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All the while you’re on the journey to your desire, right to your goal and you’re in a state of neediness, you’re in a state of desire, you’re in a state of like, why isn’t it happening? Yet you are weighing down the energy of intention. Intention is what manifests anything and while you’re in that state, you are lowering the power of your own very intention and getting in your way of manifesting your desired reality. So in today’s video, the thing that we’re going to discuss is that how to not do this, how to live in a way and approach your goal in a way where you are purifying your intention and releasing the energy of intention to actually manifest what you want into your life. Let’s get right into it.

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Okay. I’ll just make sure to check back if I replied to your comment or not. But let’s get right into the video today. I want to discuss the stages of the manifestation that as Vadim describes it in reality, Transurfing and how to purify your intention, how to release the energy of intention so that what you’re trying to bring into your life can finally happen. So a, I was actually reading the book the other day because I’m constantly just going back to the book and reading it to refresh my knowledge every time I do.

So I find new things. Has this been the case for you? I’m like, you know, every single time you go back to the book, you just like realized something new. Let me know if that’s the case for you because I find that to be true every single time I reread reality Transurfing.

But, um, the page that I was reading the other day, it was all about Vadim describing the stages of going from just desire to manifestation. And he described stage one as, so this is different from my three stages of manifestation. This is, um, he, he describes the first stage as being afraid of your desire. You know, you think of something that you really want, maybe this like your big dream and instantly the feelings that come up are fear. Um, I don’t know if I’m good enough. Um, it’s too much for me. This just seems too amazing.

This never happened. So it’s a lot of inhibition. It’s a lot of fear and you never know, like you don’t think that you’ll be able to fill those shoes of your dream life. And so you move to stage two.

Eventually when you’re like, let’s just say you’re working on your desire and you move to stage two, where you start to believe it’s a little possible. You know, you get this feeling of lightness. You have this feeling of like you go from not as possible at all to believing in the possibility of it.

You’re like, okay, this may be a possibility in this lifetime. And then you continue to work on it. You continue to do the energetic work and visualizations and what not. And then you come to phase three, which is your dream. The idea of your dream feels ordinary. Okay. And I’m going to read you a quote.

I got my book right here. I have this big ass book, but I’m going to read you a cook straight from this page. So the third stage of ordinariness, okay. Because you are constantly turning the target slide around in your mind. You think yourself into its context and gradually everything in the slide starts to become ordinary. The slide is based on a film role of importance. All the time that you desire doubt and puzzle over the means the will to have is standing on a shaky foundation as soon as importance dissolves the will to have gains power.

And that’s that line that was connected with me that I, you know, just uh, opened my eyes completely. As soon as importance dissolves the will to have intention gains power. That is powerful. Just Kinda, even if you have to pause the video right now, just to Kinda contemplate that a little bit, do so, but that’s where we’re going to be discussing right now. What does it mean as soon as the importance dissolves to zero, that is when the will to have gains power. And that has, when things manifest.

So the three phase is over here as described by the deem right are all about going from desire to manifestation. When you start off, there’s so much desire, so much importance and then importance. We’re, we’re really talking about there’s two types in their importance and outer importance. And their importance is always when you’re just coming up with a big desire, it’s like, I’m not good enough.

I don’t know if I’m worthy of this, my past experiences, you know, show me that I’m not worthy of this and I don’t have what it takes. It’s not something maybe you think on the surface, but it’s something that you believe deep down. That’s why those feeling of inhibitions even come up and then out or importance is, this is amazing. You know, you putting it on a pedestal, you’re like $1 million a year. Oh my God. No way that’s going to happen.

That’s too, that’s only for select few people. That’s crazy. Okay, so you see there’s like those two things, those two importances. One is you’re not thinking you’re worthy to is that your goal is to amazing for it to be true. These are the two things that keep your intention from being realized and this is the importance that we are trying to dissolve in order to release the energy of intention so that manifestation occurs and so how do we do this at all? I’m going to be honest with you.

This is not something that happens instantly and you should stop trying to make it happen instantly. Okay? Just to give you an example, you know when I had just thought of starting an online business, okay, I’ll give you, I’ll give you my example of my journey throughout these three phases. When I had just started thinking of starting an online business when I was just in college, my last semester in college, I thought I was going to be like some crazy thing.

I was like, I don’t know if I’m good enough. Like I don’t know if I have what it takes, you know, starting an online business. Scary. I don’t know if I’m going to get supported. And so it was, I was in that first phase where it seemed out of my reach. Then I started moving into that second phase when I finally made some money online.

I remember it was through affiliate marketing on Ebay. I made 97 cents. And um, I remember, I still remember that day cause I like showed my friend and whatnot. Um, and then I was like, okay, maybe this is possible. You know, I started to move towards that. I started to open my mind up to the idea that this is possible. And then eventually third phase when I, you know, kept working on it, kept like doing the work, kept working on myself.

Eventually what happened, you know, I started making more and more sales and started making more, um, money online and then it became ordinary to the point where, you know, like once I started making a certain amount of money online, it was just ordinary to me. Now it’s was like, okay, now I just have an online business and that was it.

That’s a manifestation. So it’s not something like I want you to get out of your head where you’re thinking, okay, I’m gonna dissolve all my importance right here, right now, and then I’m going to have my manifestation tomorrow. That’s not how it happens. The only way to get rid of importance is through a process is through a phase.

Even in my coaching program, the Accelerated Reality Coaching program, I walked people through this process of like, how to, you know, move through this process while keep it like constantly dissolving your importance so that what you want can come into your life faster.

And like that requires a whole reprogramming process that requires you to constantly keep taking action on your goals. That requires you to do the energetic work, to deepen your awareness, to come at this process from a higher level of consciousness. So, you know, it’s not something that just like, oh, how do I drop importance? Here you go. Oh, okay, thank you. It’s not like that. And so, uh, I just, I’m making this clear to you because a lot of people including me, you know, used to think this, I used to think that and a lot of people still do where it’s like, oh, there’s one fix and you won’t find anything important anymore.

It is possible. However, it is not likely for at least most of us living like in 2019 and like, uh, you know, the world that we live in today. So how do you reduce importance? You have to do it by two things. One, doing the consciousness work, doing the energetic work, okay. And we’re talking about that and to taking action. These, these two things together as you do them every single day, you will go from stage one where you don’t think as possible to stage three when your dream becomes ordinary. And that’s when it just starts to occur.

And it’s almost like when you get to that third phase, you, even when it does happen, you don’t go like, oh my God, it happened. It’s just like, obviously that was the next step. And I’m sure if you’ve heard Abraham Hicks like a lot in the past before Reality Show and surfing, she said this all the time. You know that when it does happen, it will be almost like, obviously that was the next step. And so in order to get there, you need to stop hoping, stop wanting, and simply start the process of doing and getting it. Okay? So I want you to ask yourself right now what it is that you do want. You know, what is the goal that you do want?

So once you have that in your mind, right, you have to start now doing the consciousness work, the inner work. So this is a combination of number one meditation and number two visualization. It goes in infinite depths. But for the purpose of this video, we’re just going to just, um, talk about the two basic ones, the two basic principles. So meditation is highly recommend if you do want to live in a detached manner, if you want to ever be able to reduce importance, meditate, meditate for at least 15 minutes a day.

Just total disengagement from everything. In these 15 minutes, close your eyes, sit down. You can put some music on whatnot. No guided meditation. Simply either sit in silence or put some binaural beats on some music, on whatever, right? Nothing with words, and in these 15 minutes you are going to completely disengage, disengaged from all thoughts like don’t, don’t entertain any thoughts, any time thoughts.

Enter your awareness. Let them go and recognize what remains. You’re going to let go all thoughts constantly. You’re going to forget who you are, what your name is, who your family is, what your children look like, what your job is. It might be scary, but don’t worry, they’ll still be there when you come out of meditation, but for 15 minutes you’re gonna let go of everything full on disengagement until you become nothing, until your awareness is just blank.

There’s nothing there and this might seem pointless yet. This is the key to all of the manifestations that you’ve been hoping and wanting. That blank awareness is that the which everything comes forth and you neglecting this really important practice is what is leading you to chase short term solutions and wanting quick fixes for manifestation or whatnot. If you really want to create your own reality, this is a crucial step.

There’s the foundation that you need to build. So again, 15 minutes full on disengagement from everything. If you have any questions about this particular step, put them in the comment section below. I’m always happy to answer questions on meditation. Now. Number two, what it is that you do want, right? Start visualizing you already having it. I have a whole playlist on visualizations.

Um, make sure to check that out after the, after you watch this video. But you want to visualize yourself already living in the reality where what you want is an ordinary part of your life. So if you want a brand new motorcycle or something like that because you love to ride motorcycles, visualize yourself living a life where you already have that dream motorcycle. You’re already writing it down the highway. That could be your slide where you’re just like driving your dream motorcycle down the highway, feeling amazing.

But at the same time, it’s ordinary because this is just your motorcycle and you’ve already, you already had this, you, you’ve had this for awhile. You see like it doesn’t matter if you have the nicest car, right? You could have, I could manifest a Ferrari today, but I know in a month of me having that Ferrari, it’s just going to become so regular that I don’t think twice about, oh my God, I have a Ferrari in my driveway. Okay, so you want to start bringing that sense of ordinariness into your visualizations.

And this doesn’t have to happen instantly in the beginning when you visualize what you want and you visualize yourself already having it, you might think, oh my God is so amazing. This is so amazing. But once you keep running, that targets light in your mind every single day while taking action towards that desire.

Over time. The idea of having that is just going to become ordinary. Like the idea of me having an online businesses became ordinary and then it just became a reality.

Okay? So you want to visualize yourself already living that life already having that thing that you want and it being an ordinary part of your life. Now that concludes the energetic work in a, on a basic level. Now what you’re going to have to do is follow that up with action. So start thinking about what action can you start putting forth? Two words, getting that dream motorcycle.

Do you have to pick up five extra shifts at work this week? Do you have to create an online like side business? Um, can you enter a lottery like um, system for winning a motorcycle, whatever it may be. You always have some sort of hunch on what it is that you could be doing to move towards that goal of yours.

So for this particular one, like whatever you think is going to get you the motorcycle, just start putting that in place every single day and start moving towards it. Start taking that action through that action. Better opportunities or more ways of you actually manifesting that motor motorcycle will come to you, but they cannot come to you unless you’ve started the process by taking action right now.

And actually when you’re actually visualizing and you know, making that dream seem kind of ordinary in your mind, naturally the means to achieve your goal will present themselves to you. And when they do, what you need to do is take action. This is so crucial. Action, action, action in a good state of course, but you do have to take action because action is what unfolds further steps in your journey. It’s what creates this pro like action is a part of creation.

So don’t run away from action. Do the energetic work, but then follow it up with action. Okay? And then third bonus stuff for you. You have to start working on yourself. Start to improve yourself in any way that you can. This is not about comparing yourself to other people. There’s not about thinking that you are weak or whatnot, but everybody can become better at anything and anything that you desire. If you want to be better, physically, be better, physically, mentally, anything, work on yourself.

Once you do these three things right, like do the energetic work, working on your goals by taking concrete steps every single day towards it, and then three, doing something to improve yourself every single day. Even if it’s like reading a book, something you will naturally just start to move towards your desire. You will move through these three phases of manifestation and your importance levels will start to dissolve and you will start to believe more and more that what you want is just a natural next step that is about to happen.

That is about to happen and you’re not even obsessing so much over it because you are just having fun in the journey. Your attention is occupied by occurred, step that you’re taking towards that goal. You’re current, your attention is currently occupied by becoming better, you know, so importance is not just dissolved like this.

You can just let it go right away. If you had that sort of meditative detachment, which you can build through meditation, but and also for the purpose of this video, we’re going to just say that importance cannot be dissolved just like this. It has to dissolve over time, through a process where you become someone different. Essentially you manifest a different version of yourself that is worthy of a reality that corresponds with that version of yourself. Yes, you are worthy ultimately right now of anything you desire. However, the character that you have manifested right now, the version of you that you have manifested right now is not how do I know that?

Because the version of you that is manifested right now is experiencing the reality that it deserves. Now, the version of you that you want to manifest, that you need to manifest is going to come with a corresponding reality that that version of you deserves, that that version of you is energetically resonating with.

So that’s what happens through this process, through these three phases, until importance really dissolved into zero. Until there is no sort of, I’m not good enough and there’s no sort of, that’s too amazing for me. Okay. And when it does, energy of intention is released, your, your intention is literally like more powerful and it starts to manifest what you want at a faster pace. So yes, this has to be done through a process, but it doesn’t mean that it can’t be done fast. I was about to snap my fingers. No, it doesn’t happen this fast.

But there’s, it doesn’t mean that it can’t happen fast. It can happen faster for you if you do all these three things. Okay? So that is all I have for this video. I hope you enjoyed it. Give it a thumbs up if you did a, just want to make an announcement that I have two spots remaining for September in my coaching program where you literally learn how to do this process at such an optimal level.

So if you want to manifest your dream reality from a higher level of consciousness, click the link in the description box below and schedule a free consultation with me where we discuss if it’s the right fit, the right fit for us to work together. Okay? Make sure that we can get you moving forward towards your dream life. Other than that, subscribe to this channel and I will see you in the next video.

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