Manifest FASTER By Being Happy With What You Have

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How to manifest faster by being happy with what you already have. In this video, I want to show you how to completely shift your energy from your core so that you’re coming from your happiness and creating your goals from your happiness rather than chasing your happiness. Let’s get right into it.

So when I say being happy with what you have, I don’t want to make it sound like settling for what you have and not wanting something different and not wanting to expand into something more. I’m not saying that because that’s a very natural part of this physical journey. It’s a very natural part of life to want more, to want to expand into a greater version of you and your life. Okay? That’s what actually even creates. That’s what creates any sort of growth. Any single time you want to expand into a better version of yourself, a greater version of your life, you have to expand, right?

So that’s this entire process. So it’s not about settling for what you have and just staying there. However, there is a difference between constantly chasing your happiness in external things and actually blocking your manifestation.

Because of that and being happy regardless of what is going on outside and coming at this process of manifestation from your happiness, wanting to expand into a different version of you, a greater version of you and your reality from your happiness, not for your happiness.

See, one thing I want you to just kind of think about right now is the happiness that you felt when you were just like a little boy or girl and you know you got your favorite toy, right? That was the same happiness that you felt when maybe you were a little older and you got really good grades in school. The happiness that you felt was the same happiness that you felt later on in your life.

Maybe when you got your first job. Okay. The same happiness, the thing that you were deriving this happiness from was different, but the happiness you felt it was the same happiness and the same happiness that when you got into your first relationship or when you got your first promotion or when you started your first business or when you won the lottery or something like that.

The same happiness. So see, happiness is not, happiness is constant. Happiness is the constant that doesn’t change. It’s the same type of happiness that you get from everything. So the things that you’re deriving happiness from can be different but the happiness is always the same. Now if you look at another similar thing from all of these moments, all of these times in your life when you were very happy, there’s also another similarity which is in those moments when you were truly happy you saying yes to the present moment.

You were saying yes to what is currently happening in every moment. When you got your toy, when you got your first job, when you’ve gone your first relationship, when you got your first business or whatever it was, you were deeply happy because you were saying yes to what is currently happening.

See, the reason you are happy is not because you achieved something on the outside or attained an object on the outside. Happiness is not a result of anything that comes from the outside. Happiness is the result of saying yes to what is because in the moment that you say yes to what is and you accept what is happening, your mind resorts back to the self and it stops trying to make change things. It starts trying to chase things and it experiences the happiness that is the self.

The very nature of the self of you is happiness. While the mind is constantly outwards and chasing things constantly saying no to what is it is unhappy. The more you say no to what is in this present moment you the more unhappy you will be. When you accept what currently is and you say yes to what is like you chose it, the mind stops chasing even if it’s for just a few moments and the mind resorts back into its source. The self and experiences, the happiness that is the nature of self, the nature of you. So with this said, happiness does not depend on anything outside. Everything outside is just images.

It is just things that are constantly coming and going. Who are you? You are the changeless self. You are the present moment within which all these things come and go, including your body, including the person you think as you, it comes and goes into different versions of itself, but you who you truly are on a deeper level is the awareness that is observing your person. The awareness that is observing all these things coming and going.

You are the now you’ve experienced your entire life through this filter of the now. When you were just a little boy or girl getting your favorite toy, you were still experiencing this life through the now. The only thing that has changed is the content within the now, but the now is constant. You are the constant. Even when you’re like old, you know and you’re doing whatever.

When you’re old, you’ll still experience that same now. It will always be the now and the now always feels the same. It is unchanging. It is changed less. It is you and that is why when within the now you say no to some contents in your now certain situations in your now you feel unhappy and miserable because you’re rejecting yourself. You’re rejecting yourself in the moment that you say no, that this shouldn’t be happening, that I want something else. So in order to be happy, you need to start saying yes to what is in the now because that is your current expression.

That is your current reflection. That is you saying yes to yourself and as a result of that, your mind pauses the chase and resorts back to its source and experiences, pure self happiness that is not dependent on anything outside of you. That is your very true nature.

And now through this, through being happy, you can still desire other things. It’s not like just because you say yes to what is now and you accept what it is now with like, like you chose it like yes. It doesn’t mean that you don’t desire anything else. You don’t desire to create something else. The difference now is that you come from such a profound, amazing energy of love, passion, happiness, that now what you want happens that much faster.

This is what I call accelerated reality and this is the exact process that I teach in my coaching program. It’s a complete different energy when you’re coming from your happiness rather than chasing happiness. And this internal shift creates all sorts of shifts in the external reality. So my friend, this is how to manifest faster by being happy with what you have, because when you’re happy with what you have and you say yes to the now you experience true inner happiness, that is you, your vibration rises and you’re able to actually be the version of you that you want to be and you are in that moment, be able to choose what the experience that you want to create.

And through that, through that high vibration, higher consciousness mindset, you start to create the life you truly want to live. So if you enjoyed this video and you want to learn more about this process, make sure to check out my accelerated reality program. I have a few spots left for October, so make sure to apply fast. But this is the exact process that I teach. But even on a very fundamental, basic levels through this YouTube video, what you just learned, just applying as what you learned in this YouTube video will do you crazy amount of benefit.

Start to create this inner shift. If you need my help, apply for my program, but just practice this starting now, right after this video, come from happiness. Come from your ideal self rather than chasing it sometime in the future. All right? If you enjoyed it, give me a thumbs up. Subscribe to this channel and I will see you in the next video.

October 17, 2019

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