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What’s going on, sunny here. And in today’s video I want to give you three Neville got hard money techniques to help you make more money to help you create a life of abundance. All right, so let’s get right into it. Before we get into the video, I do want to mention that I’m giving out a free create your dream life workshop, which teaches you how to create the life you truly want from a higher consciousness mindset. It’s completely free. The link is down below.

Okay? So make sure to watch that after you watched this but now let’s get into the money techniques that Naval proposes that you should be using and they’re all based on your imagination. Okay? So before we even get to those three techniques, I want to say there’s one thing that Neville said in one of his lectures that I recently listened to is that get the belief out of your mind that you wanting more money or having more money is not spiritual. Okay?

And this is another thing that also one of my favorite teachers, Stuart Wilde said, he said that anybody who is truly spiritual usually has a lot of money because they truly have have that loving energy. They are truly imaginative beings rather than being focused on the physical. So naturally as a result of that and the techniques that we’re going to talk about in this video, they have a lot of money. So the belief, the common belief that, Oh, just because you’re a really spiritual, you shouldn’t have a lot of money.

Or if you have a lot of money, then that means you’re not, spiritual is not the truth. It’s just a myth and it will only be real for you if you actually buy into it and believe in it. So let go of that belief because it is not serving you to make more money.

And even when you do make more money, then it’s not going to serve you in that perspective because then you’re always going to be like, Oh, I’m not like spiritually developed. I’m not doing the right thing. So it’s just a belief of guilt that you need to completely just disregard by let, letting go of giving it your attention. Okay, so start with that.

Now, the first Neville technique about money that we’re going to talk about is one that places you in the perspective of the version of you who has already transcended and overcome all of your current money problems.

So as you know with imagination, we always have to simulate the experience in our imagination of the version of ourselves that already has our goal achieved. So whatever that may be for you, for this particular video, we’re talking about money.

So Neville said that you should be placing yourself in the perspective. Just imagine yourself thinking, wow, like I remember when I couldn’t pay my rent or I remember the time when I didn’t even have enough money to, you know, get gas in my car and I didn’t know how I would make it the next month after paying my best months rent. And just like imagine what that’s like.

By doing so, you are instantly placing your consciousness in the perspective of you. In the version of you who has already transcended that current money problem that you might be facing. So even if you’re not facing a money problem right now, still place yourself in the perspective of the version of you who’s thinking, man, I remember when I was living in that like, okay, okay house.

You know, um, I remember like it’s crazy how much better the house that I have now is. And then maybe that me even imagined that house be in that house as you’re thinking this, but the main point of this imagination is to constantly aligned to you the version of you who has already transcended your current money situation.

By doing so, you create an instant shift in your energy that helps you align with it. Now number two, and this is actually a question that Neville proposed in one of his lectures, he asked, are you willing to believe and feel like you are rich even if you are not? Are you willing to believe it all day and feel like it all day? Are you willing to believe it while you’re going to sleep at night? Are you willing to feel rich when you’re going to bed every night, night after night?

Are you willing to feel rich even when you are not? If you can do so night after night, then you will eventually become rich. And so this is something that’s very important.

That’s also helped me a lot in my life. So even before I came across Neville teachings, you know, just learning through Abraham Hicks and reality trends, surfing and whatnot, I started to realize that you don’t have to connect your feeling of how rich you feel just based on looking at your money situation richness.

The aspect of richness in, in life can be connected to so many different things. So with me personally, I started to connect my richness to my personal development and how fast I was developing in my early stages and how much I was learning and my like the relationships in my life and the, the wellbeing in my life. And eventually that helped me start to make more money, especially doing what I love.

But when I came across this, a lecturer from Neville and he, you know, he started, so he started saying that feel rich even when you are not believe that you are rich even when you are not cause this current physical reality is simply one expression of your infinite potential.

And the reality in which you are rich and abundant is also just another expression within your infinite potential which he calls imagination. So feel rich believe that you are rich, be rich now and by doing so you connect to that version of you and your imagination that is currently just potential and you enabled the manifesting process of that version as your physical reality.

Okay? That version of you that is rich is has just as much of a chance, a probability to manifest as the physical as your current self did. So instead of being aligned energetically with your current self who was experiencing maybe a money difficulty, you know, financial problem aligned with the version of you who has first transcended that problem and who feels rich feeling is what will connect you to that state, that infinite potential within that you want to manifest.

So through that feeling, you know, bring that feeling into your day to day life still, you can look at your circumstances and yet still feel rich and to use a crutch to help you feel rich. Connect the feeling of richness to another aspect of your life and other area of your life where you are doing amazing and you’re just like really you? Maybe it’s your health, maybe it’s your like relationship with your partner, children, anything. Use that to determine your richness and go to bed every single night.

Feeling rich. And lastly, number three. So for this right, I listened to a couple of stories by Neville and he was talking about how people had come to money because of their, we’re imagining certain scenarios in their mind. And I was looking at all of these different stories of all these different types of people doing different types of things, but there was one commonality.

They were all imagining themselves doing really well in what they do for a living or in what they like to be doing for a living. And not only were they imagining, they were actually also putting their imagination, their vision into motion through action.

So they were carrying out their vision in action, right? And they were seeing that the more they were imagining wellbeing in their business or um, their profession, they would experience that imagination manifest as reality when it would come time, you know, maybe three weeks, maybe in a month, maybe in a year.

But by staying consistent with their imagination and always imagining themselves doing well in what they do. A time came, Neville said that they experienced their imagination as reality and started to see themselves making more money. Because see, the thing is your way of adding value to the world is what you attract money with, right?

Your way of adding value to the world is what you usually do for a living. What you do for work. Okay. And if you’re doing well in what you do for a living, then you will naturally attract more money. So instead of just like visualizing a lot of like a big big account or something, visualize yourself doing well in what you do.

And this is actually a technique that I’m using right now. This is a technique that I’ve been using for a past couple of months, which has helped me expand my business a lot. Now I don’t before I used to just like kind of think about myself and be more money focused where now I’m, I only visualize the people that watch these videos doing really well and loving the videos and just gaining so much value from the videos, which I hope you are gaining by the way, if you are, let me know in the comment section below.

But I also just visualize myself not just gaining more clients like I used to, but rather seeing such transformational results in the clients that do sign up to the program. Right. I’ve let go of like wanting to just sign up so many people into my program and like visualizing that and rather just my clients themselves experiencing such profound results. Because if they do well, I do well, right?

But even in BEC, like I let go of that principle when I’m doing these imaginations, what you’ll see is like when you start to visualize for other people doing well, you will naturally start doing well yourself. But like take yourself out of those visualizations. That’s like true giving true love. And so I started to do this not just for my clients and my, obviously you guys didn’t YouTube a YouTube viewers, but just like everybody in my life, you know, all relationships in my life.

I just like randomly. Sometimes when I just think of it, I just give them love, right? Just give, give, give and eventually the money will come. Eventually all sorts of wellbeing will come. Not just money. Money is just one aspect of the richness of life. Okay? So to put this technique in team and to emotion, visualize yourself doing well in what you do and at the same time, then go execute it.

Right now, not saying force it into existence, but take action on what you’re doing. I always say that action and physical reality is imagination in motion. So if you’re just imagining things and just sitting on your couch waiting, you’re actually getting in your own way. Whereas if you’re imagining every single day and then you’re taking action on your vision, that imagination will unfold through you. Manifestation happens through you, not to you.

Okay? That is very important to remember. It doesn’t happen to you. Just proof it happens through you. So become that vessel, that physical vessel through which your imagination, the spiritual can become reality, physical knowing that the ultimate reality, the real reality is actually the infinite potential, which is imagination, which never calls God. All right.

So I hope you enjoyed these three techniques on how to make more money that Neville so kindly shared with us. Um, if you want more novel videos, please let me know in the comment section below. And especially like what topic on level you really want me to cover. Okay. Other than that, make sure to watch that. Create your free, create your dream life workshop. It’s completely for free. The link is in the description box below. Subscribe to this channel and I’ll see you in the next video. Peace out.

October 17, 2019

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