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And today’s video. I want to discuss the illusion of action chapter from the tough to the priestess book by the Dean Zaylin. Okay. I want to give you a kind of summary and show you how to actually understand this a little better and manifest what you do want in a more effective and effortless manner. So let’s get right into it.

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I honestly ended up picking like five winners every single time I tried to give this away. So you might get lucky, but just calming down below I am. All right, but now let’s get into the video. What is the illusion of action and why was it so important for Vadim to place this and tufted the priestess? What I’m about to tell you. My Davids sound a little scary and you might reject it at first, but keep an open mind to it.

Okay? Because ultimately realizing this is the first step to actually gaining that power that you truly seek. Okay? So Vadim is basically saying that day to day, the things that you’re doing that it seems like you’re doing, you’re choosing to do, you’re not doing any of it. There is no choice in what you do on a day to day basis that all of it is predetermined by your script.

And if you live life unconsciously, constantly in the inner screen or the outer screen, then you are just subject to this script that will control you, that will keep you kind of thinking that you’re doing things and you’re exercising your free will. But in the grand scheme of things you are not and that you’re just being led by the hand on a film role that you did not choose. And if I was to give you an example of this, think about like a movie character, okay?

A person in a movie there. So the movie has been made entirely now from the big, like from outside of the movie, you can see that the movie has been written completely and that the movie character, his actions are already determined. And there is a beginning, you know, conflict in the middle and then a and an end to the movie.

From the high perspective, from the outside perspective, you see this movie already being complete. You see it already been being made. But if you were to, let’s say, go into the perspective of the movie character within the movie, let’s say the main character that main character believes as the movie’s going, that he’s doing everything that you know, he is controlling his actions. So from within it seems like you’re controlling everything, but if you zoom out and look at it from outside, you know that the movie’s already made and that it’s already fixed.

That how this person’s gonna act and what’s what’s going to happen in their life. So the deem is basically saying that is that if you constantly stay fixed in the perspective of this linear, physical reality, unconsciously living your life, you will think that you have all sorts of control, but you will constantly find yourself living a life where you’re like, man, why are things not the way that I want them to be?

It’s because you do have the capacity for self awareness, but you’re not exercising it and you have this capacity to see that things aren’t the way that you want them to be, but you have no idea how to change them because you’re being led by descript and this is the sort of restriction that you feel that kind of frustrates you, that you want to just transcend and you can notice this by yourself like certain days.

You can just go the whole day without being conscious and then be like, damn that that day went quick. Where did I even do? I actually recommend to you to start out this exercise where right before you go to bed at night, you kind of just roll past your day. So from the night go through your day backwards, what happened moment by moment, by moment by moment, but like hour by hour.

What did you do? How did that day unfold? Unfold different like uh, night to morning backwards and you’ll see how many things you completely just like slept over your unconscious through. And I’ve noticed this personally, like, um, let’s just say you’re really hungry and you start to eat right and you’re eating the meal, but then it’s over like this and then you’re like, damn, it feels like I didn’t even, you’re full, but you’re like, I don’t even remember actually eating.

Do you know what I mean? Or like let’s just say you drive home from somewhere and you get home and you’re like, Oh shit, I don’t even remember driving. It just happened. Okay. So you see like we do have the tendency to live very unconsciously and only if you make an effort to live consciously, will you actually have any sort of control over this script? I actually never had a script.

The film roll, and we’ll talk about that in a second. So, so if we are not controlling any actions, any of our actions, what does that mean? Does that just mean that life is predetermined? That we shouldn’t try at all to create our reality? But Dean proposes a different idea. The Dean was saying that, yes, there is the illusion of action. You’re not actually taking any action. Action is just happening and you’re not controlling anything.

Life is just happening to you. If you live unconsciously, however, you have the power to change the film roll on which you want to be. Even on that film role, the Dean says, you will not have full control over your actions. It’s not like you have control. You will just go from one movie to a different movie, but even in that movie, there will be the illusion of action. That is the nature of reality and this isn’t something that you should feel constricted against or from.

Instead, you should be focused on gaining the freedom that Vadim Joe’s proposed, which is accessing the awareness, the self-awareness, becoming awake in the center screen, away from the outer and the inner screen awake in the center. Fully aware in which you gained the capacity to ignite a different movie, to play a different film, to switch over to a different film roll on which things will unfold differently.

So instead of grinding in the physical and like trying to change things, believing you are, act, doing the action, your greater power lies within awareness, changing to a different potential within your infinite capacity. And that’s what Tufts is all about. It’s about composing reality, not forcing things into reality because that doesn’t work.

Okay? So what is, what Vadim is proposing is to, again, and again throughout your day, wake up if you want any sort of creating your reality control, you have to learn to wake up again and again and again and again. No excuses. You cannot say sunny. I just can’t remember. I can’t just, I just can’t do this. I can’t meditate. I can’t, you know, like, um, I get to engulfed by my day to day activities. Well, how badly do you want it? You can make as many excuses as you want. You’re, you have the right to do so.

But at the end of the day it’s not serving you at all. So you have to literally go for this day at a time, one day at a time. And this is what I always say, like raising your awareness. Why is it so important? Because that is your only true power. Why do I always say creating the life you truly want to live through a higher consciousness mindset because that there lies your true power.

Your true power does not lie within grinding and struggling. Not saying action is bad at all cause I take a lot of action. But I’m just saying the true power from where it comes from is that awareness. So the team is saying every single day again and again and again, come to the center of awareness. No thoughts where you just are and then compose your reality. Compose, visualize in your imagination the life that you would like to be living.

You are already living that life and then come back to physical and then just again, there’ll be the illusion of action where you think you’re doing, but you’re like unconsciously living and just going by the script alone, like along with the script, but then wake up again, again and again and again. Every single time especially you were worrying. You are like in fear. I actually have this on my wall right there.

It says, don’t be afraid. Compose reality. Instead, don’t wait. Compose instead, don’t hope. Compose instead, don’t lament. I think that’s how it’s pronounced. Compose instead. So every single time you see yourself in a fearful position in anxiety and worry and waiting, instead, just wake up and compose what you want. Change, switch to the film roll that you want to manifest as your physical and then just go on with your life knowing that this is manifesting moment by moment now that you are on a different film role. Okay. So know that on the day to day level, on a moment to moment, moment by moment basis, you’re not necessarily controlling all your actions. Like even if like I’m thinking that I’m making this video right now, this video is this part of the script me making this video as part of the script, okay?

My true power lies in just choosing the vision, the movie that I want to play out and then just follow the script. So I got the inspiration to make this video today and I’m following through that, right? But that was already part of the script Vadim proposes. So on a day to day level, no control, but you’re real control. Choosing the vision, choosing the movie that you want to play and then just come back and enjoy it.

Like I’m still enjoying making this video. I’m still putting somewhat effort into making this video, but it’s flowing. It’s all natural. It is. It’s coming. Allow it to happen. Watch your journey unfold and you can believe you if you want to believe you’re taking this action to do it, but let it unfold. Let it flow. All right? If you have any questions about this, let me know in the comment section below again, um, free reality, uh, trans surfing cheat sheet and just calming down below I M and I’ll pick a winner.

Okay. Um, if you do want to learn how to create the life you truly want to live through a higher consciousness mindset, I have two spots left in my accelerated reality program. My students are killing it right now. And you could apply. Link is in the description box below. Two spots left. Please be fast. Okay. Um, but other than that, subscribe to this channel and I will see you in the next video.

October 23, 2019

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