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Really get a sense of what you want from this person and how they’re actually treating you right now. So let’s say that they don’t give you any respect. Okay? Now you have to ask yourself, you have to go within, right, right. Rather than trying to make them respect you on the outside, go within because them not giving you a respect is a sort of a reflection of maybe you not giving yourself any respect or you having a belief within that you are not worthy of respect.

Ask yourself if you went through any phase in your life where you know something happened and it caused you to make a definition about your own worth of your own self value and how do you actually believe yourself to be? What is your relationship to yourself? Do you respect yourself? These are all questions you really have to ask them.

This is why we say going within, because this is instead of like looking at the external behavior of this person, I give them your stack. We’re actually going to the cause of like, okay, what is causing this external reflection? And that extra reflection is often caused by those things, by those definitions and beliefs that we build about our own self.

So in a case of someone not respecting you, it is always almost always about how you respect yourself or how you don’t respect yourself. So ask yourself, you know, I’m not on a surface level, on a surface level. Everybody’s like, yeah, I love myself, but not really is that really true? You think go deeper. You know, actually ask yourself the difficult questions. And um, sometimes, you know, in my coaching work with my clients, I, I even helped them ask negative questions as questions, as in why do I hate myself?

Why am I not worthy of success? Now you might be saying like, why would I ask myself those questions and that, that those questions might just already bring up anxiety for you. But see, those are the questions when we face our negative side. Like, but those are the questions that you ask yourself where all of that negative stuff, all of those negative answers to that question that you low key belief to be true inside.

Unconsciously they come to the surface. So once you start to ask yourself, why am I not worthy of respect and just, you know, be open to anything that comes up, you’ll start to see certain beliefs about like certain definitions that you created. Like why you don’t deserve respect. And these aren’t things that you think on a daily basis, but they’re there and you’re like, Whoa, where did that come from? Or maybe you have a memory, like a flashback from the past. And uh, it was a time where you felt very disrespected and that actually is like still sticking with you.

And like, that’s a correlation that you made that this wire, I don’t deserve respect or this is why I’m not worthy.

So whenever someone’s not treating you the way that you’d like to be treated in the external world, always go within and ask herself, what is my relationship to myself? How do I actually believe myself to be, you know, what are my beliefs about myself?

And Ask yourself the difficult questions if you’re really up for this, and if you really want to go deep, why am I not worthy of success? Why am I not worthy of love? Why do I hate myself? Why do I not deserve respect?

You can just sit down and just, you know, write on a piece of paper and write down all the reasons that come up. Like for the, uh, purpose of this practice actually, um, go in with it. Like you’re looking for reasons why you’re not worthy and everything and actually write them down after you do the exercise. You can like burn the piece of paper or whatever. You can disregard it.

But like, it’s very important to become aware that you have these definitions about yourself. Otherwise they will continue working in the background and that’s not doing you any good. So that was example number one. When someone’s not treating you the way that you want to be treated, it’s almost always mirroring back to you your belief or multiple beliefs about your own lack of self worth. You not giving yourself any respect and you’re not treating yourself well.

So you have to really get, you know, go deep and get real with yourself. Why am I, what am I believing to be true about myself? Why am I experiencing this internally, which is causing this external reflection. Now example number two is when someone is actually acting hostile towards you, when someone’s actually trying to cause you problems on purpose.

You know when you come across certain people that are just constantly causing problems in your life and it almost seems like they’re like actually trying to get in your way, purposely trying to get in your way. When you encounter a person like that in your life, ask yourself, you know what energy that you’re resonating.

How do you behave? What about you is attracting this person into your life? What sort of resonance do you have with this person in your life? Whenever there is a person that is very hostile in your reality, it is almost always mirroring back to you a certain provocative quality of your own. So ask yourself, do you intentionally or unintentionally cause other people problems? Do you create friction in any sort of way for other people? Are you always challenging other people in some way whatsoever?

Because the person who you’re being bothered by is mirroring back to you a quality which you are most likely also bothering someone else with unknowingly. So this is where you have to again go within and ask yourself the questions like, am I behaving this way to someone else? Am I causing someone else problems. Friction.

And once you start to learn that about your own nature, you’ll start to make that connection with this person outside that’s being hostile in the book. Tough to the priestess by Vadim Zeland, um, redeems that are very simply. He was like in order to um, not have people threaten you, stop threatening others in other, in order for people to s uh, if you want people to stop, you know, giving you certain fears and whatnot, just stop causing that for other people. Almost always what you’re causing other people is what you are experiencing in your own reality, but you’re just like not creating the connection.

If you made the connection, you would stop creating that for somebody else. But oftentimes we just are completely oblivious to our own nature. And then we are just being PR provoked by the people who have have similar behaviors as us. So go within and really see what of your own nature is creating this external reflection. Example number three is if people are always talking behind your back. And this is something that I’ve seen, you know, through out my life where other people are, were constantly around me just complaining.

You know, how this person talks behind that bag or this person said this behind my back. Whereas I would witness the same people who would complain that people are talking behind their back, talk behind other people’s back or those same people’s back. So here again, it’s almost like your behaviors, the way you behave to other people and what you cause other people are the same things you end up experiencing and you just don’t create that connection.

They’re like this is what is causing it. Because you don’t think that like a reality works like this. Whereas in truth, reality is a holistic system. Whatever you do, you’d read the like you reap the reward for re the consequence of. So if people are talking behind your back, ask yourself, are you talking behind people’s back?

It’s almost always only those people who talk behind other people’s back who are really paranoid about other people doing the same for to them. And they are the ones who experienced this because it’s a direct mirror reflection. This is x. You can’t escape this. So this is just plain and simple. If you want people to stop talking behind your back, stop talking behind other people’s.

Back when I was on my meditation meditation retreat a couple of weeks ago, I read this beautiful quote. It said that loyalty begins where convenience and it’s very convenient to talk behind other people’s back, even if it’s your friends.

It’s very convenient to joke around them. I mean joke about them in a very like nonchalant manner, but is that really loyal? Everybody wants loyalty, but are you being the exemplification of loyalty? If you are, while that will naturally be mirrored back to you by other people, also giving you loyalty. However, if you’re just being kind of careless and you’re just being, choosing convenience over loyalty when it comes to your friends, then they’ll do the same to you.

Now, example number four, while on the topic of loyalty, people not being loyal to you, not in terms where it’s like, oh, they’re just talking behind your back, but rather they’re just not. Maybe people are just like leaving you or they’re, they’re not valuing you. They’re always choosing other people over you. And this is a constant, um, theme in actual romantic relationships where people constantly, uh, experienced, like they’re just get dumped or like left randomly, you know?

So if this is happening in your life, you have to ask yourself, what are you harboring within? Again, this can also just be a worth issue, self-worth where you don’t believe you’re worthy to be with a particular person or be friends with a person. Or this also goes back to the thoughts that you constantly think when you are in a relationship, uh, or even, you know, even not in a relationship, just like a friendship.

What are the certain thoughts that you have about the person? Are you constantly thinking of the other person in a way where it’s like, I might lose them? Where it’s like constantly coming from fear. You know that they, they’re too good for me. I’m not worthy of a person like this of a friend like this.

Those fears end up becoming externalized and that energy actually repels people from you. And so you’ll almost always see that people who are experiencing other people not being loyal to them or being left all the time are the ones who harbor these fears the greatest.

And even when they get into new relationships, they get into it with the energy of like, okay, this time I’ve got to secure this time I got to act amazing. The sound got to, you know, so all that energy just goes towards acting inauthentic and trying to just secure the other person. Whereas it’s a complete waste of energy.

Not only that, but also your fears become externalized and manifested in physical reality and reality just mirrors back to your own beliefs and that lack of self worth your own fears and other people leaving you. They become materialized as those other people leaving you because this sort of negative energy, when you’re always coming from this negative energy of trying to like secure the other person’s approval or making sure that you’re good enough for somebody else and acting inauthentic in the process of doing that, it’s a very negative sort of repelling energy.

You know, when you’re actually just like radiating self-love when you actually have that sort of relationship with yourself where you just feel good about yourself and you don’t need anybody to love you, for you to love yourself. That is a sort of attracting energy and that does wonders. And that’s why people are always attracted to that and they even, you know, naturally stay.

You don’t have to do anything because in that moment you are being your authentic self. You’re just, you’re not being a needy person, you’re just being a giver of love, of Energy. So people are very naturally attracted to that. However, the opposite is very needy and repelling. So in this case, ask yourself, what energy are you radiating always in your relationships? Are you very needy or are you just loving? Are you harboring those fears and constantly contemplating them in your mind?

Or are you secure by yourself? Are you just being yourself and allowing whoever comes and goes to come and go? It’s very crucial to go within to find the source of that external behavior of that external circumstance. I absolutely love this mirror principle, and I know you do too.

Uh, so if you want me to make more videos on the, everyone is, you pushed out principle by Naval Godard or even the mere reality principle from Reality Trans Surfing, give this video thumbs up and let me know in the comment section below and what aspect of this mere reality principle do you want me to elaborate on in further videos? I’m probably just gonna make a series about it.

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September 18, 2019

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