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How to control your mind so that you can control your life. And this video I’m going to be sharing with you are the teachings that I learned from sadhguru in, you know, earlier on in my spiritual journey that helped me to start getting more in control of my mind. And you know how to execute this on a very practical day to day level.

I want to make this very simple. In order to gain control of the mind, you have to realize first that you are not the mind who you are is not the mind. And in order to realize that you are not the mind, you have to observe the mind. Anything that you observe cannot be you. You ha you are beyond anything that you observe. And isn’t that the first realization that we really make what we call our spiritual awakening right? Early on in our spiritual journey.

The reason we even get into any of this stuff like creating your own reality and everything is because we realize that we are not our thoughts. You realize that you’ve lived all your life just believing in the reality of your thoughts. You thought that your thoughts, the voice in your mind was you all your life.

And then you have this kind of phase where you’re going through it and you realize that you can observe your thoughts, that you don’t necessarily just have to act on your thoughts or react with your thoughts, that you can actually observe your thoughts and you can pick and choose. Or do I like that thought or do I not like that thought? And you can choose. Or if I don’t like that thought that I’m going to choose to focus my attention on this one.

So see, there’s this separation that gets created between you and the mind. For the purpose of this video and just in general, know that mind and thoughts are not different. Mind is thoughts. They’re the same thing. There’s no entity somewhere else or in within you that is thinking of thoughts. Mind is thoughts. Okay? Now you can have a turbulent mind or you can have a really like calm mind. Regardless. Thoughts are mind.

So all your life, again, you’ve thought that you are the mind. And even when you have this spiritual awakening and you’re going through this spiritual journey, you are still at some level, we are all still at some level identified with mind. You go through your day and you’re still acting on the thoughts that you’re having. And so what we want to do to gain more control from our mind is to create a further gap, a separation between you or I and thought

Okay. Because when you say my mind, I can’t control my mind. Okay, so you’re saying that the mind is yours, but who are you? And don’t just ignore that question or don’t think about that question, but right now get really, really present and feel the answer to what I’m saying. You say that this is my mind and I cannot control my mind. Who are you? That which owns the mind that which thinks the mind is his or hers. When you say, I can’t control my mind, what is the I, who are you referring to? And then if you’re like, Oh yeah, me, I’m referring to mean, okay, what is that mean? And don’t think about the answer. Try to feel into the answer.

Search for the me and here within you. Search for the me. Where is that sense of eye coming from? because see, when people say that I can’t control my mind or you know, my life is not in my control, it is because they’ve lost their self sense of identity to the mind and the mind that is not you. It’s controlling your entire life. And that’s why you find yourself living a life where you’re like, man, I don’t even like the life I’m living. Why am I so unfulfilled?

Why am I having such a hard time creating what I do want to create? It’s because the eye has lost control to the mind because it’s falsely identified with the mind and the mind. Just this bundle of random thoughts that just happened to you, the thoughts that you’re not even choosing. They’re just happening from the collective consciousness and they’re just coming into your awareness. The eye has falsely identified with those thoughts and those thoughts are just controlling and you know, that’s why you’re a lot of our lives are just very sporadic, random, indecisive.

There’s no focused intention, it’s just a bunch of randomness because that’s the nature of your mind reflected in your physical reality. So it’s like when we want to control our mind in a way we’re actually getting to control our lives.

The more you take back control from the mind back to the eye, whatever that may be right now, then you start to have more choice. That’s what free will. That’s where your free will of really lies until you are identified with the mind. There is no free will until you start to come back to the eye and create this gap between eye and mind. Me and my mind. So one of the easiest ways, and I know we kind of went a little deep with it and you could go so much deeper within discussing the I and I’ll, you know, make different videos for that.

But for the purpose of this video, I want to keep it simple. I had to dive deep a little bit just to kind of create that separation for you that when you say aye, it is different from the thought that you’re observing, which is mind. So how can we apply this on a practical day to day level and increase this gap because the more this gap increases, the control over your mind is natural. Not only will you have more control to choose your thoughts, but also just like the turbulent mind and the incessant thought activity, which is really the same. It subsides a little bit and you will experience a more calm mind. So our goal here is to create the separation, how to do it, number one you have to control it through silence and stillness. Obviously stat silence and you know, meditation and whatnot.

But even when you’re on a day to day level, when you’re going by and living your life, how many people do you know that are constantly just like, you know, fidgety, they’re moving around, they’re just doing all sorts of things all the time and they can’t even sit in one place because you know, they just got to move that fidgetiness that like wanting to move all the time and just like having no control over your body is a reflection of your turbulent mind in your body.

That has to go, you have to gain that mastery. So let’s start with number one, silence your body. Sit in one place for as long as you can, right? Like let’s just say half hour or wherever you are sitting. Let’s say it’s at work. Make only calculated movements. Let go of like, you know, just moving your hand or moving your leg like all the time. That is you not creating any separation between your mind.

Your mind is just being reflected in your body and your, it’s your mind in motion, just acting and you know, and manifesting itself. So one of the easiest ways, right to start gaining mastery of mind is to practice stillness in the body. Where when you sit down, you sit, you choose how you want to sit, and then you sit that way. And when you want to like move, you don’t just move right away. So that’s where you gotta create the gap in the response of the body from when the thought occurs. Oh, I want to move. Instead. Observe the thought that says, I want to move.

So see, right now you’re creating a gap between mind and motion, which is body and regular mind. So that starts to create a gap on an external level and you start to gain mastery over the mind. So the mind now is not manifesting outwards as fast, right? It’s not creating madness outside. You’re not letting that happen.

Over time. You will start to realize like just by becoming still in the body, your mind also subsides a little bit. And this is one of the first things that I learned in meditation because I used to be the type of person that couldn’t even sit still for five minutes. All my childhood, I was a typo. I was a kid that was always moving and everything. And I realized that that was the reflection of my mind and my body. So when I got into meditation, like sitting still was the hardest thing for me. But that’s, you got to practice that.

How badly do you want it? You know? But by stilling your body, you also still your mind because mind, body, very connected. So start by that. Okay. Now next you want to become less reactive. How many people do know and maybe you’re one of them, if a noise happens over there, you’re instantly like, like a dog. You know like an animal like and, and then you’re like, you already going to check what the sound is like or if someone calls your name, you’re instantly like, what’s up?

That is again minded motion where it’s lacking awareness whereas lacking decisiveness of action and you might say no Sonny, that’s a good thing. That just is good reflexes. No, that is unconsciousness. See, here’s the thing.

When you are just purely identified with mind, even your reflexes are all fear-based because the mind’s got to protect you. That’s all it cares about, right? All these [inaudible] then your reflexes that you are thinking that are good, they’re all fear-based and so when you actually need to protect yourself in an actual fearful situation, you’re going to come becoming out of fear, right?

And you’re not, you’re actually going to kind of shut down and you’re going to, you’re not going to be as effective. That intelligence isn’t going to be flowing through you as well because you’re identified with mind. And even in a regular situation, let’s just say someone knocks on your door at your house and instantly you’re, you’re like, okay, you respond, you react, but it’s fear based and you’re not going to be as effective.

Whereas when you start to live with awareness and you start to create this gap between stimulus and response, that’s true mastery of mind. That builds awareness and so now you choose to respond rather than just automatically reacting and then your response because you’re no longer mind identified, you’re coming from a place that is within the eye, right?

The flow, it flow of intelligence will go through you naturally and you will respond better in situations and even when you’re on a, in a, in a situation where you do need to react and respond really quickly, you will do so. But through awareness where it is not coming out of fear, it is not mind based. It is not fear based. It’s actually just through awareness. So that is the second way you can, you can start gaining mastery over the mind. Number one, right? Like still the body number two, still your reactions.

Now last number three and this is where you will gain the most amount of mastery it is during meditation. Meditation will obviously still your body, but it will also start to create this internal gap with the external thing with the body stillness, we created the external gap between action and just thoughts, right? We created that gap and you still don’t mind that way, but now through magnet meditation, you still the mind internally and you create this gap between eye and mind and when this gap continues to increase through daily meditation and it happens naturally, you don’t have to do anything.

All you have to do is not do sit down for 15 minutes a day minimum. Do it twice. If you really want to gain more mastery of mind and simply just close your eyes, put some binaural beats on some data waves and just sit down.

Don’t move for the remainder of the meditation and just observe your mind. Observe the thoughts that come up and just by observing them, you will naturally on a deeper level, break identification with them. Again, anything that you observe as something that you cannot be, you have to be beyond something to observe something.

And so just by observing your thoughts more and more, eventually you will create the separation and you will gain the ability to let go of thoughts. Right now when I say let go of thoughts, you may be like, I don’t even know what that means. How do I let go of thoughts is because you cannot let go of like if you think you are your thoughts, it’s going to be hard for you to let go. But the ability to let go of your thoughts only there’s cultivated by you first just observing your thoughts.

Instead of like a thought comes on, I need to do my laundry and just moving and going to do your laundry. Or thinking like, I don’t want to do my laundry. Oh, it’s gonna take some more time. Don’t engage with the thought. Simply just observe the thought. Observe the thought. Come in and go out of your awareness and observe the fact that you are observing the thought and not just like responding to it or reacting to it and the fact that you don’t have to engage with it in any way.

That is a choice that you make if you want to engage with it or you don’t want to engage with it. That is a power that you’ve got to start building through meditation and it comes naturally. You just got to sit down and commit to it and it has to be something that you do every single day.

Over time. This will not just help you control your mind, but control your life. Meditation will make your life flower in every area of your life. You’ve heard me say that plenty of times on this channel, but put these three principles into practice right now and you will see just within like four weeks, your mind calmer and you more in control and you will create that gap between eye and mind.

Lastly, I just want to announce that my accelerated reality program is now open for enrollment for October. So if you truly want to master your mind and elevate your level of conscious awareness and create reality through a higher consciousness mindset, creating the life that you truly want to live, click the link in the description box below and schedule a free consultation with me in which we discuss how I can help you and if we are a good fit to work together, okay, stop waiting.

Make sure to go do that right now. Let’s start working together. But other than that, give this video a thumbs up. If you found value in it, please share with a friend who would also find a valuable, controlling the mind. A subscribe to this channel and I’ll see you in the next video.

October 7, 2019

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