Tufti The Priestess – Plait Technique (Part 1)

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In today’s video, we are discussing tufty, the priestess, the plate technique. I’m going to be showing you exactly what the plate is, what its function is, and how you can use the plate and how to properly do the play technique in order to compose your reality.

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Make sure to do that right now, but now let’s get right into the video. If you are watching this right now, you have most likely read the entire tufty the priestess book. Or maybe you have just come across in this chapter on the plate technique and want to further clarify how to do the exact process, right?

So the plate, it deals with the intention center. Okay. As you know, the two main, um, powers that you have that Vadim says in tufty is attention and intention through these to you create your own reality through these too, you choose the future that you want to manifest as your physical reality. So when we’re talking about the attention part, you know that we’re concerned with two sides of it.

When our attention is on the inner screen and the outer screen, right? Well, when we’re talking about the plate and when we’re talking about the intention part of it, there are also two sides of it. There is the inner intention and there’s the outer intention and the inner intention controls your movement within the current frame of reality. Whereas the outer intention is what the plates function is. Outer intention helps you to set the future frame.

What is going to manifest as your physical reality. So it’s very effective that you get into a habit of constantly composing your future through the plate technique. Now what is the plate?

So you’ll be seeing a picture on the screen right now and you’ll see that there’s this person and there’s this little like ponytail type thing hanging off from the back of their head. So the Dean says that you haven’t an outer intention center where there’s this like ponytail type thing, what he calls the plate. I actually, when I came across this I, I was slightly confused.

I didn’t even know what a plate was and I had to look it up. Someone actually got to tell me, um, but think of it basically like a braid. A plate is another word for a braid and braid. Just think of it like a ponytail hanging from the back of your head.

And the process is that you have to focus your attention on this outer intention center before you visualize the frame of your reality. Now we’ll be going through the exact step by step process and a little bit, but I’m just explaining the kind of general overview of it. You have to focus first, your attention on the plate and feel it and you have to feel it rise, right?

So then this, this part of the process, this step, it literally turns on that projector through which you’re going to project the next frame of your reality or the future of your reality. Okay? Until now you are just trying to control reality from within the current movie that was playing. Now when you focus your attention on the plate, the outer intention center, now you’ll be able to project a new movie.

So basically it’s almost like you’re detaching yourself from your current movie and going straight to the source of what is playing the movie and has the ability to play infinite different movies.

So before trying to think of a new movie to play, you’re actually going to the source, going to the projector and taking out your current movie and placing the movie that you would like to play. So that’s the function of the plate. And that’s why it is important to focus your attention on the plate before you actually visualize according to Vadim.

So the deem says that the outer intention center is at the tip of the plate. It is a spot between the shoulders only, not flat to the spine, but a little bit away from it. You will find the precise spot. Intuitively the exact distance is of no significance. It is enough to just focus your focus, your attention on it, and you will feel where it is. So the tendency of everybody that I know is we like to complicate things more than they actually are.

And especially with this technique, we think it has to be some type of complicated technique, but it’s really quite simple. So don’t make your, don’t allow your mind to overcomplicate this. Okay, there are three simple steps. So let’s go over them one by one. The first step to do the plate technique in a very simple manner is simply first before even thinking of the plate or thinking about the reality you want to compose.

Just disengage from what is going on. And what do I mean by that? I mean get in control of your attention. You are in full control of your attention. It is no longer on the outer screen or on the inner screen. You are in full control. You are aware, this is what we call waking up when you are in full control of your attention. And what this does is it detaches you from the current movie that is playing.

You are no longer part of this plot. You are above it. As soon as you gain control of your attention, as soon as you wake up, okay? That’s the first step. Now the second step is to activate the plate again. You’ll see the picture on the screen, so resort to that as I’m talking about it.

So think about it this way, right? Like this is your back. This is, this is you as a person, okay? And the plate is like right here. The intention center is like a right here on the tip of the plate and as you focus your attention on it, it slowly rises. That’s all you have to do. And if you can’t feel it yet, it’s okay with practice. It will come.

And actually in the part two of this video which I make now, which I’m going to make in a couple of days, I’m going to go into, um, the advanced plate technique where if you can’t feel it yet, that technique will allow you to feel it more and more.

It will allow you to cultivate the feeling of your personal plate more and more. Okay? So step two, activate the plate. If this is you and this is the plate on your back, you focus your attention on it, right? And the plate slowly rises. Now, part three, this is where it kind of gets delicate and requires you to practice in order to do this properly while keeping your attention on the plate, on the feeling of the plate.

You quickly just visualize for a couple of seconds to maybe even a minute the reality that you want. Now, this could be something short term, maybe. You know, I, I personally do this all the time where I’m going, when I’m going to get a haircut before I go. Um, cause my barber’s always so busy and he has like sometimes like five people ahead of me and I hate waiting like an hour and a half to get a haircut.

So sometimes I’ll just visualize myself walking into the barbershop and um, my barber is just like, oh, you’re next. And honestly, this has like worked many times and I still continue to do this all the time. But you can do this on a short term thing and like a small thing like that where you can even do it on your boot goals.

Why not do it on your big, a little bigger goals, right? So visualize yourself already having what it is that you want. Set that future frame and feel into it while you’re also, you know, um, indulging the sensation of the plate. So keep your attention somewhat on the feeling of the plate. Feel that outer intention center at the tip of the plate while you are visualizing. And what um, does does redeem says is that this is the process of you placing that new movie into the projector.

The projector is the outer intention center and the plate. And now you are placing your desired future into that projector. So now what is going to play next on the screen of your consciousness, your desired future or something very similar. Okay, this is how simple it really is. All you have to do is carry out this technique, set your desired future, right your this by this, by doing this technique, you’re setting your future. You are controlling where your life is headed.

So once you light up the future of frame, all you have to do is just come back into reality and carry out your actions like you regularly would do what is required of you. Act on the ideas that are inspired through you. You know, do whatever you feel like. Don’t try to control how you are going to get to that frame. Trust that because you have lit up the frame through the outer intention center, life is going to bring you there.

This is you working in tandem hand but hand in hand with life. So now that you’ve done your part, allow life to do its part, leave the rest, the process to infinity. Not saying that you’re just going to sit on the couch and do nothing, but I’m saying don’t control how you have to get to the end, to the end goal that you envisioned.

Allow life to bring you the opportunities, right? Like the whatever ideas and action that you should be taking. Allow that to be inspired through you rather than having it come from the mind where you are trying to constantly manipulate and control the process of getting to the end.

This, my friend, is how you do the plate technique. Now again, I will be doing the more advanced version of this play technique in a future video, so stay tuned for that for now. If you want to watch more videos that I have done on Tufty, I’m going to be doing a whole series on tufty. Watch the playlist somewhere on the screen right here. Okay. But other than that, give me a thumbs up. Make sure to enter to win that Reality Trend Surfing cheat sheet. Subscribe to the channel and I will see you in the next video.

September 12, 2019

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