How To Manifest Anything FAST

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How to manifest anything fast. In this video, I want to share with you one thing you need to master before learning how to manifest anything in your life deliberately. Okay? Let’s get right into it.

Before we get into the video, uh, I’m still hosting my free workshop, which is called the create your dream life workshop, which is going to teach you the overall bigger picture of how to create the life you truly want to live through a higher consciousness mindset. Okay? So if you want to learn how to bring your imagination into physical reality, make sure to watch that workshop right after this video because it’s going to build on this video, right? But, and the link for that is down there in the discussion box below. Um, but let’s get into the video.

Now, I’ve been keeping things pretty practical for the past few videos because there are some, you know, practical things that we have to just learn to master in order to also go into the abstract principles of creating your own reality. So I thought it was important to create these couple of practical videos where I just give you some practical tips on how to start making manifestation easier for you.

And so what is the thing that I want to discuss today? I want to talk about the concept of being in alignment between all your thoughts, words and actions. I think one of the biggest obstacles that people have to creating their life through their thoughts, through their, you know, through all these spiritual methods is that there is no alignment between what they think, what they say and what they do.

And as practical as this may seem, this is like, so like it’s such a big deal if you’re constantly thinking one thing that I want to do this that I and I, I’m worthy of doing this. But you say something completely else. Like when you’re in conversation with your friends and family, you talk about like completely like the words you use are completely contradicting to your thoughts and your intentions and then you take action that is completely out of alignment with what you think.

So let’s just say you want to become fit, right? That’s your intention. You’re like, I’m going to become fit. But then you talk about to your friends and family how much you hate the gym. You talk about how much you hate healthy eating. You talk about how much, how hard it is, right? To make this happen.

And then on an action level, let’s just say you don’t even go to the gym like three days a week or you don’t even exercise that often. And on the action level, you’re just like watching TV and just like wasting time when you could be actually working towards their health. You know, you could be eating healthy, but you’re eating poorly, right? So as long as there is this gap between these three things, your thoughts, your words, and your actions, there will always be in congruency between what you think and what manifests.

And there you will always be like, man, law of attraction doesn’t work for me. All of these things don’t work for me because I’m constantly thinking of these things, but they’re not manifesting in my life. It’s because there’s no congruency. There’s no alignment between what you’re thinking, what you’re saying and what you’re doing on a day to day basis. There’s no awareness in this entire process. And I actually made a video about this a year ago, almost a year ago.

I’m talking about this exact same thing. And I needed to make this video again because obviously many people have joined the channel ever since, uh, that video came out. But also because it’s just something that’s worth reiterating their hat. You have to start to bring awareness to your thought process now obviously, but also what you say, right? So even sometimes when like I get new clients and they start working with me and they just say, um, wherever on a call, and there’s trying to literally, it’s using words that aren’t serving them in any way.

Language thing, uh, language. Like, you know, I’m no good at this. Oh, I’m not ready for this. Or, you know, this is usually really hard for me. Things like that. Right? That is language that is not in alignment with your intention, right? If you have a goal of being super successful and you want to create success in your field, but you’re saying things like that, like, Oh, um, I’m not sure if I’m ready for this or man, uh, does job sucks?

Like those things that are not in alignment with your thoughts. And then those words are also going to create actions that are not in alignment with those words or thoughts. Okay? So what we want to start doing is bring congruency into this entire process. So what I would, um, so there’s a very practical level, right? So what I would uh, invite you to do from today onwards, be very clear up here.

It all starts up here, right? And be very clear about what it is that you want. Have that clear intention. What am I trying to create right now? What is the most important thing in my life right now? And then anything that you speak on that topic can never be problematic. If the way you express your ideas, because think about it, your words are like the first manifestations of your thoughts into the physical reality.

So if your first manifestations of your ideas are contradicting your ideas and your thoughts, then you can never expect them to actually take greater form in your physical reality. So from today onwards, right? Get rid of all limiting language things like, um, this is difficult things like, um, I dunno if I could do this, my, this job sucks or I’m not the type to do this. Things like that, right?

There’s so many, there’s so many examples, but any language that is limiting, get rid of it. It is not serving you in any way and you think that it’s not making a big deal, but it is all negative language is not serving you. So get rid of it. Why even entertain it? It’s actually adding to your life in a negative way. Okay. Now, next, start making your actions in alignment with your words, with your thoughts.

So if your intention is to be healthy and be fit, then speak in alignment with those thoughts, right? Um, talk about all the, all these like new dives that you’re doing or whatever. Talk about all the exercise that you’re doing in a positive way. You’re making progress, you’re trying to create this. And then on an action level, act in accordance with your thoughts as well. Go exercise, you know, eat healthy with a positive attitude.

Um, create this entire lifestyle change. See, where am I not in congruence with my thoughts right now? So if you’re laying around and on the, on the couch and you feel bad for it, the reason for that is, is because you’re not in alignment with your intention. So become aware of that. You see like this manifestation process, the main thing it requires is awareness rather than like constant effort and like struggle.

What it requires is awareness. The more aware you become of like all your mental tendencies and in congruencies, the more easier it becomes to realign and just create what you want. You know, in the past couple of months what I’ve really just honed in on my intention and just like eliminated all things, all language, all words, all actions that were not in alignment with my specific focus for these past couple of months. I’ve seen incredible results in my business, in my personal life, and just my overall wellbeing, nature of my life.

And it’s because I had that specific intention. You know, like I even saw myself like, you know, kind of slipping off and like I had a couple of months of stagnation too. But it’s like, okay, those are peaks and valleys and you go boom, you will go through that always. But constant realignment. That’s what this process requires.

Awareness. That is what this process requires. Thoughts, words, actions, make them in alignment. And you will start to reduce the timing between when you say things and when they manifest. If you want your thoughts to create your reality, allow your thoughts to come into physical reality through your words and your actions in alignment with those thoughts. And truly that’s what gets this process going. This is a concept I read in Bhagavad Gita a while back. They said, always, um, be in congruency with your thoughts, like what you think will manifest only if your actions and your words are also aligned with what you think.

Whereas some, most people are just like they think something, they say something else and they do something completely else. Get honest with yourself. Are you doing this right now? If you are, you want to eliminate it, replace it, become aware of it. Don’t just let yourself off the hook. You can become your own greatest enemy or your best friend, so put this process of demotion today. If you have any questions about it, put it in the comments section below.

Again is very practical, but it is super important and I wanted to make a video about this because it’s, it’s so crucial. All right. Again, if you want to learn how to truly create the life you really want through a higher consciousness mindset, like letting go of everything that is no longer serving you and simply just subscribed to the positive beliefs and deepening your connection to source and creating from that perspective, creating from your happiness rather than chasing it like a destination, click the link in the description box below. Watch my free workshop. Create your dream life workshop that I’m giving away for free right now. All right, you’re going to love it, but other than that, subscribe to this channel. Give me a thumbs up and I’ll see you in the next video. Peace out.

October 25, 2019

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Tori Petty - March 10, 2020

Hi Sunny. Just wanted to let you know that I was watching the create your dream life workshop and that it won’t progress past 27:45. Maybe it is just my computer but if you are not getting a lot of feedback about the workshop this may be why.

    Sunny from Personal Mastery Quest - March 11, 2020

    Thanks so much for taking the time to let me know! Can you check if it’s working now for you? If not let me know and I’ll send you an updated link

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