allow the possibility of a greater reality of a greater sense of self, of a greater realization. All of these things don’t have to exist in some time in the future. They exist right here, right now if you allow them. So while you’re watching this video, allow the possibility of something greater coming into your awareness right now.

Okay. Now let’s get into the video. Uh, it’s currently raining. I’m sitting in my car waiting for my massage appointment and I wanted to share with you a story of what something recently happened while I’m telling the story. And the theme of that story is waking up from the dream of life. And I’ll explain what that is.

But while I’m sharing that, maintain that awareness, stay focused on my voice, stay focused and become aware of what is aware of my voice. When a thought comes into your awareness, let it go, come back to my voice, come back to being here, watching this video and watch here the beautiful rain and some traffic in the background.

So the other day I had a dream right? And this was like, um, I don’t really get bad dreams or very often, but this was a dream in which I was like doing all sorts of crazy things.

I think I was in a different country and I was like, um, it, it was really crazy. I was, I remember feeling like I was in a lot of trouble and I remember the only bad thing, the only crime that I remember from the dream that I committed was stealing a truck and, or like I rented a truck and then then didn’t return it and it just like stole it.

And anything else, I don’t remember. But I remember it was like a crazy dream. I remember feeling like I was in such deep trouble that I was never going to be able to get out. Right. And like in the dream there was suffering and it all seemed so real and it was literally like Dan, like I am in such deep trouble, I will never get out of this. And I remember just awakening, like waking up right from the sleep and just having this huge sense of relief that thank God that was just a dream and I didn’t even fully wake up right.

I just like had a glimpse of awakening that I was, oh, I was just dreaming. And then I think I just went back into the dream and just by the thought, I was in a, still still in a very sleepy state. And just by having that glimpse of my reality, not actually being that dream, but instead me just dreaming that into existence and me being beyond it, I was able to go back into that dream until that same dream and it not being, you know, not suffering anymore and not being like, oh my God, I’m in such deep trouble and not being caught up by the story of the dream.

And I don’t know what else happened to the dream, but I just remember awakening, having this huge sense of relief, unfathomable relief, and then going back into the dream. And then I eventually woke up later and I didn’t even make too much of this.

Right. I didn’t think too far into this experience. I thought of it. I thought it was really cool and I was like, oh, that’s really cool. Like how that happened. But I didn’t think too far into, as you know, recently I’ve been um, injured. I’ve been exploring a lot of self-realization teachings. And really getting, getting a greater sense of self and get a greater realization of self.

And so at Neda, I always like right before sleeping, I just put something on like a utility on that is currently really resonating with me and I just let it play as I go to sleep. It’s like part of my reprogramming process. And yesterday I played this video, right, right before I was going to sleep. I had the dream two days ago, but yesterday I played that video while I was going to sleep. And so I’m going to sleep.

I have my ac, which is very loud and I put it on energy saver. So turns off, turns on, turns off, turns on by itself. And I remember the video that I put on the volume wasn’t high enough. Um, so when the AC turned on, I could barely hear anything, but it was so crazy. The video was talking about awakening from the dream of life.

Right. I had already previously heard the video so I know what’s in the video. But at the time I couldn’t hear it while I was trying to go to bed. The video was talking about wakening from the dream of life, waking up to a greater awareness of yourself and how it’s very similar too when you’re waking up from a dream.

So when you sleep at night, right? Like the world that you dream and the body that you dream in your dreams, it feels so real. Everything is so real. But when you wake up, you realize it was all just in your head and you are no longer limited by that dream anymore, right? You’re free.

And so that’s what the video was talking about. I remember the AC was on so I couldn’t hear the video, but I was just like, you know, going to go to bed. But then the AC turned off like my energy saver, right?

Turn off the AC and I was able to hear the video again, right in the moment when it talked about waking from the dream, how when you gained that level of consciousness, right, where you glimpse the greater reality, the one reality, the oneness between, I mean underneath this, uh, experience of separateness. When you glimpse that through awakening, through raising your awareness, that’s it.

It talked about the relief that you feel and then that the dream disappears then and it was so perfect how that happened. Like as soon as the AC turned off and that, you know, I heard those words and it instantly reminded me of the dream that I had the night before of me awakening from that nightmare and just gaining a huge sense of relief and then I was able to go back within the dream and not suffer anymore, not be bound to the reality of that dream because I knew what I ultimately was was beyond the dream, the greater reality.

I glimpsed it through the dream, waking up from the train and literally when I realize this like, um, I got like kind of emotional, like when something like this happens, when it’s like you see them, like it’s almost like miraculous the, where they call it, the synchronicity that occurs, you know, the AC turning off right on time. And that me being only able to hear those words before the AC went back on again. And though those like few words triggering a memory in me, which woke me up to a greater realization, something like this.

When it happens, sometimes I just get emotional, you know, like literally cause it’s insane. It’s so magical. But it made me realize that at, you know, like it’s just like waking up from the dream of life is just like waking up from a dream at night. We think that this stuff, this physical reality is so real and we are constantly identified with it and we are constantly identified with those body.

But as we start to raise our awareness, as we start to be more and more curious about the greater reality, and as we glimpse that greater reality, we see the truth of who we are and then we are no longer bound to the limitations of this physical reality. Meaning you’re no longer attached to the story of this body.

You’re no longer attached to the belief systems that you’ve been conditioned with in this physical experience. You’re no longer limiting yourself by believing in lack and by believing in a seemingly separate reality of suffering and all these separate things. And you know that just like really gay inspired me even more to go towards this journey, right? Like to come continue to seek a greater sense of self.

The reality we called God, right? The oneness beneath all seemingly separate things. The one who is dreaming all the separate separateness into existence. So if you can compare right at this to like you waking up from the dream, you waking up from a night dream, right? A dream at night, and you realize that it was all in your head.

Physical life is like God waking up from that dream formless. It’s the rights of God isn’t a person, right? It’s just formless. God. Waking up from that dream and realizing all these points of views were just dreams. Just a dream within God, within awareness, within the one within itself.

Whatever word resonates with you and it’s liberating. Getting a glimpse of that reality and then you continue to visit again. Again, visit it again and again and go deeper and realization of who you truly are, the greater reality beyond this physical reality, and you bring that awareness into your physical experience and fulfill your purpose. Why you’re here, what you’re here to do.

And so I wanted to share this experience with you because I want to let you know that no matter how much you are suffering, no matter how much you are bound in this dream, how much you think you’re bound in this dream, who you ultimately are is beyond the dream and you can wake up to that greater awareness. You can glimpse that freedom that lies right here right now.

That’s certainly what I’m working to do. But it’s also something that’s a greater intention of each and every one of us. No matter if we realize it or not. Most of us seek this greater reality through physical objects and people in relationships and whatnot, not knowing that we can never achieve that fulfillment of this greater of realizing this greater reality through physical objects.

But we all have an innate desire to know our true self. And so with this video I want to invite you to practice raising your awareness so that you can glimpse that greater reality and so that you can become your most authentic expression within this life so that you can be who you truly are even within this illusion.

And you can bring that sense of freedom into this seemingly limited reality and how do you do so? You do so by practicing awareness, meditation, accessing the gaps between thoughts, experiencing awareness itself by just a couple of seconds at a time again and again and again just letting go of all intellectual activity, all thoughts, all concepts by letting go of focusing your attention on something but rather just having a full control of your attention right here and now and just sensing that nothingness, that period of no thought again and again and again.

And this period of a period of no thought becomes longer and longer and it continues to deepen. Your awareness of awareness will continue to deepen and it will reveal all the secrets of life to you little by little. This is exactly how I know what I know today. Just by practicing this stillness for like every single day now for hours of upon every single day, but just over the past two and a half years, just again and again, this stillness again and again.

This stillness will teach you what books cannot teach you. What I cannot teach you, what authors, movies, teachers, anybody. No one can teach you. What does stillness can teach you about life. And it is your direct gateway into that glimpse of that greater reality.

So in short, we call it meditation. That gap of nothingness is meditation. And it’s not so much about forcing yourself not to have thoughts. It’s about recognizing the awareness, becoming aware of waking up in this moment. And then naturally what you’ll notice is that in that gap, when you’re not, when you’re fully aware, there is no thought.

So it’s not like we’re trying to get rid of that. It’s just that we’re trying to become aware and as a natural result of that, there is no thought. And the more you grow in this awareness, the more control you will actually have. Over those dream, over the dream of life. Until then you are just subject to the dream. The dream will have its way with you while you think you’re making all these changes and you’re having all this control. Meanwhile you have no control. You have no will until you start to wake up until you raise that awareness.

Free will is proportionate to your level of awareness. Freewill is awareness, so if you have a very low level of awareness, by no means judgment or anything like that, but if you have a low level of awareness, there is no free will. Then the all the actions that you think you’re taking are actually just part of the dream and you’re just living out what that dream has you living out.

But once you wake up to that greater awareness, you start to be able to control the dream and yeah, they design it to the wet that you would like and ultimately if you continue to practice and practice and practice, you wake up to the greater and greater realities, the greater sense of self in which there is no limitation.

Can’t talk fully about that right now. I haven’t experienced that myself, but that’s definitely seeking for that. So, um, practice this, you know, if you have any questions about it, please let me know in the description box below. Um, I’m loving this practice is making my life so happy, so joyful. Um, I’m more and more fulfilled each day and I’m noticing the more I surrender to this awareness, the more I’m living my life through this awareness. Things are just happening for me.

Things are happening so easily. Everything’s working out. And even when things don’t work out, I see the greater purpose in that. I see the greater meaning in that and I wake up to it quicker. So in living in this way, there’s less suffering by itself, but eventually it just wakes you up into those higher levels of consciousness in which there is, you know, those perspectives cannot carry suffering cause they just have that sense of greater reality. So I hope you maintain that awareness throughout this video. I know you probably kept going off again and again, but kept coming back. But practice that, that’s really the practice.

It’s really the grind. Just coming back into that awareness, that nothingness again and again and again, and notice how bound you are to this dream, through your thoughts, your thoughts, the constant thought activity is what’s keeping you in like dialed in in the dream. But as you continue to cut the stream of thought again and again with these gaps of silence, the stream of linear thinking starts to just vanish more and more because you start to realize the illusion of that linear timeline, that these thoughts project.

So stay with that silence, practice that silence and the dream will start becoming more dreamlike to you. Okay? Again, let me know if you have any questions down below. If you want to get coaching with me one-on-one and learning to accelerate your reality in this way, hit up the link in the description box below. Finna find out all the details. All right. Other than that, give me a thumbs up. Subscribe to this channel and I will see you in the next video.

September 7, 2019

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