Does Hypnosis Really Work – The Shocking Truth

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So the other day I was talking to a client of mine on the phone and she was telling me that before signing up to work with me and trying to create her reality through my program, my process, she was also at the same time considering doing hypnosis and hypnosis, you know, you do a bunch of sessions through which you kind of create a different state through which you believe different things and you know, you try to get your result for whatever manifestation or goal that you’re trying to achieve through that.

Right? So we were talking about hypnosis and she brought up the question, is hypnosis really effective? She was asking like, is hypnosis really a good longterm solution for creating the life that you want? And so, you know, we were having that conversation and also now, you know, on the internet, hypnosis is such a big topic.

Even on Instagram, I constantly see people like, you know, even the younger people getting into hypnosis and hypnotizing certain people into certain States where there are more confident, where they feel better about themselves and as a result they create a more abundant reality. Right. So I thought I’d give my take on it and um, just kind of share with you what I think of hypnosis and if it’s actually a good longterm solution.

So I told my client that, yes, hypnosis does produce that state for you where you feel different, you think differently and you are in a different state automatically right through those sessions. However, it doesn’t actually help you create your reality more consciously because there’s no awareness aspect to it. You know, you can’t hypnotize someone and enhance their conscious awareness.

You can only hypnotize someone into a different state of unconsciousness. So hypnosis is not a good longterm solution because it doesn’t help you enhance your conscious awareness in any way.

And really that is the part of creating your own reality consciously and deliberately. That is the most integral part. That is the foundation of what we are doing here. So you know, the work that we do on this channel and the work that I do with my clients and my coaching program is helping them to cultivate a stronger awareness, a greater awareness, which becomes the foundation for you to become aware of all the limiting stuff that you’re carrying within so that you can start letting it go and to start to build consciously new beliefs, a new paradigm through which you can create your reality, the goals that you really want to achieve more consciously.

So see, you can create whatever your life, right? There’s tons of people who are successful, but who are doing it unconsciously and their lives are still just as problematic. They’re might look very successful on the outside, but living a successful quote unquote successful life unconsciously is going to result the same amount of problems and obstacles and suffering.

So yes, we want to create our own reality, but at the same time, are you willing to compromise your awareness? And it’s not like hypnosis makes you less aware, but hypnosis just puts you from one type of sleep to a different type of sleep.

So maybe you go from sadness to being confident, right? Like being very insecure to being confident, but at the same time even that confidence is going to be that unconscious confidence, not the natural confidence that comes from being connected to who you truly are within.

You see what I mean? So yes, hypnosis is a good maybe short term solution if you are also working on meditation and becoming more aware, however, a much better longterm fix. R is the processes that we’re talking about on this, on this channel all the time, which is meditation, which is consciously living your day with presence and um, awareness, becoming aware of all the stuff that you’re carrying within, you know, inquiring within like what, who am I, you know, what is the entity through which these thoughts come up?

Things like that. Hypnosis will allow you to create that change in your life that you are seeking maybe right now. However, let’s say you do go from being insecure to being really confident. If you are still living your life in a, in a really unconscious manner.

Then even that confidence and the life that the positive life that you were seeking through that confidence, let’s just say you do create it, right? Even that life is going to become the source of your suffering. Why? Because anything that you create through unconsciousness and any life that you live with, unconsciousness leads to more suffering. It just can’t be any other way because your suffering is almost like trying to wake you up to your greater awareness.

You know the obstacles and the challenges that we create in our lives are self created through on consciousness and they’re created to wake you up to a greater awareness.

They are almost like catalysts, so you have to just ask yourself, what are you really in it for? Are you simply in a just for a positive life and you just want to like lose yourself in that positive life? Or are you in this field of spirituality creating your own reality to know yourself at a deeper level, knowing who you truly are beyond this veil of body mind?

Do you want to truly become conscious of your creative power to sculpt and mold your reality into what you would like it to be? And do you actually want to access that part of you that is unaffected by it all, that has no interest in it. If your reality amazing or your reality sucks, that is where true power lies.

That is where conscious awareness leads to that is the door that opens to you through meditation and through present moment awareness throughout the day.

So yes, it is a much harder approach. It is a much, it is an approach that takes effort as opposed to hypnosis, but it is a more longterm solution that isn’t just for this lifetime that isn’t just for like living a better life now, but it is actually the evolution of your own consciousness and it is the only thing that matters.

Truly everything here, if it’s good or bad only matters on a relative level. How you are doing today only matters because you are comparing yourself to your neighbor or your friends. But on a more absolute level, the only thing that truly matters on a more absolute level, nothing matters really. But if we’re really talking on a grander level of higher self perspective, the only thing that matters is your evolution of conscious awareness. So while you are here, you have a choice to make.

It’s like what do you really care for? And nothing, neither answer is incorrect. Whatever you resonate more with is the path that you should take. But don’t kid yourself. If you constantly tell yourself, if that hypnosis is a a longterm fix that it is the answer to all your problems, then you are kidding yourself. It will give you a crutch and help you a little bit.

But overall, and in the longterm you will have to face yourself. You will have to become conscious of all the parts of yourself that you are rejecting. You have to make those temp, those permanent fixes that before you kind of just cover it up with hypnosis. Okay, so that is my take on hypnosis does. If nos is really work, yes. Is it a good longterm fix? No. Is it the approach that you should be taking if you really want to create your own reality and do it consciously?

No, not in my opinion, but I want to hear what you think. And if you think that I’m completely incorrect, don’t you know hesitate to all to put that in the comment section below. I’m interested in to know truly what you believe about hypnosis and you know what your perspective is on it. So let’s have this conversation.

But other than that, if you want to master yourself, truly master your reality and create the life that you truly want to live through a higher consciousness mindset, click the link in the description box below and check out my one on one coaching program that is going to be the more permanent solution to your current situation. So let’s get you set up. But other than that, subscribe to this channel and I will see you in the next video.

October 5, 2019

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