How To Let Go Of Negative Emotions – The ONLY Way That Truly Works

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What’s going on, sunny here early morning. Again, I just came back from my walk. It’s a rainy day outside and I just wanted to shoot this quick video because I feel like I always get my best idea that during my morning walks, that’s why I do them. But you know, I want to talk today about how to let go of negative emotions and I was thinking about this while on my walk, um, because I’ll today I was feeling so good right this morning I woke up in a really silent state, um, had an amazing meditation, you know, went through my morning routine, feeling amazing.

And while on my walk it’s like kind of chilly weather right now it’s getting, it’s becoming fall. So I love this weather, you know, it’s, even though it’s like kinda cloudy, rainy outside, um, I was a join and I was feeling really good and I was thinking about how, you know, when positive emotions come to us, we’re so accepting, accepting of them, you know, we have no resistance towards positive emotions. And we completely allow them. We completely experienced them. We actually even like enjoy them, right? And um, sometimes we even lose ourselves in them.

And the positive emotions go. And the nature of life is that there’s going to be positive and negative. And now when the positive emotions go, and maybe now let’s say the next day, you don’t feel so good for whatever reason, right there you’re experiencing some negative emotions. Now you have this resistance where you’re like, I shouldn’t be feeling this way.

This is bad. And you reject the negative emotion. You don’t accept it. You don’t allow it. You don’t allow yourself to experience it. Not only do you resist the negative emotion, but you on top of that, you resist the fact that you are experiencing a negative emotion. So there’s like resistance on top of the resistance where you’re like, I shouldn’t be feeling this way.

And then you spend your whole day clinging onto your resistance to the negative emotion. And so the negative emotion that was actually trying to pass through you now stays to you. It clings onto your energy. Or actually, let me rephrase that. You cling onto its energy. So when we talk about how to let go of negative emotions, it’s kind of a silly question because emotions are not trying to cling on to you. Emotions are coming and going. That’s the dance of life.

That’s the nature of this existence. You will experience a positive and negative within the physical, but why is it that the positive emotions come and go so quickly and easily? However the negative emotions tend to stay and even like you begin to identify with the negative emotions over time. Why is that? It’s because what you do not accept and allow fully and what you resist, you build a negative charge too.

You build a an attraction too. So again, you know in this physical existence how whatever you focus on is what you will give more life to is what you will is an area of your life which you will grow. And so even if you’re focused on the thing negatively, in this case, when you’re focused on a negative emotion in a negative way, you’re building a charge to it because you’re giving it your attention, your energy in a negative manner.

But still you are giving it that and it gives it that resistance charge, which is what I call negatively charged energy and it still creates that attraction to it. It keeps your attention going towards it and on top of that, every single time your attention goes towards that, you’re like, ah, you know the person, the ego wants to run away from the negative emotions and wants to cling onto the positive emotions.

So what you do not fully accept and allow yourself to experience, you will build a charge too. You will cling onto it because your attention is constantly going towards it and you begin to identify with it. Whatever you place in front of your attention constantly, you begin to identify with it. You start to think that it is you.

So you know like a person who constantly gets angry or you know, really sad and then starts to resist it but like it stays there in front of them more and more because they have that charge to it. Over time, they will begin to think that, Oh, I am an angry and sad person because consciousness will identify with anything that is placed in front of it again and again and again, especially if you lose yourself in it. So see negative emotions or just trying to pass through you.

That’s the nature of this existence. You will feel positive and negative, but you’ve, the positive comes and goes quickly because you don’t attach yourself to it. You just allow yourself to experience it fully. You accept it and then you know the energy just moves through you. Whereas the negative emotions you build, the charge to, you resist, you reject and you identify with them.

And so they continue to manifest again and again as your experience, they, they, you cling onto them. So it’s almost like they’re not even trying, they’re trying to leave you, but you’re not letting them go. So in this case, yes, letting how to let go of negative emotions is a legitimate question and to really allow yourself to experience negative emotions and let them go. There is a certain wisdom that you have to cultivate. There is a certain detachment from the person that you have to cultivate because the person wants to only cling on to the positive, but resist the negative.

So when the negative comes along, in order to just allow yourself to experience it without a negative definition, without a negative label, and just, you know, okay, right now I’m feeling sad and then just fully experienced the sadness accepted rather than I shouldn’t be feeling this way right now. Just fully accepted rather than thinking, Oh, the law of attraction is going to work against me. I shouldn’t be, um, being sad. No fully accept it and be sad right now. The thing is if you resist the sadness, you actually cling on to it.

Now, the law of attraction, we’re going to work against you because now your energy, the energy or embodying of resistance to the sadness on top of the sadness itself, which now stays, now you’re going to be working against yourself because your energy is negative. But once you fully accept the sadness with neutral attention, not labeling it as good or bad first, the resistant charge completely diminishes.

And now as you just allow yourself to be sad and just fully experienced the sadness again, not the story that comes along with the sadness, what made you sad, but instead just the sadness itself, the emotion itself, and you just allow yourself to fully experience it and just breathe into it and just stay with it as long as it is here. Now the energy behind behind the sadness also diminishes and it passes through you making way for just your natural state again.

But in order to do this, you need a certain level of detachment from the person because the person never wants to feel that negative emotion and it will always resist. So when you are feeling those negative emotions, there has to be a certain level of, I am not this. This is not necessarily who I am at my essence. Even this body mind, including this emotion is observed. Who is the one observing it?

What is that presence within which all of these of this dance of negative and positive emotions is happening in those moments of negative emotions? You have to slip consciously to that real you. I don’t even want to say part of you. That is the real you because only in that gap, only in that space of not being identified with the current physical reality including your person.

Can you actually have the detachment to just feel fully what is going on in this sphere of reality right now? Because the consciousness that is just in the background that is just the observer of whatever’s going on in here could care less. If it’s positive or negative. It is not attached to any story. It is not attached to any motive or intention. It just is. You just are. Now when you go into and warp into the person perspective, now you’re clinging onto the good and avoiding the bad and just trying to chase, chase, chase and so there’s so much attachment. There’s so much a version and how could you possibly have any wisdom in the, in that person perspective and how can you and create your own reality in that perspective. You can’t.

So in order to let go of the negative emotions when they come up and you have to slip back to the consciousness perspective and then just observe the person itself, observed your person experiencing sadness or negative like or angry or whatever, whatever negative emotion you’re experiencing. And one thing you’ll notice is that the person is always focused on things in a positive way or a negative way.

The person’s always, it has like motives, right? It has these inner desires, so everything is either positive to them or negative to them. Whereas this, when you slip over to this observer mode of the person, when you observe even the person and its entire reality, there is no motive there. There is no positive negative. It is simply just neutral attention and neutral attention is where you can also call love healing, wellbeing, happiness. Happiness is neither positive or negative.

Happiness is a natural state. It is you. It is consciousness. Love is neither positive or negative. Love is not in a polarity. It is who you are. It is neutral attention. It is a healing presence and it is you. You’re essential, your true nature. So when you slip onto it, you can just observe what is going on without labeling it or negatively, you know, assigning a judgment and all that stuff.

Or even positively a child signing and judgments. You just are and you’re observing and you, you will observe the person either feeling positive or negative and you just allow and you just accept and you just be with the person experiencing whatever they’re experiencing. And that neutralizes the charge of anything. So if you’re feeling negative, that will neutralize the charge of the negative until you now are vibrating at the level of the frequency of source you higher self.

So you see like observing is where real control is. It is what heals your entire reality. So if you’re experiencing a turbulent reality, chaotic experiences, negative emotions, learn to slip into the space more and more through meditation or even through just silent observation with your eyes open, would you get out of this, the brain of the person and let go of labeling things as good and bad and just relax your attachments, relax your versions, relax your definitions, relax beliefs and just watch what is not through the person perspective but through the background observer, the third person perspective, the silent presence, which is always here, which is you. It is the awareness within which all this comes and goes.

All these thousands of different versions of you throughout your life that have come and gone. That is what observes those things. So allow that to also observe your negative emotions because from that perspective, those aren’t even negative emotions. They’re just emotions and allow you to observe the person experiencing those emotions and then they just pass through you and so you no longer cling onto that energy and now you can actually create what you want. This is the perspective that I always refer to when I say create your reality through a higher consciousness mindset, and I want you to practice this.

Let me know if you have any questions about this in the comment section below. Okay? If you want to truly learn how to not just live your life through the higher consciousness mindset, but also create the life that you truly want, through that higher consciousness mindset where you’re creating from presence rather than from this little person and where you’re letting go of all the limiting stuff and building powerful identities of the person within your awareness, then click the link below and apply for my accelerated reality program.

Schedule a free consultation with me and we’ll get this thing going for you. But let me know if this video was helpful. Let me know if you want more videos like this. Okay? Subscribe to this channel and give me a thumbs up and I’ll see you in the next video. Peace

October 15, 2019

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