Tufti The Priestess – Plait With FLOW (Part 2)

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What’s up, sunny here today we’re doing part two of the plate techniques. So this is the more advanced one. A lot of people in the comments. In my last video we’re talking about like what are you doing? The part two, when are you doing the part two? Uh, so just want to say that this is a little bit more advanced.

It requires more awareness, it requires more concentration. It’s not necessarily harder to do, but it does require more concentration. So I just want to say, you know, before we even get into it, if this is not something that you want to do, if you want to just stick to the less complicated regular plate technique with junior, you know, just activating the plate and visualizing your desired frame, you can just do that. You don’t necessarily need to do this.

Um, this is the more advanced one. But if you do want to go all out, if you want to go the extra step, then we’re going to be breaking down the part two from the book today.

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But other than that, let’s get right into the video. So again, this plate technique does have more steps. It is a little bit more advanced and requires a little bit more concentration. And I do want to emphasize that it requires concentration, not effort.

We’re really used to trying to obtain things through effort, right? Like even when we’re doing our visualization, sometimes notice you’re like forehead triangle, you know, being clenching or your body a little tense to make these things, these things that involve energy, these techniques in exercise that involve energy to make them more effective.

What is required is just concentration for you to be able to hold a certain thought or a feeling for a long period of time without being distracted, not you contracting your muscles.

And Vadim mentioned that so many times in the books as you already know. But, um, so I just want to say that before you do this technique, you know, and as you’re doing it, constantly scan your body. Am I like getting tense somewhere? Am I really like, you know, clinching my like forehead muscles or whatnot? Every single time you do that, just relax every single time you notice the slightest bit of tension.

Relax. All right, so I had my book here opened to the page where he describes this technique. Um, I’m going to be going over the steps for first where he’s like, you know, just describing the preliminary steps and then we’ll get a good hang of them and then we’ll go step by step what the play technique actually is. Okay? So first and foremost, what you need to know for this method is the central axis of your energy body, okay?

And to display this to you, I’m going to show you the visual from my reality trend surfing course. It’s gonna be playing on the screen, right? So as you breathe in, imagine this current of energy. You can picture this as like a beam of light or a beam of energy, whatever that kind of s uh, symbolizes to you, right as you breathe in, imagine this arising from the floor underneath your feet and it’s going up the central axis of your body.

And as you breathe in is going all the way up and it’s just going outside of your body, up and up and up. Okay. And as you breathe out, it’s going to go down from the, from like the sky two in your head, keep going down and then until it exits your body into the floor again. So first just get a hang of this.

You want to get a good feel of this. And you can use this like honestly throughout the day whenever you want, just to even enhance your energy levels. Just as you breathe in, this energy flow goes up. As you breathe out, this energy flow goes down.

Play around with this before moving onto the next couple of steps, you can pause the video right now to do so. Now this the further like further on moving on from this technique I don’t have visuals for, right. Um, but I’m going to explain to you as best I can so that there’s no confusion. If there is confusion after you watch this, click the, I mean, um, put them in the comment section below.

I’ll try to clarify, you know, I’ll try to get to you as soon as possible. Now Vadim says, imagine that there is, um, there are two arrows coming out from one end, which is your chest and the other end, which is your back.

So almost imagine like there’s energy in the middle of right, like, uh, and this energy is coming out in two arrows. So if this is your back, I mean this is your body, this is your back one is coming out. Like this one is coming out from your chest, both parallel to each other.

Okay? As you breathe out, okay? So just kind of get a hang of where that is right now for you. It could be like right here, chest, right? He says it, it could be also be the stomach and a lower back. But I think like, you know where the solar plexus is, it’s usually good. So beam says taken in-breath. And then on the out-breath, imagine that the Arrow in the front goes upwards, turns into a vertical position going upwards and goes to the sky. And on the, um, on the back Arrow on the out-breath goes down.

So it’s almost like as you breathe in, these two hours come out like this, right? And then as you breathe out, this front arrow from the chest goes up and the back Arrow from the shoulders goes down. Okay? So if this is your body, one is going like this and one Arrow is going like this, not, not where your central access is a little ahead and a little, okay? So get a little hang of that, practice it before you move on. Because otherwise, you know, all these steps are going to get hit and get confused.

Okay? So the last step before we actually put the whole technique together, uh, you have to activate the plate. So once you have these energy flows going, activate the plate, and when you’re activating the plate, the plate rises, right? This is your body and this is the plate hanging from your neck to your shoulders.

You feel the plate kind of. You can imagine it in the beginning. If you really can’t feel it, the plate rises to an angle from your spine. You’ll see the visual on the screen right here of the plate, and then as it goes up, right, like focus your attention on the, at the end of the plate and then when you breathe out, both the energy flows are going to be activated. So with the plate, with the sensation of the plate, you’re keeping it there right now, go back to the previous energy flows.

One is going from going up from the front of your body and one is going down from the back of your body. Okay? Just to repeat myself, the energy flow that is going up is from the front of your body, from your chest. The energy flow that is going down is from the back of your body, from your back, from your shoulders.

You can say, okay, so when you breathe out, while you’ve activated the plate, both of these energy currents get activated and you simply just visualize the future that you want while feeling these energy flows. And you can say something to yourself like, my intention is being realized. So Vadim says that you don’t necessarily have to feel these energy currents, right? Like you might want to feel them and like them actually happening, but you’re not.

You don’t necessarily have to feel them in order for them to actually happen. They are happening regardless. This is what we call in yoga culture a your energy body, okay. And by you just using the power of your intention to imagine these energy occurrence going up and down and activating the flow of energy in your body, it is already occurring. And beams has that right here. He said, simply get the energy going and then let the flow continue moving through throughout your body of its own accord.

It’s already happening. You don’t have to worry about like, oh, I can’t feel it. I can’t feel it. Don’t worry. The sensation of it will deepen over time. But you have to also become more mindful of it. If you’re doing this technique all the time while just like lost in thoughts of your job, of your kids, of like all the things that are going on in your life, then you’re not really doing it with concentration and you can’t expect to get better at it.

But if you do it with concentration and you’re actually like wholeheartedly committing yourself to this day by day, you will start to like gain a better feel of your energy body itself of these descending and ascending currents. Okay, so in the beginning stages, if you can’t feel it, if you can’t even feel the plate, it’s okay. But just move on with it over time and you know, trust in the process and stay committed to the process.

Okay, so now let’s put the whole technique together and go through it step by step. Step one is take an in breath, OK. And on the out-breath, imagine the Arrow moving at an angle away from your spine. So this is what he’s basically referring to your plate. So the plate rises that the visual will be on the screen. Again, imagine this plate kind of rising, okay. An angle away from your spine. So now the plate is activated.

Step two is without letting go, the sensation of the plate compose a picture of your reality. So visualize, you know, among all of these energy currents and flows and whatnot, it can get easy to completely forget about visualizing, visualizing with concentration, which is why I say if this is too complicated for you, just stick with the main one, but okay, step two without letting go of the plate, a sensation of the plate, compose a picture of your reality.

At the same time, make sure that you are breathing freely. Again, if you notice yourself tensing up, just like Ugh, and then breathe freely, okay, release all tension. You don’t want any tension during this exercise because right now we’re trying to activate outer intention. When you’re tense, your muscles are tense, it’s all inner intention and your energy is constricted. So just let loose, let the energy flow.

Now step three without losing the sense of the plate, right? Take an in-breath and on the out-breath sharply send the Arrow into a vertical downward position. So the plate send it a little downward position. And what this does is it triggers the energy flows. So in the beginning, the plate, which again you’ll see on the screen, right, that the plate rises and you activate your vision, you visualize your desired and goal, your desired frame of reality.

Once your doing. So afterwards for step three, the plate kind of goes down and as it goes down on the out-breath, both the energy flows, one from in front of your chest and one from your back, both get activated. Does that make sense? If any questions, put them in the comment section below.

I’ll read that one more time without losing the sense of the plate. Take an inbreath and on the out-breath sharply send the Arrow. When he says the Arrow is, he’s talking about the plate sharply. Send the plate into a vertical downward position triggering both energy flows. So one goes up, one goes down from the back, and now step forward, staying aware of the movement of the rising and the descending energy flows. Say the following thought from a thought form quietly to yourself or even out loud. My intention is being realized.

Okay. So that my friend is the advanced plate technique. Um, let me know if you think this is too advanced or cause I actually just favor to participate in the first one. Just practice the first one. But just to go over again with you like the four steps. Number one, activate the plate.

Number two, visualize your future number three. Plate goes down as it goes down on the out-breath, both the energy current go, um, get both the energy currents get activated, one goes up from your chest, one goes back down into a vertical position, um, downwards from your back.

Okay. And then four, simply just my intention is being realized while keeping the sensation of the plate while keeping the sensation of the energy flows. So if it sounds complicated, it can come to you over, over time. With practice these things, you have to build a certain subtle.

Um, you have to build a certain sensitivity to in the beginning, your mind is going to want to reject the fact that any of this even exists. It’s, it doesn’t want to know about the energy body. It only cares about the physical body. But over time you can really sensitize yourself to feel these things. And actually on a general basis to after just practicing these energy flows up and down, you can really start to feel a greater flow of energy in your body. And that’s what the visual is for.

So practice with practice, with your central access, access up and down, breathing up, the energy goes up, breathing down, energy goes down, and then you can start to do this plate technique, but over time you will get it. Um, but if you just have no desire to do this, you don’t have to complicate your life. Just do the main one in the earlier on in the book. All right, so I hope you found that helpful.

If you did, give me a thumbs up and share this technique with someone who would also find it really helpful. If you haven’t even seen part one of this video, the less complicated one somewhere, click somewhere on the screen and watch it right now, but other than that, subscribe to this channel and I will see you in the next video.

September 18, 2019

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