Sri Ramana Maharshi – Who Am I (Explained)

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What’s up, Sonny here. Today’s video is very special to me. Uh, we’re going to be discussing tree ramen has self-inquiry method of who am I. And um, this video in particular is going to be a little deeper than the other ones on my channel, away from the manifestation stuff and towards more of this self-realization teachings.

So if you love that deeper awareness stuff, you’re going to love this video. However, if you’re usually watching my channel for the manifestation and create your own reality content, stick around and challenge yourself with this video. Not only will it give you a greater sense of self and deepen your awareness, but also that will help you with your manifestations and creating the type of life that you do want. Okay? So let’s get right into it. I’m discussing Sri Raman and Marie. She’s, who am I?

So I got the book right here and um, I’ve been practicing the method for a couple of weeks now. I came across this method right about when I was about to go on my meditation retreat just a couple of days before I got this urge to um, I just came across a lot of Sri Ramen and stuff and I ordered two of his books.

One is who am I? This one and the other one is B as you are. And during my meditator meditation retreat, um, those are the two books that I was learning that I was reading. And while I was reading those two books, I came across the self inquiry method. Let me explain to you what the self inquiry method is, how it leads to the self, the realization of self. And I’ll explain the tree ramen as explanation behind the method and why it’s so effective and why it’s the direct path to self-realization.

So the self inquiry method urges you to ask the question, who am I? It is a question that you have to address inward. It is not something you ask other people. It’s something that you ask within who am I? And focus on that sense of I, when you say I write, what is that sensation?

What does that feeling that you get when you say I am sunny or you say I am going to the supermarket, you know, before being sunny or before going to the supermarket, you say, I, what does that sense of I? What is that, that sensation that you feel focus on that eye and ask yourself, who is that I, who am I? And you simply just hold that sensation for as long as possible. And what you’ll notice is that when you’re really focused on that sense of I, there are no thoughts.

And when thoughts rushed back in, she Romena said to ask the second question, which is to whom do these thoughts arise? And as soon as you ask yourself that, you’re usually like, Aye, they arise to me. So who am I? And then divert right back to that sense of eye and hold that sense of I for as long as you can until thoughts come back in and to whom do these thoughts arise. So the method of self-inquiry urges you to focus on the sense of I as much as possible and she, Ramona said that this eventually leads to the direct recognition of self.

The eye is the door through which you can transcend the mind and you can divert the mind back into word. Right now the mind is outward. It is just all just scattered thinking and that’s the mind outward which projects a sense of an outside world but when the mind goes starts to go inward, it just goes back to its source which is the self and the way back to that source.

The direct path is through the self inquiry method. Focusing on the eye through, I’m going to set that the sense of I is at the root of every single thought first he said that the mind is nothing other than thoughts. There is no separate entity somewhere within thinking thoughts.

The mind is thoughts and at the root of every single one of those thoughts is the eye because every single thought is always about a subject object relationship. Every single time you think of something you are thinking of something, you are thinking of an object and for the purpose of this um, video, consider everything in reality an object, people, ideas, everything.

So when you are thinking of something, the content of your thought is always an object to which you are the subject. Before the object can exist, you have to exist the sense of an individual I has to exist only then can there be a thought of an object which is separate from you.

So sure I’m going to said that thoughts are what create this sense of separation between everything. All that is whereas the self is on separated undifferentiated. It just is. It is all. But when the mind goes from the source outwards and it’s constantly turned outwards, meaning when you’re constantly thinking that is when the sense of separation continues to perpetuate itself because thoughts require a sense of I and individual I that is separate from the rest of the world, from the rest of existence. And every single thought creates a subject object relationship.

And the more you think, the more the sense of separation is going to take over your life. Whereas the more you inquire within, turn the mind back within onto itself, back to source, the more the sense of separation will fade away and the mind will simply turn it inward and dissolve into its source, which is the self. And that is the recognition of self. What people call enlightenment, self-realization.

Sri Raman has said that this sense of I, the sense of an individual separated entity that you believe yourself to be what we call the ego, the sense of I is a complete illusion. It is a projection within the self. It has no actual substance. It actually has no existence of its own. It’s an entire illusion. And this illusion will continue to remain an illusion and continue to control your entire life.

If it goes unquestioned. So this illusion remains because you do not question it, but once you begin to question it through inquiring within, who am I? Who is that I, when I say that I, when I feel that sense of I what actually is that? Who is that?

She Ramina says that the more you will inquire within, the more you will realize that this eye does not exist. And so I’ve been experimenting a lot with this. I’ve been doing this method a lot and obviously I’ve just recently started doing it. So, uh, I’m excited to kind of share the experience with you as I go onto my journey. But it’s, it’s so true. You know, like when we say I and we refer to ourselves, right? Like I’m sunny or, and you like create this sort of like an internal ego that you think of yourself as.

It’s like, where is that? You know, who even is that? Where is its, it has no existence. And the more you do this method and the more you focus on that sense of eye, the more you begin to create the separation between that. Just clear awareness and the thoughts that arise within it.

And the sense of thoughts are, I mean, the actual thoughts, right? That arise are what creates this sense of I are what’s what creates this ongoing belief in an identity that is not the self.

And so I’m experientially feeling this more and more where I constantly create the separation and I’m just, you know, really doubling down on feeling bi, just focusing on the eye every single time I kind of get frustrated throughout the day or like you know, like maybe it’s a busy day, I’m just like, oh my God, I’m not focusing on the I, I’m too much into thoughts. My mind is too gone outwards. [inaudible]

So she, Robin has said that when the mind is turned inward and it’s within source, right? That’s when it feels true happiness because the nature of self is happiness. Whereas when the mind is turned outwards, when there’s constant thought activity, when it’s constantly chasing in the external world, that is actually when there is a sense of the external world, the mind turn outwards is what creates the sense of external world and that is what keeps you going away from your natural happiness and so the happiness that you truly desire is actually who you are as self.

But to get glimpses of this happiness when the mind is turned outwards, it constantly chases that happiness with an external things. Whereas when the mind does achieve something in the extra real reality, when it does attain something, it naturally goes back into its source and experiences. The happiness that is the self happiness does not lie in any object of the world.

She Romena said happiness comes from within. Happiness is who you are and when you even achieve something and be somewhat of the illusion of the external world, the mind diverts back inward and experiences the happiness that is the self. This was another game changer for me. Like we spend all our time chasing things in this external world. She and said that the external world is an illusion, not at like an illusion where if I get punched in the face on we’ll feel it, but in an illusion, in a sense where it has no real existence.

The only thing that exists is the self and everything else is just projections within it. Created by a mind turned outward and the only way to experience true happiness and the only way for you to realize the self and realize that the world is an illusion. She Romena said, you have to turn the mind inward.

How? By asking the question, who am I questioning the existence of the isense, which lies at the root of every single thought and what are thoughts? They are the mind. Each single thought is what is the, this is what comprises the mind. So all you have to start doing is asking yourself who am I? And really just focusing on that inward sense of I and holding that for as much as possible, consciously, attentively, intentfully focusing on the eye.

The more your focus goes from external world to the sense of eyes, the more the mind is going inward and will start to experience the nature of the self. The more it will start to dissolve within the self itself. The self starts to pull the mind backwards. She Romena said, the more you do this. And so the last, you know, the last challenge I want to share with you regarding this principle is when I came across this teaching, this really, you know, focusing on the I and really holding that sense throughout the day is difficult when you’re in these worldly affairs.

You know, when you’re trying to do better in your business or you’re chasing your goals. And so it really made me think, you know, I’m doing so much and taking so much action chasing happiness, which I didn’t know before, chasing happiness and all these things that I’m doing, whereas the real happiness is within. And so when I came from my meditation retreat, when I came back home, I really went through a phase where I was like, I have no idea what to do. I have no idea what to focus on. You know, if true happiness lies within.

And the way to realize the self is to let go focus on external things and focus on the eye itself. You know, like what do I even do? What do I even do now? What, what goal do I go for? So I was going through this phase where I really didn’t know what to focus on, really didn’t know you know anything and I’m still kind of sort of going through that phase. Whereas I’m now trying to find my balance between maintaining this awareness of I while doing things in the external world obviously but doing things only through my calling rather than chasing external goals because I think that that’s where happiness lies.

Just doing only those things that are coming from my calling. And recently I came across this um quote that said, your calling is something that you live from. It is not something that you move towards. And that really like connected with me because that showed me that you know, calling is something that you live through moment by moment.

It is that clear transparent you which is manifesting you the vision into like its own version of basically the vision the self is manifesting itself through you and you are this clear mirror that allows the infinite intelligence to just flow through you and manifest whatever it is trying to manifest. Whatever your unique expression is. So the less mind that there is distorting that process, the better. And so recently I’ve been trying to find a balance between, you know, inward and outward between focusing entirely on the eye and actually focusing on external world.

So I’m trying to find my own balance with it. It has definitely been difficult and there were some days where I’m like, damn, do I just stop going for everything in the external world? Do I just like let go of all my goals or anything? And also there’s like a restructuring of the goals, like certain things that I was chasing before.

Now I’m just like, my only goal should be to live through my calling and allow whatever needs to manifest through me to manifest while I stay focused on the I, so interesting process. I’m really enjoying it. It is a little bit scary, not gonna lie, but hey, that’s what like makes life exciting. Right? Um, but um, living more through inspiration now, um, even more eager to deepen my awareness and also on the other hand, to manifest more of my own calling. Um, and just really just w dissolve this I more and more and I’m just enjoying the process.

But that is all I have for this video. I hope you enjoyed it. Um, I know it’s a little deeper. If you’re hanging on right now, you’re definitely one of like the core personal mastery requests. People who really like love the awareness stuff and I really commend you for that because all in all, at least in my opinion, this is way more important when you can try to find excitement with the mind going inward and you really liked that resonates with you, that content resonates with you, you know you’re on the right path and you know that that where your true happiness lies.

That is what is ultimately more important than a lot of this worldly stuff, creating own reality and everything. Like that’s amazing that empowerment is amazing. But ultimately you have to go from strong ego to no ego. And these teachings are very powerful and they are what ultimately reveal to you your true nature.

You know, why live an entire life where you don’t even know who you actually are, where you think you are, this body and mind, and then you die. Why not in this lifetime actually realize your true nature? So let’s continue this journey together.

Let’s continue this personal mastery quest. If you want more videos like this, and if you are the one of the per people that is watching this till the end, please let me know in the comment section below. I’d love to know, um, who stays till the end and who’s actually watching this. So have a great day. I will see you the next video. Subscribe to this channel. Okay, thank you.

September 19, 2019

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