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Your imagination is God. Your imagination is your creative power through which you can bring anything forth into the physical

The reason that I love listening to Neville Goddard is because he constantly emphasizes the power of imagination. He constantly affirms that imagination is your creative power is God, because this hints to you that all the power is within you.

It is not somewhere outside that you have to chase. It is not a destination that lies somewhere in the future. It does not lie in somebody else or some thing else that you have to attain or achieve. All power is already within you, and the greater you grow in realization of this principle, that everything that you need is already within you.

That your desired reality is also a part of your infinite potential, which is within you. It is not somewhere outside. It is not to be granted by some higher power. That higher power that you can see is within you. The more you come to a realization of this, the more powerful you become, the more effectively you begin to create your own reality.

So right now you’re hearing this right and you’re thinking, Oh yeah, I’m powerful. God is within me, I am God. God is my imagination and that’s all conceptual and you may even believe that strongly but it is still conceptual, right? What we want is to grow in realization of this principle to the point where it is no longer a thought on the surface of our perception but rather this deep intuitive knowing or knowing that yes I am connected to the source of all that is that my imagination is the source is my creative power through which I can bring any vision of mine into the physical and once you start realizing this more and more, you stop seeking for things on the outside.

You stop chasing things on the outside. But rather if you do a complete one 80 complete one 80 mindset shift where now instead of chasing, you’re simply taking action to unfold to you what is already within you in your imagination. So it goes from youth before chasing outcome to now you simply unfolding from within.

You would deep, strong conviction your vision with the conviction that yes, this already is a part of me. This is my potential, this current physical reality that seems so factual as no more real than my imagination. What my vision is. You know, through that conviction, simply allowing that vision to unfold to you in magical ways.

The main problem that I constantly see with people who asked me questions regarding this principle and something that I constantly thought about not too long ago either, right? Is how do I maintain that state where I am constantly coming from this state of fulfillment that what I want is already real? How do I really know that? Yes, imagination is real.

Because as you know, Neville said that there’s a difference between thinking of of what you want versus thinking from what you want. That when you think from your imagination and dwell within your imagination, that is when your imagination starts to become reality. But as long as you simply just think of what you want and just keep chasing a destination, that’s when you struggle.

That’s when you work so hard yet manifest nothing. So the problem that I see with people who constantly ask me that question is like how to maintain that.

Knowing how to uh, maintain that mindset where you are unfolding your vision through you rather than chasing something on the outside rather than chasing a destination. The main problem is that there is no realization of this principle that you have the power, that you are the power, that your imagination is God, that your imagination is infinite potential within which anything that you can conceptualize is possible for you is something that you can bring to the physical.

So all of us in the create your own reality law of attraction space think this, believe this. But it’s like do you really know it to be true? And it’s not even something that you just know to be true. It’s something that you grow into a deeper understanding of that knowing, a deeper knowing of that principle. So even someone who really deeply knows this principle can always know it more.

So it’s not like, you know, there’s someone who just knows it and someone doesn’t know him. To me it’s like it’s an infinite understanding. Where do you lie on the scale? What you want to do is deepen this awareness of your creative power. The more you grow in that awareness, the easier it will be for you to just let go on the outside and simply just take action in a state of fulfillment day by day.

You know, all these law of attraction principles and techniques become so easy to implement once you know that your imagination is God. More and more and more so. Let’s now talk about how to create this mindset, how to deepen that awareness and how to start taking action every single day from a state of fulfillment, from the energy of our imagination of our vision so that we can unfold to us our desired reality rather than chasing it.

Step number one, and I always this is like my step number one for everything. Meditate. I cannot emphasize the significance of meditation enough.

Honestly. In order to realize your deeper power within, you have to go with it. Why do you think it is that most people have a difficult time realizing their true power, which lies within it is because they spend their entire time being focused outside on thoughts, on things, on the external world, in order to realize more of the God that is within you that you are, you have to disengage from all perceptions of an external world, all thoughts, all, anything, even a sense of you, even a sense of like, I am sunny, I am, you know, I’m a mortgage dealer or a banker or a movie star, anything, whatever you are before that, you are this emptiness.

Now you want to disengage from this occupation, the sense of self, all these thoughts, all the, all the perceptions that come with it and simply go within and just start experiencing the awareness, the emptiness more and more and more through that you will grow in realization.

Naturally through that you will start to naturally just realize who you truly are. You will naturally start to realize the power of your imagination. So I’d recommend 15 minutes every single day minimum. If you want, want to really go in on this and deepen your realizations, do it twice per day, 15 minutes, but a minimum of 15 minutes per session where you just totally disengaged from anything.

I don’t recommend guided meditations for this particular practice. Simply just put on some meditation music. No, no, like voice guided, you know, nothing like that. Or just put on some binaural beats. I’m matter of fact, I’ll link down below them binaural beats that I myself use. Okay, but just total disengagement. Anytime a thought comes up, just let it go. Let it go. Let it go. They come up again. Let it go. Notice the awareness that remains.

Meditation is so crucial. Wherever you find yourself in the journey, start it right now because it will help you get through this phase two the phase that you really want to be and it will help you deepen your realization. Now number two, if you want to know more about the creative power of visualization of imagination, spend more time in visualization.

Now you want to let go of your focus from just focusing on your current reality, what has already manifested to what you want to manifest in the future. So I’d say formerly you can do this practice for 15 minutes per day where you just, you know, and you could break it down into chunks throughout the day.

Now with meditation just with visualization, you can break it down into chunks where you just do like a quick visualization every now and then throughout your day just to reconnect with the state of fulfillment, with the energy of your desired reality already being accomplished, completed.

So practice imagination. The more you practice in your visualization, the more you will become accustomed to it, the more you will become comfortable within the context of your desired reality through which you will start to bring it into the physical. But you can’t ever expect to learn about the power of visualization and imagination if you don’t do it. Okay, so number two is practice.

Now number three, this is very crucial throughout the day. You have to start thinking the thoughts that you would be thinking if your goal was already achieved. And this is the mindset shift that creates this shift in energy through which a different reality unfolds to you.

Instead of thinking the thoughts of your current self, think about the thoughts that your desired self would be thinking. Handle situations, handled, present situations like your desired self would be. Go about your current life like your desired self would be.

Now this doesn’t mean just like being careless and spending a lot of money or like you know, spent like going over your resources and things like that. It just means live your day to day life in whatever capacity that you can in a way that your desired Southwood.

Mitch means engaging in the things that your desired reality has. Engaging with the type of people that are in your desired reality, doing the things that you would be doing for enjoyment and pleasure in your desired reality, considering what you want already done, knowing that it is done within and simply ha just taking pleasure in thinking the thoughts of that desired reality.

So ask yourself, if I already had achieved my goal, what would I be thinking? Right? What other goals would I have then? Right? How would I be thinking about life? Would I be like, Oh my God, my life sucks?

Or I’d be like, I feel great. I feel empowered. So you want to start matching your thought processes to the version of you who has already achieved what he or she wants. Realized that the world that you experience, the reality that you experience is an externalization of your internal reality.

The things that you’re thinking and imagining every single day is what is manifesting outside as the physical circumstances and the people and the situation that you come across. So the more you start to dwell in the thoughts of your desired reality or desire itself, the more your physical circumstances will start to shift in a way where you are now starting to live and make progress towards, or I’ll say, unfolding the vision that you once held in your imagination.

But you have to do this consciously. It takes conscious awareness to not just continue to focus on present circumstances and instead to think thoughts of your desired reality.

So this is where you will be tested. Do you really want it enough? Are you going to remember and wake up enough to consciously direct your focus towards your desired reality? Or are you going to just continue focusing on your present circumstances and your limitations and then complaining that you can’t manifest physically, right? You want to be here, you want to be here and now, but mentally you can be in your desire itself. Okay? This is not mean daydreaming.

This is conscious visualizing. This is gaining control of our attention and placing it where we want rather than it being scattered all over the place. Very different from daydreaming, very different from not being present, okay? Again, be be here, physically deal with the physical as it comes, but mentally you’re already in your desired reality like it’s already happened. Now practice those three steps.

If you really want to realize your true internal power as the creator of your reality, and if you want to take a one step forward, then watch my free training that I’m giving out right now. It’s called the create your dream life workshop in which I go way more in detail on how to bring your imagination from your vision, from your imagination into physical reality, where I show you exactly how to live from the state of coming from your desired reality rather than chasing outcome.

Link is in the description box below. It’s completely free, but other than that, give me a thumbs up. Subscribe to this channel for more videos like this, and I will see you in the next video.

September 28, 2019

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