How To Detach From The Outcome & Decrease Importance While Manifesting

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What’s going on, sunny here, a super early morning here on Saturday. I was just going on a walk. I brought my phone along because I wanted to come to this park and share some thoughts on detachment, on how to detach from outcome, not just for manifesting, right? Not just for creating the reality that we do want, but really detachment is beneficial for any phase in your life.

The difficult times obviously, but also the neutral times because detachment is what allows you to have some control or sense of control over the physical or a sense of peace even when you lack all control. So if a person who’s detached is the person who is truly powerful as a person who is truly graceful, let’s start with this.

If every day you wake up with the sense of being a person with everything invested in the person that you think you are, you wake up thinking that you are a person and then you go about your life being a person.

Now this person wants things right in the world. So desire is born, but this person also feels a sense of individuality of being alone in a big world. So fear is born because it needs to protect itself from things that it can that can hurt the person.

Now this person also wants other persons to love it and were hurt. So the need and desire for love and approval is born and you get my just so on and so forth. All these what redeems Eland calls. Excess potentials are born out of importance because you believe that you are the person and you have all these things in it, you know? So that takes up your life.

Now, if you go about life believing strongly and never questioning anything deeper than I am, a body and mind, I am this person, then your life will truly go all to words. Securing things in the material world so that the person can feel better about itself and the other half of your life is going to go to words suffering when the person doesn’t have what he or she wants.

When the person is not having any control of what is going on in the physical. So really when we talk about detachment, we have to realize that there can never be any detachment. If you believe strongly that you are of this world and you go about your life every single day, assuming having an unconscious assumption that I am this person and all that is all that matters is just the stuff that I have to accumulate and protect myself from losing.

So if you ever want to live in a detached manner, what is required is for you to question the assumption that you are this person, this body in mind. What is required is for you to connect with the deeper part of yourself that is not of this physical world. If the physical world is terrorizing you, is making you suffer and the physical is what you want to detach from, then you have to come from a perspective that is beyond the physical that is greater than the physical.

That is not of the physical. You cannot ever be to ever hope to be detached from the physical. If you believe you are physical because then that is your existence. To be detached, you have to come from beyond the physical. And so you have to tap into that inner source that is beyond the physical, your connection to life that is from a different dimension than this physical.

Only then can there be any sort of detachment in your experience? Only Dan can you ever have a greater perspective than just the physical perspective of this person. And that’s really what the spiritual journey is all about, isn’t it? Realizing more and more and connecting more and more with the power that is within you, that is beyond the physical.

And so usually, you know, when people are on this spiritual journey, they’re still very reactive and they, they think that just because I’m spiritual now I shouldn’t have any problems. Whereas problems and your desires and all these inconveniences that you don’t want happening to you are the very opportunities that you need to gain that greater perspective.

You see what I mean? So when you are suffering the most, when you are like in a state of like, Oh my God, why isn’t what I want happening and why is this thing that I don’t want happening to me? Instead of embodying a physical perspective during that time of the person, that’s your opportunity to tap into the greater perspective. That’s your opportunity to seek a part of you within that is not at all affected by what’s going on in the physical. Isn’t that what the attachment is all about?

Tapping into the part of you that is not affected by if you have what you want, if you don’t have what you want, if what you want is happening, if what you fear is happening, the only way to detach is to access that part of you that is completely undisturbed, completely unaffected, and has no involvement in the story of what is happening because the story only belongs to the person, not to the source, not to the aspect within you that is beyond this physical dimension.

So use those opportunities to deepen your realization of who you actually are beyond this physical person. And the more you do, so the more you become detached. Detachment isn’t something that just happens like this, although I can, but it’s something that has to be worked on. It’s something that you have to consciously develop by deepening your understanding of self, deepening, your knowing of self.

And one of the ways to do that, the most effective way is meditation. Meditation is your doorway to that part of yourself that is unaffected, undisturbed. And if you never meditate, then you’re just a bundle of thoughts of the person believing that it needs things and that it has to protect itself from fears in this physical world. Because you’ll never gain a perspective that is beyond the physical. You’ll have little glimpses of it, but they come to you randomly.

But you can’t live in that detachment because you’re not accessing that part of yourself that is necessary to have that detached perspective. You see, so you’re limiting yourself.

And that’s why you know, when you start meditating and you start [inaudible] or to truly be present throughout the day, looking at the world from not just your thoughts but from the silence that is before the thoughts.

That’s why the world kind of starts to be a little dreamy, a dreamlike existence where you understand that you don’t necessarily have to protect yourself and live out of fear and that you can achieve the things that you want because you are coming at the physical from beyond the physical. You see when you are coming at the physical from beyond the physical, that is when there is any sense of control.

But on top of that, there is a detachment where even if you don’t have control, you’re, you’re fine with it. You’re okay with it. So when you are achieving your desires and you are living the life that you do want, yeah, it’s pleasant.

But you’re not like overly ecstatic about it because you understand that this is not you either. But when you are suffering and when things are not going your way, there is a certain piece that still pervades your existence. There’s a sense of serenity that you know is coming from beyond the physical, which you are able to still have the perspective of, and then you look at your situation through that and maintain that peace, maintain that detachment.

That’s really what this detachment thing is. Detachment can never happen from the person. The person is fully invested in the physical because it is physical. The person is fully invested in the story because that’s all it’s ever known. So in order to be detached, in order to cultivate detachment over time, you have to detach from the person. Actually don’t detach from your situation. Detach from the person and access that part of you that is coming at this physical me from beyond the physical.

So, and that’s exactly if you follow the reality transfer thing, all my bialys and surfing content as well, that’s what the DMZ land means. By reducing importance, you cannot reduce importance if you are the person.

You can only reduce the importance if you are from the physical, from beyond the physical, the perspective beyond the physical because then you understand that all this stuff really isn’t that important and that you can achieve what you want and then you don’t have to protect yourself from suppose it fears and when you were living in this way, when you’re not fully just living through the thoughts of the person believing that you are that person.

There’s actually this level of authenticity that shines through your existence because no longer is all you are. All your actions controlled by your desire to accumulate and your fear to protect, but instead you’re coming from a more silent place.

You’re coming from a place where you necessarily don’t even have a motive. You’re just observing and you’re experiencing life as it is without judgment, without label, and that is that silence. That is that peace through which spontaneous creativity comes forth when you do act in a way that you would just want it to.

When you get the things that you really wanted to, when you manifest what you really wanted to but couldn’t through the person somehow and now that are more silent and peaceful, coming at it from a different dimension. Now the things that you do, did want but weren’t able to achieve through the person. Just start coming spontaneously and in creative ways, in ways that are beyond the understanding of the physical mind and the physical perspective because they don’t come through certain governmental and administrative ways.

So if you want to reduce importance, if you wanted attach from the outcome, meditate. Live your day with awareness, greater awareness of what is required, not effort. Okay? Effort is done through the person to detach. You cannot effort. All need is a greater perspective. You need awareness.

You need to tap into that part of you that is not from the physical. Make sure to do that. If you want more videos like this, let me know. Um, let me know in the comments section below what was your greatest takeaway from this video? All right, but subscribe to this channel. Give me a thumbs up and I’ll see you in the next video.

October 3, 2019

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