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In today’s video, I’m going to show you how to accept the present moment, how to accept what ever is going on in your life right now so that you can actually move forward towards what you do want.

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If you want to enter to win, just make sure to give this video a thumbs up and comment the phrase down below I am, but now let’s get right into the video. Why acceptance? What is acceptance going to do for you? First of all, I just want to clarify that accepting your current situation does not mean just sitting on your couch and believing that, okay, this is the way it is and that’s what it is. That’s my fate. And you know whatever’s going to happen with it is going to happen.

That’s not necessarily what accepting the moment is. Even in that perspective, there is a nonacceptance of what is currently going on. Acceptance means to come to terms with the fact that what has manifested has manifested that it is equally as allowed as something good happening in your life. Okay?

And it is very important that you realize that you have to accept whatever circumstance that is currently before you in order to actually create a different, more positive, more pleasant circumstance. The reason for this is that everything that is created is a part of creation. Everything that is is a part of that oneness that you stem from that I stem from.

And so if you’re constantly rejecting and resisting what currently is, you are rejecting and resisting creation, creation that is equally valid as who you are, who I am, I’m creation. That is equally as valid as all of your goals that you do want to create.

So see, as long as you don’t accept the negative polarity, you are going to always struggle to create in your life and manifest the positive polarity. So it is so absolutely crucial that you learn to come from acceptance. Take whatever action you take towards your goals from acceptance. Until you create this one constant habit, you will always struggle to manifest that negative polarity because you’re always going to be coming from resistance, from negativity.

So for the purpose of this video, I’m going to ask you and I’m going to challenge you to raise your perspective a little bit from the person perspective. This like who you think you are. That’s, that’s what I call the person, the body mind complex. I’m going to help, uh, encourage you to raise your perspective from that perspective to a higher self perspective. Okay.

Now, while maintaining a higher perspective on your situation while watching this video, now let’s get to step number one, which is the ego is the one that feels threatened through your current situation, not you.

The Ego is the one identified with what is currently going on. The Ego is the one that has all these needs and desires and wants and not once and is the one that feels like it has something to lose. Who you are is above the ego. You are the observer of the ego, the person, but you are so lost within that person perspective that you have a very limited view of reality. You have a very limited scope on what’s real and what is possible and you are just caught on the vibration of the negative circumstance before you.

Whereas who you actually are that higher awareness, that greater awareness which you have access to just if you start disengaging from your thoughts and enter more silence and we’ll talk about that later or maybe in a different video, but you have access to this awareness but you are so stuck inside this person perspective that it’s just like everything seems impossible, impossible and you only see this one possibility before you, whereas your higher self actually sees that you really have nothing to lose.

It has a longer term perspective. If you, if you want to say that it has a greater view on reality, on what’s possible on what the future will be. You see what I mean? Infinite possibilities, infinite potential for infinite possibilities exists within the awareness that is you, but you are so closed off in your perspective identified with your current situation that you are blocking yourself off from this perspective.

And that’s why you can’t accept the present moment. Because if you’re stuck in that person perspective, how are you gonna expect to accept the present moment, right? That person obviously is not going to like their situation. In order to accept, you have to expand your worldview, your perspective through which you’re looking at reality. So in order to do this, you have to remind yourself of who you actually are. You have to remind yourself of your eternal wellbeing.

You have to remind yourself that you have nothing to lose. The Ego may think it has a lot to lose, but in reality you are who you actually are. Have nothing to lose. And if you actually want to ease yourself into this perspective because I can already, you know, a sense you wanted to go down into the comments and like a troll me like okay, no this is impossible. I can’t do this.

Okay, if you actually want to gain that higher self perspective but you have to start doing is disengaging from your thoughts and I know there’s going to be a little diff, a little difficult, especially in a difficult situation, but you have to start disengaging from your thoughts and meditate through meditation through entering that silence again and again.

That gap of no thought where all that remains is just the awareness of the I the I am through that through prolonged periods within that awareness throughout the day and this is a practice, right?

This is not something that just going to happen to you like this, but if you continue to practice this every single day, you’re going to have an easier time accepting your moment, present moment again and again, but even in like just one session of meditation, this is achievable. Just letting go and coming into a mode of relaxation.

The more you relax, the more you realize your true nature, which is eternal peace. The more you relax, the more you naturally come to terms with what is. And this instantly frees you from the circumstance. Even though you may not see it at the time, but literally by just relaxing your thoughts, your attachment to your desires, your wants, your we’re not.

Once you will ease into that higher self perspective through which a solution to your problem may actually present itself. So practice meditation in order to access that higher self perspective.

Practice getting into that gap of just pure awareness, cling onto that sense of just existing. You’re always just using that awareness to project your light on thoughts. Now take your light away from thoughts and just be aware of being aware.

The fact that you are aware and instantly you’ll, you’ll notice that first you stop thinking about your problems and this natural feeling of acceptance, of relief, of relaxation just consumes you. Step number two, realize that you have made it through every single difficult situation in your life. If you are watching this video right now, you have made it through every single difficult situation.

Even when you thought you were doomed this time you thought, I dunno how I’m gonna make it out of this, this one, but here you are watching this video and you’re okay. Okay, so the mind constantly forgets this because it is so like caught up and resistance and constantly caught up in projecting a future that if forgets that all the miracles that have happened before it, hell, I forget all of the random occurrences in how that natural intelligence that is the higher self that is, you came to your rescue countless times throughout your past.

So four-step to just remind yourself of all the times where you thought you wouldn’t make it or you know, you just like had no idea what to do. And when that infinite intelligence came to your rescue and a solution presented itself and made sure that you got from that situation to where you are right now.

And then pair that up with step number three, which is affirming to yourself that you are exactly where you need to be in order to get where you want to go. Okay. You have to realize that the flow of life, the flow of life events that are occurring, they have nothing against you, okay? They have no personal incentive to cause you problems.

The problems that you come across are actually a projection of your own mental activity, of your own mind, of your own importance and meaning that you’re attributing to things.

The flow of life events is neutral and the flow of the life events can actually help you get to where you want to go. If you become more balanced internally, if you start letting go of the resistance, the fear through acceptance. Okay, so this third step is actually not only going to help you accept the present moment, but it will actually help you move towards the direction that you do want to go.

Knowing that the flow of life events will help you if you are just balanced, if you are internally feeling better because that internal feeling of happiness is going to manifest externally as a positive event. Right now things keep getting worse because what is reflecting outwards is your fears, is your anxiety, is your attachments and so again, acceptance also just starts to dissolve a lot of that internal resistance so that the flow of life events already comes down to a halt.

Things started going back to normal and now when you internally become balanced and you feel good again, life will start taking you towards where you want to go. This is natural. This doesn’t even require that much action. It simply requires you to let go of a lot of that inner resistance through meditation, through acceptance, through realizing you have nothing to lose through realizing that you are eternally taken care of.

And by doing so, by just letting it all go and you, first of all, you feel lighter physically, but also now internally you feel better. You’re more balanced. And the reflection of that outwards in future life events is going to be much more balanced as well. Much happier, much more of a lighter frequency. So do these three steps, you know, let go meditate, enter that gap more and more and release. Realize you have nothing to lose.

Remind yourself. Number two, that you have always made it through every single difficult situation. And then number three, use the flow of life to get where you want to go. Realize the outer reality is always reflecting your inner reality. Knowing that keep moving forward by letting go of all the resistance within feeling balanced within and naturally what will reflect outwards in the flow of life events is things just working out solutions, just presenting themselves the flow of life, giving you the solutions to your problems, try it.

It honestly works magically. When I started to implement all these things in my life, my life started to become way easier. I started to realize how I was the one always creating my own problems because of my resistance of my nonacceptance. But once you start practicing this and it does require practice, it requires you to create your own sense of balance of what this feels like.

Once you start doing it, you will start to realize this as well. How you are, the reason of your problems. You are the culprit, nobody else. And that when you act more balanced now in the future, naturally you just come across less problems.

And even when you do, you accept them and you move forward in a balanced way, which then reflects outwards in that problem being solved naturally. Now, if you want to learn how to further let go of resistance, negativity, and any negative feeling, click the video somewhere on the screen right here. Okay. Other than that, give me a thumbs up. Subscribe to this channel. If you want more videos like this and I will see you in the next video.

September 11, 2019

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