How To Love Yourself And Be Confident

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How to love yourself and be confident. In this video, I’m going to share with you three unconventional tips that if you implement and practice into your, in your life every single day, you will start to love yourself naturally. And through that self-love will come the confidence that you’ve been seeking all your life. Okay? So without further ado, let’s get right into it.

So one of the main reasons you currently don’t love yourself is because you have bought into a lot of delusion that the world has sold to you, right? Like if you are this type of person, then you can be happy, then you are good and you’re worth something. But if you’re not this person, this image that you know everyone should chase after, then you’re not worth anything and you should feel bad about yourself.

And so one of the main reasons, you know, we find ourselves in a position where we are like, I don’t even love myself. You know, who even am I to go for my dreams? It’s because we’re constantly chasing this image, trying to be this ideal person that doesn’t even exist. And we’re venturing off of our own true path. What makes us amazing, what we truly enjoy in life, right? We’ve, we venture off of that individual path and we start to chase this image that the world is trying to paint for us.

And on that path we face all sorts of friction. And you know, obviously you find yourself in a place where you’re like, damn, where do I even belong? And you start to have all those negative thoughts and then you believe in their reality and you start to end up in a place where you’re like, I don’t even love myself. Trust me. I’ve been there. You know, even before I started this journey with personal mastery request, I would always just try to compare myself to my peers.

Always tried to be better than them. All my goals were derived from my needs to fit this particular type of image of success and wellbeing. But through this journey and through unraveling so many of these false mental con concepts, over the past few years, I’ve realized that that image is such like a, it’s all delusion. You know, people will spend their entire lives chasing that image while completely being unhappy in this present moment.

And even when they just say get there, they are still unhappy. And throughout the process they face countless friction and you know, they end up in a place where it’s actually like, I don’t love myself. I don’t love my life. So how to avoid all of that, right? Number one, if you find yourself in a really difficult place, again, you have ventured off of your own individuality.

So to get back on that path, you need to educate yourself. You need to educate yourself, not in university books, but actual books that point you towards your true power, your true potential. Along with that, you need to meditate. Okay? So let’s get into both of these real quick. You need to start reading self Betterman books because they will help you build your confidence. It’s not something that happens overnight, right? Because I’m not into temporary solutions and quick relief.

I’m into longterm solutions, lasting transformation. So start with this. If you don’t love yourself right now, there’s a reason for that. You know your current habits. And everything and the way that you currently think about yourself. So in order to start thinking different thoughts about yourself and believing in the possibility that you may also have it within you, that you can achieve your dreams, that you can be confident you to start with self betterment books and starting.

Obviously you’re listening to videos like this on YouTube, but start by self betterment books and just educate yourself about what is possible for you. All these self betterment books, right on the surface. They’re just telling you like all these little techniques and whatnot, but on a deeper level, they’re all pointing you to your power within. And so try to venture off away from like the outside and go to the power within.

And what will help you with this is meditation right now. You don’t love yourself because you believe in your own thoughts telling you that you’re not worthy, right? Telling you that you’re not good enough. You’ve believed your voice too. You believe that voice in your head to be your voice, but it is not your voice. And this is one of the most profound realizations in the spiritual journey in life that you can make ever. And the only thing that can help you get there is meditation.

Now, if you want to learn more about that right after this video, watch this video right up here. But you have to learn to detach from this voice in your head because if you start to listen to it and you start to really think that this is your voice, then you will start to just identify with those negative thoughts and then you’ll end up in places where you’re like, damn, I don’t love myself.

That’s what the thoughts are. Just suggesting that’s not the truth. So meditate to detach from it. All right? Now you have to couple this up with number two, working on yourself every single day. Now you’re not working on yourself to become good enough. You are already good enough. You are. You can already just love yourself in this second. But the thing is you won’t believe it. If I just tell you right now that you are lovable, that you are worthy, you’re not going to believe it.

And so your mind needs to come to that realization. And the only way that that can happen is by you working on yourself right now, one of the things that I’ve noticed with people who don’t love themselves and including me before is that we have very low vibration lifestyles. We say we don’t love ourselves and we say that, um, we’re not worthy of our goals, but we don’t do anything on a day to day basis to make our goals happen.

We don’t do anything on a day to day basis on a consistent basis to words bettering ourself, right? Like if you don’t love yourself, then become a better person. Do something every single day. Literally dedicate your entire life, not just even one thing every single day. Dedicate your entire life to becoming a better version of you. And honestly, it is only through that path that this flame gets ignited in you.

And naturally you start to that stuff. Self love starts to become cultivated within you because you start to have these little daily wins. You start to overcome the old version of yourself. And this courage comes out of nowhere. This inspiration comes out of nowhere. This self love starts to come out of nowhere. I can not tell you how important self development is on the journey to realizing true self love. It’s literally like the key.

Through this process I have been able to build a confidence that is required to, you know, build this YouTube channel to coach people that are way older than me. You know, before that like I would’ve never had the confidence because I didn’t even love myself. I didn’t think I was good enough for anything. It is only through this journey of self betterment, spirituality, meditation that you naturally build this, these qualities so that you can actually express the talents that you came here on this earth to Xpress.

Other than that, they just remain suppressed and they add to your misery. So start working on yourself. Create amazing, profound habits every single day, which are actually very simple, right? Like just like waking up early, uh, exercising every single day, reading every single day, trying to learn, trying to do like start passionate projects. Just bettering yourself in every, every way. These simple things are actually what’s much more profound than you think.

And through those, like if you start making this lifestyle change, self-love will automatically just Dawn out of nowhere and you’ll be like, Oh, where did that come from? And be like, Oh, now it’s just, you know, natural in my life. But it wasn’t at one point to make a natural. It’s was reboot as required as self development. So start that right now.

Now lastly, you need to start focusing on your good qualities and completely ignore your bad qualities. Trust me, this works like absolute magic, right? Like before, I’m just two years ago I used to concentrate and for the rest of them, like before my entire life, just up until two years ago, I only used to focus on my negative qualities. Every time I used to go out. I also used to put this mental filter like, Oh, people are only like focusing and noticing my negative qualities.

What are they? Probably thinking about this, you know, this and that. And I myself, even when I’m home alone, like I would only just be focused on bettering my negative qualities. And this is something that I realized is absolutely reverse of what you want to be doing because here’s the thing. Anything that you’re giving so much attention to is a part of your life which you are growing.

You’re literally watering it with your attention, giving it the vital life energy that it needs in order to survive and thrive in your reality. So if you focus on your negative qualities, not only will they grow, but other people too will start to focus only on your negative qualities. But here’s a secret. As soon as you let go of caring about your negative qualities and your shortcomings and focus only on what makes you good, what makes you amazing, what makes you better than anybody, whatever that may be might be.

If you’re funny, maybe you know you have nice hair, maybe you are a good at like whatever it may be. Maybe we’re going to driving. Maybe you’re taught like whatever it is. If you start to just focus on those qualities, people will naturally only pay attention to those things and not even care about your negative qualities, like the negative qualities won’t even occur to them.

And even if they do, they’re just going to be completely irrelevant because they’re going to be more focused on your positive qualities. Now, here’s a secret that you’re not going to like, believe me when I just say it, but here’s something that you just have to experience through your own experience. Start to practice this. Focus on your good qualities and watch how other people naturally only focus on those as well. And they don’t even remember your negative qualities.

Even when they do, they don’t give them that much attention. They don’t bring it up ever. All right? And through practicing all three of these things that I just mentioned, the self love just starts to come out of nowhere. You start to truly become, you start to feel powerful, empowered, and through that obviously the confidence that you desire starts to naturally Dawn on you as well. So just to summarize, number one, educate yourself and meditate.

Okay. Number two, work on yourself. Dedicate your life to self betterment. And number three, focus only on your good qualities. Focus on what makes you amazing and let go completely of your shortcomings. Trust me. The more you start neglecting them, the more other people will start neglecting them. All right? Put these three principles into practice and let me know how it goes for you. I know it’s absolutely going to transform your life.

Very simple, yet very profound and very unconventional. I’m not here about this channel is never about gimmicks and take little techniques here and there. It’s for actual things that really work. So this is something that works. Put it in your life, no matter how simple it is, and start seeing the results for yourself because truly loving yourself is such an, and being confident is such an important part of creating the life you truly want to live. All right?

So as you’re doing that and you want to really like learn more about creating your reality, the life you truly want to live through a higher consciousness mindset, I’m giving away a free workshop right now. All you have to do is click the link in the description box below and it’ll take you straight there, shows you the four most important things about creating the life you truly want to live through a higher consciousness mindset, letting go of everything that no longer serves you and aligning powerfully to the version of you that already has what he or she wants.

So make sure to watch that right after this video. Just click the link down there in the description box below, but that’s all for today. I hope you enjoyed this video. Give me a thumbs up and subscribe to this channel if you haven’t already. I’ll see you in the next video.

October 29, 2019

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