How To Achieve Unity Of Heart And Mind For FASTER Manifestation Reality Transurfing

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What’s going on. This is sunny here and in today’s video we’re talking reality trends, surfing. We’re talking how to unite your heart and mind, achieve this unity within yourself, within your energies so that you can manifest anything faster.

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So if you want to win that comment down below before this video even starts. But let’s get into the content of the video today. I felt it necessary to give you a very practical analysis of the unity of how to achieve this unity between your heart and mind. Okay? Because it is a topic that kind of gets confusing. And so today I just wanted to boil this down into a very practical way and like give you just some practical pointers.

I’m going to give you five steps to achieve this unity again and again and again just to let you know that this is not a onetime thing. Achieving unity of heart and mind is not something they just happens once and then it’s done, right? Um, in a regular Hunter regular basis, you’re going to have to go through again and again throughout your day and come back to this alignment every single time you notice yourself falling out of it.

All right? Why do you want to achieve unity of heart and mind? Because in reality, trans surfing buddies Zealand says that this is the key to allowing outer intention to meet you and manifest what you want for you. Okay? So this is what he calls allowing life to meet you halfway rather than forcing your manifestations into existence, right? That often feels like a struggle and an efforting type of thing rather than that just allowing life to also help you manifest what you want.

Right? And how to do that. You have to achieve unity of heart and mind over what it is that you want to create. So oftentimes, um, what’s the greatest obstacle to achieving this unity of heart and mind is that your mind is not open to the possibility of what you desire actually happening in your life. Because the mind is just completely engulfed within so many different concepts and false beliefs instilled within you from the world, from what Vadim Zeland calls pendulums, right?

So many false beliefs, so many limiting beliefs, so many things about so many limiting beliefs about your own self worth. So many limiting beliefs about what, what you believe yourself, what you believe to be possible for you, achievable for you. And because of that, every single time you think of a goal, you’re just like automatically. I don’t know if that’s possible for me.

So that contraction that you feel right there is your mind contracting and allowing this manifestation. And again, I’ve said it in previous videos that nothing will manifest on the outside that doesn’t agree with your belief system. So truly if your belief system is like, I’m not worthy of money or money, never comes to me, I’ve never experienced money in my life. Now, no matter how hard you work, you will always struggle to manifest an external condition in which you are making money.

And let’s say you even, you somehow manage that, right? Somehow it happens. You’re just do something to sell sabotage and you will lose all your money and then you’ll find yourself in that spot again. And how many people do you know that go through this constant up and down? It’s because of this, right? So what we have to start doing is now we have to start to ease our mind into the manifestation.

We have to ease our mind into believing that it is possible for us. And how do we do that? We do it through a process. So it can’t just be done instantly where it’s like, okay, if you have a really low self confidence or if you have, um, a belief about how this new big mansion that you want is not possible for you, you can’t just make it happen.

Like, okay, now I believe it. Even if you say it on the surface, that’s not, it doesn’t mean anything. It’s not deep enough, right? It’s not coming from knowing. It’s coming from just like mental chatter. So how to ease your mind into believing that this big house that you really want as big, this nice apartment or this other, this person, you know, this relationship that you want is possible for you. I’m going to give you five quick steps.

Okay? So the five very practical methods that I’m gonna give to you are really to help you dissolve the resistance and the contraction that you feel that because of that, you fall into a state of inaction. You fall into a state of just dwelling within why it is not possible for you. Okay? So do these five things. One of these five things, every single time you’re thinking of your desire and your maybe even moving towards it, but let’s say like you start having really like a lot of negative thoughts about it.

You start having a lot of like inner resistance to your goal, where you start doubting, you start fearing the potential outcomes. Any single time you do this, there is no unity of heart and mind. It’s basically like your heart knowing that it is possible for you, right? Your heart doesn’t just think it’s possible for you.

Your heart knows that it is possible. However it is the mind that doubts because it has so many limiting beliefs and false concepts within it. So every single time you are going towards your desire, you wake up or like you’re just going by your day now and your mind gives you this contraction and it tries to pull you back with all this doubt and limiting beliefs. Do one of these five things, okay, number one, and is the first and foremost meditate. Why? Because meditation allows you to just relax and ease all of your mental concepts.

Once you disengage from the mind. Now the like your actual vibration, your baseline can become your current energy, current state of being. So when you’re in that contracted state of being and you’re like focused on all those limiting beliefs, you are completely shifting your state of being to those negative lifelines, to that negative state of being, which is not going to help you at all.

Not only will it not help you achieve your goal, but it will actually turn you the other way and um, make you manifest a negative future. You don’t want that. So learn to do this again and again and again. Meditate every single day, not just when you feel contracted, but just on a general, like make it a habit because it allows you to clear out so many of your mental concepts.

And this happens naturally as you meditate your, your sense of self, your sense of reality becomes subtler and subtler and subtler until you start to expand naturally what you consider to be possible for yourself. This is why I constantly preach meditation is because this change happens naturally. If you just commit to meditation, your scope of what you consider to be possible for yourself will expand. So meditate and I’m gonna link a video up here that’s going to teach you how to truly go deep in meditation and disengaged from the mind.

So make sure you watch that video after this one. It’s very crucial. So as soon as the mind relaxes and eases its control, now you can actually finally breathe and you can go towards your goal again. So this dissolves the, the inner stillness dissolves the external emotion and the external obstacle that’s stopping you from achieving your result. Learn to become still within and you will just make your external life so much easier. Number two, every time you’re feeling contracted or you’re in a state of doubt, go exercise. Okay? A large problem with people like trying to manifest their best, abundant, most like amazing high vibration lives is that they themselves are very low energy. So if you’re very low energy in your body all the time, you’re, there’s no flow of energy in your body, then you’re always going to also manifest stagnant conditions outside.

Okay? The external world is just another extension of your body. Your body is like your first home. You’re the world is your second home, but both of them are just an externalization of you. So to take care of your worlds, start also taking care of your body, exercise when ever you are feeling contracted, whenever you’re doubting go exercise.

And within that action, within that movement, you will dissolve all the negative energy, all the excess potential of doubt, of desire, of importance, of fear just within exercise. It is really that simple. So don’t fight your doubt. Don’t like think that it’s not possible for you. Just go exercise, go like you know, run or like go lift weights, go do yoga, do anything. And literally in like 20 minutes you will feel way better and you can now focus on your goal positively. Exercise is so simple and so practical yet so useful.

Number three, go for a walk again. Once you start to put that excess potential into motion and you just start, you know, just go like using up that energy, you’re going to dissipate that energy. So the excess potential can only create those like balancing forces that are going to work against you in a negative way. If you continue to maintain that excess potential and cling onto it. But once you just, let’s just say go for a walk, right?

And I do this all the time. I do this every single morning, not necessarily to dissipate excess potential, but just also to gain mental clarity. Once you’re just walking and you’re just like breathing and you’re focusing on like deep breathing and just feeling the air and just like connecting with nature, naturally you come back to a balanced state, your mind relaxes. It’s control and you can focus on your goal positively.

And along with that, if you’re actually in a negative state, walking will allow you to dissolve all the excess potential. And now you can come back into just taking one step in front of the other. Number four, clean your surroundings, clean your house. And um, this is something that also dissolves the excess potential that you’re carrying within you. Um, just start to tidy up things. Clean your environment.

You know, I always say that the nature of your environment, like if it’s clean or not, also just shows to you the, it’s just an externalization of your own mind. So if your surroundings are very messy, whenever I see someone with a really messy car or a really messy office or a really messy home, I can, I can see what’s going on in their mind. So you’re, if, if a mind is constantly, you know, just turbulent and excessive and just uncontrolled, that’s just what the external conditions will look like and to control that.

You can also just clean up your external conditions a little bit. So if you’re feeling contracted or you’re feeling doubting, uh, if you’re doubting a lot, just go clean your house and you’ll, you’ll notice a difference. Not only will you dissipate all the excess potential, but you will notice how a clean environment allows you to operate a clean mind, which therefore will lead to a cleaner environment. It’s like a feedback loop. So don’t take this lightly. This is a very practical task.

However, it is very effective. And number five, and this is one of the most important aspects of reality. Train surfing is continuing to place one foot in front of the other towards the direction of your goal. Keep the process moving and when you’re feeling negative, when you’re feeling like a lot of excess potential, you know like all that desire and fear and negativity, just you can do one of the first four things to kind of get yourself balanced first and then just come back to just moving towards the goal.

Don’t take this lightly. Again, this dissipates and dissolves the excess potential, but it just gets the process going again. And as you continue on with the process, the goal starts to become more available to you, more believable to you. Okay? But here’s the key. The action that you take, especially when you’re in a negative state, don’t take action if you’re attached to the results, only take action.

If you are in a state where you could just like let go of attachment to the results. So let’s just say you’re doing like a a like a big article or something like that. Let go of all attachment to what you want this article to accomplish. What? So let’s just say for tow, to give you an even easier example, let’s say I was in a really negative state, right? And I was like, ah, I wanted to just start taking action and let’s say I want to make a YouTube video.

What I would do is start just making a video, right? Start trying to make the best video possible, but letting go completely of how I want this YouTube video to do what I want this YouTube video to get me everything. Just let go of all attachment to the results of that action, but just start taking action. And just by taking action, you dissolve all the excess potential.

Your mind eases and like all the concepts, all the doubt, and now you can focus on your goal positively again. Okay? So those are the five steps that are very practical, yet always work to unite the heart and mind. United, United. The heart and mind feels like you’re just moving towards the goal in harmony and kind of effortlessness, ease, right? So you want to continue to maintain this attitude towards your goal again and again and again.

Every single time you fall out of it, do one of these five things to get back into the state of being that allows your goal to manifest, to get back into a state where you can actually focus on your goal positively rather than negatively. Only you can hold yourself back with reality. Trans surfing, you know that you want to continue to maintain the attitude of just taking one step in front of the other, going into the mailbox and getting your mail. That’s how you want to think of your goal.

Every single time you start to doubt, every single time you start to believe that, Oh my God, like I don’t know how I’m gonna achieve that goal. Just do one of these five things. And again, your again and again and again. Your mind will start to open up to the possibility of your goal happening and then that’s all you need. Just continues taking steps, steps forward and you will manifest your goal.

So I hope you found that valuable. Again, if you want the free reality trend surfing cheat sheet, just comment down below I am and give this video a thumbs up. All right. I still have free consults available for my accelerated reality program, creating the life you truly want to live through a higher consciousness mindset. The link for that isn’t in the description box below. Alright, but other than that, subscribe to this channel and I’ll see you in the next video.

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