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Imagination puts us in touch with states. These states are existent, they are present right now, but they are mere possibilities while we think of them, but they become overpoweringly real when we think from them and dwell in them. There is a wide difference between thinking of what you want in this world and thinking from what you want. What’s going on. Sunny here and in today’s video I want to discuss how to use your imagination.

And um, the quote that I use just now was from Neville Goddard and really I want to tailor this entire video around his approach on how to make your imaginations become reality. Okay? So I’m going to break down that quote line by line and really give you a greater in depth explanation of how to execute this on a day to day basis.

All right, so step number one with the line number one, Neville said, imagination puts us in touch with states. These states are existent and they are present. Right now what he’s referring to is your infinite potential, which is your imagination. Anything you can think of, anything you can conceptualize in your mind right now, no matter how wild it is, right? It is a part of your imagination.

It is. He’s hinting to the infinite capacity of your imagination to be do or have anything that you want. So anything that you do come up with. Anything that you do want does exist.

It is present right here, right now in your infinite potential, which is your imagination right now. It only exists as potential a potential reality, but it has the equal amount of possibility to manifest as your current physical reality did once when it was all to just imagination. Maybe you weren’t even aware of this before.

Right now what you want in your imagination exists just as a state and emotional state, right? Like when you imagine something vividly, it brings up a certain emotional state in you. Maybe that of freedom, relief, wellbeing, whatever that is that you desire. And you can imagine this right now, like if you really want to see how your mind doesn’t, it can’t tell the difference between what is real and what is fake.

Even by you. Just imagining something, you will start to have emotions of that particular reality. Like right now I, and you can do this even after you’ve watched this video, imagine yourself standing at the edge of a really, really tall building, let’s say like the empire state building and you’re looking over and you’re like about to fall over automatically.

You will start seeing your body wanting to pull back because your mind actually thinks that that is what is happening. It can’t tell the difference between real and imaginary because they’re in real. In reality, for really getting deep into it, there is no difference that what you’re imagining right now has equal possibility of a chance to manifest as your physical reality. So imagination puts you in touch with those states.

But now moving on with a quote, these states remain mere possibilities while we think of them, but they become overpoweringly real when we think from them and dwell in them.

So here Neville is hinting to the importance of living in your imagination. Now like all day, not, you know, for just like being in delusion, just constantly imagining, but always having in the back of your mind what it is that you do want.

And See, this is the problem that I see with most people. They’re not even clear about what exactly they want. They’re not clear about like the reality that they desire, what their life will look like, who they will look like, who will date, who they will be once they have achieved what they want to achieve, once they have what they ha want to have.

So you have to get crystal clear about what it is that you want and you have to connect with that imagination. You have to connect with that reality through your imagination and dwell in it and get more and more clear about it and hold it in the back of your mind as you go about your day taking action.

Now the last part of the quote is there is a wide difference thinking of what you want in this world and thinking from what you want. You know, one of the biggest differences that I’ve made in my approach to my goals recently and I’ve implemented this through like on a day to day basis is, and it’s like working amazing for me.

My business is doing better today. I am feeling better on a day to day basis, just feeling way lighter and actually feeling more and more empowered. This one difference is pausing everything that I’m doing multiple times a day and just completely letting go of everything and just asking myself where was I just coming from? Right? Was I coming from a state of chasing an outcome, chasing a destination?

Was I coming from a state of believing that I am here and my goal is over there and there’s this big mountain that I have to climb to get over there and just being in this needy chase or was I coming from a state of fulfillment of what I desire?

Was I coming from a state of being connected and aligned with my end goal and being in the energy of it already being fulfilled and coming from a state of allowing that perspective to unfold to me. What I desire through the action that I’m taking right now. And I constantly make this readjustment.

I, I noticed cause it’s so program deep within our minds, I noticed that as I take action throughout the day, I constantly fall into this state of chasing outcome, chasing destination. And so I pause and then reverted back to coming from the state of imagination, what I consider my truth.

And then that allows you to make that instant shift in energy through which now literally the rest of your day unfolds differently. The rest of your life unfolds differently. Neville said, in our capacity to live in the wish fulfilled lies our capacity to live the more abundant life.

And this is so important right there. And this is exactly what that last thing allows you to do. When you constantly make that adjustment, it allows you to live in the end. It allows you to live in a state of fulfillment through which what you want now happens much in a much more faster.

And your imagination start to become reality. So just to summarize to you, what you have to do is you have to know exactly what you want. Be Very clear and vivid about who you want to become and what life you want to live. What does that life look and feel like? Okay. And then consistently connect to that state.

Connect to that reality through your imagination every single day. Do it every morning. I, when I wake up in the morning and I do my morning routine, um, one part of my morning routine is aligning to my desired self, my, I don’t even call it a desired self.

I call it ideal self. And then I allow my day to unfold through that perspective. I take all my action through that perspective, which is the next step. You know, there’s a difference between living and thinking of what you want and thinking from what you want.

So allow yourself to go through your day living from the perspective of the version of you that already has what he or she wants. And then when you constantly kind of maybe like you unconsciously just fall into the other state of chasing, pause everything throughout your day and come back into the state of fulfillment, realigned with your imagination, center yourself, and then take action from there again.

Now I’ve created a brand new workshop in which I’m explaining this process in much greater detail and showing you how to manifest your dream life from a higher consciousness mindset. I’m calling it the create your dream life workshop. It’s completely free. The link for that is in the description box below. All right, make sure to go check that out, but other than that, subscribe for more videos. Give me a thumbs up and I’ll see you in the next video.

September 24, 2019

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