How To Heal Yourself With Reality Transurfing

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In today’s video, I’m going to be sharing with you how to heal yourself with Reality Trans Surfing. I’m going to be giving you three very easy to implement and very practical reality trends, surfing techniques that you can start using right now in order to start seeing this healing effect on your body day to day.

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So you know, it’s a resource in that course, but I’m giving it away for free here. Uh, if you want to win it, make sure to comment down below I n and give this video a thumbs up for right now, let’s get into how to heal yourself with reality trends surfing.

Before we get into the three steps, right? I want you to ask yourself and be completely honest. Do you actually believe that you can heal yourself? Do you actually believe that the body has the capacity to heal itself? Do you believe that your body, you have the capacity to heal yourself? Because you may have a, have a belief that yes, it is possible for the body to heal itself, but when it comes to you, you may have a limiting belief that, oh, that stuff doesn’t really work for me.

Natural healing works for other people, but not really for me. See, if you have that deep rooted belief somewhere, because in order to move forward with this and in order to heal your body with these natural principles, by allowing lining yourself to natural law through these reality tread surfing techniques, right? In order for that to happen, you have to convince yourself that it is possible.

You have to move forward with action, with the firm conviction that that is exactly what is going to happen, that you will heal yourself. Okay. Cause this is one main thing that I was missing on my healing journey. So a couple of years back when I suffered a spine injury, which I really like went through for a couple of years where I just could not find any treatment that Bob brought me any relief, right? And I was really suffering throughout those years and I remember that I kept trying on new medical procedures and many of them new techniques, but I always went into those, um, healing methods with the belief that it’s probably not going to work.

And I realize over a long period of time that that belief was the main thing that was actually preventing my son three preventing me from healing the belief that I couldn’t heal. So one of the main major, um, mindset shifts that really occurred to me when I was starting to read and Reality Trend Surfing and applying these techniques to my healing process was before even getting into the action to heal myself.

Right. The main healing happens in just shifting this one belief around that, yes, I can heal. Not only is it possible, but it is likely that I will heal. Okay, so before we go forward with the video, create that belief for yourself, how to create it. Simply just affirm it right now. It is true right now, practice and going forward.

It’s going to become a belief for you if you practice it going forward, okay, so make sure to not fall for that trap like I did. Create that belief right now. Now step one on how to heal yourself. Step one is all about self acceptance right now. Whatever your body looks like right now, however much pain you’re in right now, however bad the diseases that you maybe have, it doesn’t matter how bad the condition is, you have to first come to acceptance of that condition.

Acceptance is very different from tolerance. I’m not asking you to tolerate your illness. I’m simply asking you to accept that it is the way that it is. We’re not tolerating and accepting the life situation. We’re simply accepting the illness that it has occurred and that this is it right now and this is what I’m experiencing right now and that’s completely okay.

See, the more you resist against your illness, the more you will continue to manifest a reality, a lifeline on which an illness exists or that same illness exists. How can you ever expect to manifest a reality in which you are healthy in which you are? Well, if you yourself are constantly radiating energy at the frequency of denial, resistance, self-loathing, self-hate, nonacceptance, it’s literally impossible when you are in that mode of nonacceptance, you can never become a vibrational match to natural healing. You can never become a vibrational match to love, to wellbeing.

So if you want to set yourself up to be manifesting a better reality and a better reality and a better reality in the next moment and the next moment and the next moment, right now, learn to accept what currently is. Again, this was a major shift for me because throughout my healing journey, I was constantly rejecting my body.

I was constantly rejecting the pain I was resisting. I was trying to avoid it, run away from it, but that very resistance is what keeps you binded to it and once you start just accepting, once you stop resisting what currently is, it’s almost like it loses its hold over you or almost like you let go of it’s control of its hold you. You thought the illness was clinging onto you but actually you are clinging onto the eldest with your resistance and once you ease their resistance, now energies finally starts to flow into your life, into your body, into your illness.

I’ll repeat myself one last time. You can never expect to manifest a reality in which you are healthy if you are constantly radiating energy at the frequency of nonacceptance of self-hate. Okay, so this is the preliminary step.

That’s why step number one now after you have accepted yourself, step number two is connect to a self, a version of you that as well or that was well you can even connect to a past self in which you experienced wellbeing. Here it is very important. What we’re doing here is we are energetically connecting you to a version of you that is experiencing what you want to be experiencing right now. We are flowing attention.

To a version of you that is well, that is not even experiencing an illness that is not even having these thoughts of how do I get better? And then through intention, through visualizing our self in that version of ourselves, you are going within that reality and you are now downloading the information that you need, the energetic information that you need in order to start manifesting more and more of that and less and less of your current self.

So it’s almost like the conventional approach to healing and becoming better is like avoiding illness, running away from illness, healing illness. Whereas the Reality Trans Surfing Trend Surfing approach is all about acceptance of illness, but then not focusing on the illness or trying to get rid of the illness, but rather focusing on on well-being. Focusing on a version of you that doesn’t even have any thoughts about healing himself or herself. Because when you are well, when you are thriving, there is no thought about, oh, you know, I have to heal myself or I have to do this, this, and this.

So quickly connect to that version of you. We’re going to take action on this. Don’t worry. But first you have to connect to that version of you where you are just well and you have to spend at least 15 minutes every single day connecting to that version of you and just dwelling in the thoughts of the version of you that doesn’t even have an illness.

So be very careful here when you’re visualizing that version of you just visualize life as it would be. Like if you didn’t even have this illness. Maybe, maybe you’d be like going to six flags, maybe it would be going to Disneyland, maybe you’d be going to the movies, maybe you’d be working on your business, whatever it may be. Maybe it’d be like running a mile every single day. Whatever it is, whatever you’d be doing. Think those thoughts. Think those thoughts where you’ve already healed.

Um, there’s nothing to heal anymore. You’re well and you’re thriving. Connect to that version of you because that literally will start to direct the flow of life events towards that version of you. Right now, it literally, the chain starts happening instantly if you connect to that version of yourself. Okay, so practice this now, step three is where we come to action.

It’s great and all that. You’re connecting to that version of yourself, right? And that’s gonna do wonders for you because now your thoughts are less about illness and more about a version of you that is already, well, notice I didn’t say thoughts of healing. You don’t need necessarily thoughts of healing. You need thoughts of a version of you that is not even experiencing illness, and that is what caused causes that change. That is what creates less illness and more well-being. Thoughts of healing just create more illness because in thoughts of healing, there’s illness present.

Does that make sense? So just thoughts dwell in thoughts of well-being where illness is not even present, elicit, not even a concept in your mind that you’re concerned about. And then step three is to follow that up with action. Okay, here is where you can focus on healing, right? I’m not telling you to not focus on healing at all.

I’m telling you to focus on healing only in the third step where now you are actually actively seeking some sort of treatment. And this treatment can be anything. It could be, you know, IRA, that it could be a Reiki, it could be actual like surgery, it could be anything. Whatever you feel is calling you. There will always be some sort of like therapy or a healing process or whatever it may be that is kind of calling you more than the other methods. You most likely always know what certain steps you need to be taking to heal.

You always know what some sort of action that you should be taking every single day to move towards the healthy direction. So whatever that is for you. Right? For me, it was in the beginning it was running every single day. For me it was also a yoga at a certain point in my journey and it still is. That’s something that stuck with me.

Um, it was also IRA though. And so he’s like, you have to see what, what calls to you, what healing method is calling your name and now follow your vision of wellbeing with action. Take action every single day with the conscious intention that this is creating that reality of wellbeing for you moment by moment as you move towards it, as you take action. So yes, you know, if you feel like exercise is going to help you get better exercise every single day. If you believe that, oh, I should avoid these sorts of foods, avoid those foods. This is where you have to get real with yourself and like this is where you are.

The more the more willingness you have to take action, right? The more you are actually all in. I’ve noticed that most people who say that they’re all in, but then when it comes to taking action, they just like kind of sit around and they don’t feel like it. That unwillingness to take action on your healing on your goal just shows you how much you’re not actually all in.

It just shows you how much you actually don’t want to heal. It shows you how much you’re comfortable staying with the pain. That’s what tolerances you’re currently not accepting your pain, but you’re tolerating it. And that’s what makes you just stay wherever you’re staying. What I’m telling you is accept your pain and be free from it, but don’t tolerate it. Don’t tolerate this state if you don’t enjoy it, if this is not what well-being is for you.

So when it comes time to take action, that is when it shows how willing you actually are to be. Well again, and I remember in the beginning of my process, right when I had to do a lot of like the therapy and like the yoga and like the daily, like the food changes and there’s the lifestyle change. You know, there was so much resistance.

There was like, oh my God, I really have to do all this. I’m going to have to create all these changes. And that showed me I was unconscious to it at the time, but it showed me and it showed the person that was helping me with the healing, how unwilling I was to actually get better, how I valued my current just day to day living more than the reality that I was trying to manifest, how I was just tolerating.

I was okay with tolerating my pain rather than being well. So here comes where you have to take action. So whatever that is for you, start taking action on it. And what that will do is right when you take action, it will unfold to you a greater vision of your self being well because that little bit of action is also going to produce some feelings of like good feelings, um, some feelings of wellness, which will make it easier for you to connect to that version of you that as well, which will then further like, you know, just create a better, um, attitude of healing, better thoughts of just constantly being well and then further it’s going to be followed up with more action. This is a cycle that completely flows on itself. You just got to feed it a little bit into in the primary stages.

Okay, so this is something that you have to prioritize. This is something that has to become your greatest goal. Just to summarize the three steps is number one, give up the battle with yourself. Accept Yourself, accept your pain. Don’t tolerate it, accept it.

Be Free From It. Number two, connect to a version of you that is already, well, not thoughts of healing, but rather dwell in thoughts of well-being, where illness is not even present. And step three is take action towards it. Seek treatment. Do what it takes on a physical level, on a day to day level to get better.

And this will become a loop where it will breed more self acceptance, which will breed more thoughts of well-being, which will breed more action. You know, people will come into your life, new treatment methods will come into your life. Whatever you need for your healing won’t make its way into your life if you just start moving towards it with the firm conviction.

This is prerequisite, right? The firm conviction that it is not only possible that you will get better, but it is actually highly likely that it will happen. So that’s all I have for this video. Again, if you want to, when the reality trend surfing cheat sheet, comment down below, I am.

If you want to learn the entire process of reality, Trans Surfing easily, not without having to read the entire book, and you want to read it, uh, and you want to learn it through my perspective and role in my reality trends surfing course below, people are having transformational results with it. People are loving the course. Make sure to check it out. Okay. Other than that, subscribe to this channel and I will see you in the next video.

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