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In today’s video, I want to talk about the meaning of creating your own reality, right? What does it mean to create your own reality?

So we’re going to start out a little advance and we’ll simplify it down. Okay. Um, cause that’s a topic that we talk about on this channel all the time. Creating your experience. But what does it actually mean to create your experience? So let’s start a little abstract. Okay. Essentially there is only one reality.

Reality is only one and it is not physical, okay? The one reality is the awareness which gives life to this moment, the consciousness through which you experience anything. Experience and consciousness are inseparable. You’ve never had an experience that you weren’t conscious of because those things can not be separated.

We are conditioned to believing all our lives that what we see, right? And what we filter through the five senses is reality. However, right? You constantly see things coming in and going out of your experience coming in and going out of existence, passing through, always fluctuating between negative and positive, right? The nature of the physical is impermanence.

Anything that is impermanent cannot be real. It is not essentially real, right? And we’ve learned in so many teachings that everything that you see is just a reflection of the actual substance. What is that substance? That substance is that one reality. The only reality that exists that truly has any substance is consciousness itself.

Now, consciousness is infinite in its capacity, even right now, right? Your awareness, just different names for the same thing. Awareness, consciousness, attention, all different names for the same thing right now, your awareness is infinite in its capacity. Even right now, you can practice this right now.

Your awareness, if you choose, you can place your awareness in your left foot. Do it right now. Just put your attention in your left foot and feel it now. Your attention can also be in your right arm right away. If you choose, just put it there. Put your attention in your right arm and feel it.

Now your attention can also just go to the past real quick. Think, just put your attention in the memory of your last birthday. Just revisit the past real quick and your attention could go somewhere in the future. Something that does it hasn’t necessarily happened as physical yet by visualization, right? But like place yourself in some situation that you would like to be experiencing or you wouldn’t like to be experiencing.

That’s also you placing your attention in a different reality. So your attention is infinite in its capacity to move around, right? Like your body and mind are limited to this time-space, to this physical reality, and they also have their period of, you know, coming in and going out of existence of physical existence, but your attention is limitless.

It is infinite in its capacity. That attention is that substance that we’re talking about, that awareness, that consciousness is the location less point within which exists infinite potential.

So that consciousness that you just use to go to the past and go to the future are going your left foot and your right arm. That consciousness has infinite potential, meaning it has the ability to project within itself infinite different projections, infinite different what we call realities so it can create an experience.

Anything within itself, every experiences within consciousness. I know we’re getting a little, um, abstract and advance, but trust me, this is going to help you better your understanding so that when you actually are, you know, implementing those create your own reality practices, you do it more effectively, but all experiences, all realities, all realities are projections within consciousness.

And so this current reality that you’re experiencing right now, the physical reality in which you’re watching this YouTube video is one potential possible realities within the infinite possible parallel realities within consciousness itself.

Does that make sense? So consciousness is infinite in its capacity. It is the potential for infinite realities out of which you’re experiencing one of them. Now in terms of creating your own reality, right? What does it mean? Creating your own reality does not mean that you as this physical body and mind are creating your experience.

It means getting to know more of your true nature as this awareness who you actually are as not this body and mind who you are is that awareness that you use to go to the path to go to the future.

You are that awareness that contains infinite possibilities and that is why you can create any experience that you want. You’re not necessarily creating any experience itself, but your using your infinite capacity, you’re using your free will. Awareness is freewill. You’re using your freewill to choose whichever one of the experiences out of the infinite different potential experiences that you could also experience.

You’re just choosing one of them that you want to experience. So in a sense, creating own reality, right from a lower kind of like, um, modern law of attraction viewpoint, which is not not coming from a judgmental point of view that is also great in its own right, but from a modern law of attraction viewpoint, you’re not necessarily a body and mind creating things that you want, you know, through your thoughts.

Okay? In order to actually create your own reality, you have to learn to meditate and raise your awareness to realize more of your true nature, which is this infinite awareness, this infinite consciousness rather than this body and mind.

Because the body and mind that you’re experiencing right now are themselves just one potential body and minds that you could be experiencing out of infinite different body minds. Versions of yourself right now, the body and mind that you’re experiencing are themselves of projection within consciousness.

They are not you, but as long as you continue to think that they are you, you will be limited in your power to influence your experience. So I always say that it’s a very beneficial way to look at, um, this in a way where it’s like if you want to really create your own reality, you have to gain more access to your free will. How do you do so? By becoming more aware? Awareness is freewill.

The more you identify, the more you become identified with awareness, not just like a mental belief, but actually realizing it more and more through meditation, through day to day awareness, through raising your conscious awareness. The more you start to identify with, okay, I am this formless awareness, this infinite potential, I am that the more that dawns on you, the more you will gain freewill to choose which one of the infinite potentials you want to experience.

And then which one after that and which one after that, which one after that. So it becomes a play where you constantly realize that the physical is like a dream. It is not reality. The only reality is the consciousness which you are, which contains infinite potential. And so you’re not necessarily creating anything. Everything already exists as potential within consciousness.

However, you’re just choosing what you like to experience. Make sense? So if you go at creating your own reality with this worldview, with this mindset, you will do so much better and you will have a natural desire that’s born in you now to meditate, to raise your awareness. Why? Because if you don’t, then you’re just going to constantly be running around on the physical level, trying to create your own reality and being all fake spiritual. But you don’t even have like a good sense of who you actually are.

You’re not even actually practicing who you really are. You’re still identify with the body of mine, just projections within consciousness and you think you’re having more power, but you’re really not. So not to say that in a pessimistic way, but it’s to say that to encourage more and more your desire to go past the physical, realize more who you truly are through meditation, through daily awareness.

And the more you do so you will start to identify naturally. That’s not something you have to put effort into. Naturally. You will start to identify more with the awareness that you are with the infinite potential that you are. And through that you’ll be able to choose your experience more directly. And that is my friend. What is in my opinion and my belief, creating your own reality. You can confirm this for yourself by simply just meditating, simply trying out this worldview and see how it goes.

And you will come to similar conclusions. So let me know where you think about this in the comments section below. All right? If you want to learn how to create your experience in this way, coming at it from the consciousness point of view, the higher self point of view, click the link in the description box below and check out my one-to-one coaching program where I mentor you directly personally through this process, and help you accelerate your level of conscious awareness and your manifestations. Okay. Check that out down there, but other than that, give me a thumbs up. Subscribe to the channel and I’ll see you in the next video. Peace.

September 15, 2019

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