How To Attract Money FAST Using Law Of Attraction

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How to manifest money fast. A topic that we all want to hear more about. So let’s get right into it. I’m going to give you five steps on how to start manifesting more money into your life starting today.

So right away, number one, um, and this is one of the most important prerequisites to actually start making more money, is to realize that what you want is not money itself, but rather something that you think is going to bring to you. It can be a feeling, it could be an experience, it could be a material object, right? Stop focusing on the money.

The money itself means nothing. The money itself is just like a, it’s a common misconception that the world is constantly trying to feed to you. That you can’t be happy until you make a certain amount of money and that you need to make this much money. You need to chase money so that you can actually be happy. So a world full of people as just the, we’re just chasing money and even like sacrificing our own health for sacrificing so many other things in our life for just money.

Not realizing that we don’t even care about money itself. It’s just what you think money will bring to you. So that has to be your focus rather than the money itself. And this is something that I’ve heard a million times, but I did not fully internalize this concept, this teaching until I myself started to make a good amount of money.

And just realizing that the money itself does not make you any happier. The money itself does not make you any, like it doesn’t improve the quality of your life any more. It’s what you want with the money. It’s what you think the money will get you, even if it is a feeling of like freedom and relief, that’s what you’re truly after. And so that should be your main focus rather than, Oh, I want to make $10,000 per month, or I want to do this per month or per year.

Okay, so think about right now, right? Like once I have the amount of money that I desire, what will it actually get me? What do I actually want? That is a symbol for me right now of freedom, of relief, of ease. So it could be that car that you want, right? That symbolizes to you that yes, I have freedom, yes, I have the ability to get what I want or do what I want in this world.

It could be a house, it could be, it could be anything. It could be nice clothes, it could be being able to take care of another person. What are you actually after? Start focusing on that and then the money can actually start making its weight to you. And this is something that a powerful, a, something that’s really powerful that I learned from reality trend surfing is that once you start to focus on the goal itself and start to try to put the goal into motion, now the money that you need for the goal can actually start to present itself to you.

And it presents itself to you and like fashions that you’ve never even of in ways that you could not have imagined. And this is something that I tested out last year when I wanted to travel a lot. And you know instantly when you want to travel, you think about how am I going to get the money to do it? But once you actually set a goal and start to move towards it, now the money that you need to make that goal happen starts to find you.

And this is the difference between chasing money and just trying to fulfill a goal because money is not the goal. It can never be the goal. And once as long as it is your goal, you’re going to struggle to manifest money. So know that right now, stop chasing money. Instead, start focusing on what it is that you want.

For example, if you want to move into a new apartment, start to visualize yourself in that new apartment already. Start to take steps to move towards that new apartment. Start looking for apartments online. Just put this process into motion. Be goal-focused and the money that you need in order to make that apartment happen will start to come to you.

Number two, get yourself into a vibrational state that actually is capable of attracting money. So many people I talk to on a daily basis that want more money, that want more abundance, that want more wellbeing in their life and they’re just waiting for it while their current habits and their current lifestyle is completely a what you would call low vibration. Completely stagnant, right? Just like not putting anything into motion themselves, like your body and mind have to be prepared enough to actually attract more money.

And what do I mean by that? Right? When you think of abundance, when you think of wellbeing in your life, it has a certain good feeling quality to it. You can say that it’s very high vibration, but if you yourself are always embodying a low vibration. If you’re always like waking up super late and you feel is all like sorts of drowsy and everything, you’re just not motivated, you’re not driven, you are just stagnant.

You don’t exercise so your energy in your body is very low. You don’t meditate so you don’t have any mental clarity and you don’t have any actual drive or passion to make your goals happen in your life, isn’t you? You are not doing what you can to make your life self thriving, right? That passion, that energy. If that’s not coming from you, how can it ever come from outside?

And so one problem that I see with a lot of people, not just with money, but like with just life in general, it’s like they’re waiting for something great to come from outside. Meanwhile, they themselves are very stagnant and low vibration. However, in order for anything significantly good to come into your life, into your experience, into your reality, you yourself have to S now prepare yourself for those high vibration things by you getting into the high vibration right now.

So start preparing your mind and body for abundance. How make your lifestyle as high vibration as possible. Exercise every single day. Meditate every single day. Eat clean foods, wake up early, go to bed early. You know, have mental clarity like be focused. Don’t just be everywhere. Prepare yourself for the abundance and abundance will naturally find you. Number three, and this goes in hand in hand with number two, wake up every single day actually being open to miracles.

Get out of the state of everyday living. Everyday living is just like, you know, you’re waking up kind of knowing what to expect. You know that you have a job from nine to five is what’s going to happen. This is what my day looks like and because you have that certain expectation in your mind just embedded, now you’re literally closing off anything good that can actually happen to you because nothing good can happen to you if it is outside of your belief system.

So if you wake up every single day with the underlying belief that, Oh, this is just what it’s going to be my day, it’s just another day, there’s nothing special, then that’s exactly what’s going to occur. However, if you wake up being open to miracles like today is not just another day. It is now. It is right here and now life is happening right now.

I’m no longer chasing something in the future life as of right now, and if you live like that every single day, good things can actually happen to you. You can actually be open to, okay, it’s not just another day. Things aren’t just like set and planned.

This present moment right now is full of infinite potential and it can unfold in infinite different ways and I am open, I am receptive to any possible thing that can happen to me today. And with that attitude, you live your life and now you open the cap of what is possible for you today. So get out of everyday living and start to treat every single day as like the blessing that it truly is. Number four, be fully willing to do what it takes and be fully willing to put things into motion, right? What’s going to attract more money into your life?

What do you think right now you could be doing in order to make money actually happen? Right? So visualizing and like preparing yourself vibrationally for money’s one thing, which is amazing, which is the prerequisite. However, on a physical level, start putting things into motion. Have the passion and the drive.

If money, you know, if you want more money, if you want to make your goal happen and you want to attract money, then put your goal into motion. Start taking one step in front of the other towards the direction of your goal every single day, every single minute of your day, while being on being open to all miracles, right? What attracts money? Service money is just another symbol for the value that you are providing to the world. So if you are providing value to the world selflessly, the entire universe and value can be provided in so many different ways.

Now this value will be returned to you. And one of the ways that it returns to you is money, right? So what is one way that you can add value to other people? What is one way that you can help the world become a better place? Like add to your universe and the universe will give back to you. And this is why.

So now like money comes back so naturally to you. Once you really start to, you know, create something that benefits other people, not just money will come to you. Once you start benefiting other people, health will come to you. Good relationships will come to you. Just to general sense of wellbeing in your life will come to you. So get out of the state of being selfishly focused. Instead start to think about, you know, where can I create value in the world?

How can I use my time, my efforts, my resources to actually create value and put things into motion? Because that is what opens up avenues for money to come to you. Whereas if you’re just like, Oh, I want money, I want these things and I’m doing like all the visualizations and meditations, but money’s not coming to me yet. You’re living just like in everyday life, not expecting miracles or at all and you’re not putting anything into motion, you’re just sitting around watching TV.

Then how are you expecting for anything to happen for you? You know, I’m being a little harsh and this video, but I also want to just, I want this to be a wake up call because around the topic of money we are all deeply asleep and these things we have to truly realize in order to actually create the abundance that we desire.

Okay, so put things into motion, serve other people. And naturally you will be served. Now lastly, number five, and this is perhaps one of the most important ones. You have to get clear about what you believe to be true about money, about abundance. You know, if you grew up in a household like many, many of us do, uh, with parents that weren’t raised with a family that wasn’t like doing financially well.

And let’s just say you were going through like a financial struggle throughout your life. You know, throughout that time you created a lot of beliefs about money, about how the world works, about your own relationship to money. And you’re not even aware of these beliefs. You may be aware of some of them, but some of them lie deeply embedded within your subconscious. And so you really have to visit your past. And not that the past holds so much meaning, but it’s the past that has enabled you to create those definitions too, um, about money.

And you’re still holding those definitions within you in this present moment. So this is why I say just momentarily, V revisit the past and ask yourself, you know, like when I was going through this time, when my family was going through this time, maybe we had some ups and downs, maybe we lost it all, or whatever it was for you. Ask yourself, you know, what was, um, my family’s general attitude about money? What was our experience regarding money and abundance?

What was I taught about money? Were you taught that you have to work really hard every single day and just to get by, just to make it through? Or did you live in like a sort of effortless type of lifestyle? Just expecting wellbeing all the time? You know, those two types of inner beliefs create very different external realities. And this is why I focused so much on clearing limiting beliefs, not just regarding money, but also relationships and wellbeing in every area of your life in my program.

Because I truly believe that the reason that even like people struggle to create the outcomes in their life regarding money too is because they have so much into resistance and inner limiting beliefs that are holding them back from creating the success they desire. And let’s just say they do create that success. They do create that abundance.

They just do something to self sabotage and they have no control over it. They’re like, what the hell did I do? It’s because those limiting beliefs that you are still subconsciously identified with, they keep pulling you back into your old reality. They keep pulling you back into your old sense of self and you have to learn to transcend that. And so visit your past and ask yourself all these questions. You know, what were my beliefs about money? What are my beliefs about money right now? What do I believe to be possible for myself?

Because again, you will never manifest anything in the external if your belief system does not allow it because the external is only a reflection of your belief system. So if inside you are subscribed to a lot of lack full beliefs and are completely unaware of it, you will continue to manifest lack, full external circumstances and you will believe in their reality. However, they’re just a reflection of your own lack mindset.

So work on those beliefs, work on putting these five things into motion and if you want to do this deeper inner work and start to release all of your limiting beliefs, not just the rara regarding money, but also relationships, your own self worth. And if you for truly want to start creating the life that you really want to live through a higher consciousness mindset, then book a free consultation with me, a one on one consultation with me below.

The link is down below in the description where we discuss if my coaching program accelerated reality is right for you, where we truly help you through this process of letting go of everything that is no longer serving you and to start creating from your happiness, from your vision rather than chasing it like a destination. All right, the link for that is in the discussion box below. Um, if you have any questions regarding this video, put them in the comments section below. Give me a thumbs up if you enjoyed it and gain value from it. Subscribe to this channel and I will see you in the next video.

October 24, 2019

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