How To Stop Negative Thoughts – The Only Long Term Solution

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In this video, I’m going to show you how to stop negative thoughts and this is going to be the only longterm solution to your problem. So listen closely. All right, let’s get right into it.

only once you are able to stop your negative thoughts and choose, gain the power to choose the thoughts you want to think, the perspective you want to have on life and moment by moment by moment will you ever gain the ability to create your own reality? All right, so after you watch this video, if you want to learn more about how to create your dream life through a higher consciousness mindset, I’m giving away a free workshop right now. It’s called a create your dream life workshop.

All you have to do is simply click the link in the description box below after this video and go straight right there, right there to the page and watch that video, right? But now before we even get there, how to stop your negative thoughts. One of the things that you’re doing incorrectly right now is that you are taking ownership of your thoughts.

I was actually on a coaching call the other day and I was talking to my client and she was bringing up something about how um, one of the philosophers or something said how you can also pick up on other people’s thoughts. Right? And your, your thought, your mind is constantly picking up on other people’s thoughts. And I simply asked her, you know, even if that then may be true, I’m at, I asked her, what is your thought versus what is somebody else’s thought? Do you really own your thoughts?

Are they yours or do they simply just come and go? And you just watched them and you just engage with them? Do you own your thoughts? Are you hanging onto your thoughts? Are you thinking the same thoughts that you were thinking that you when you were five years old, even the thoughts that you think you’re thinking again and again, are they just, are they just with you or is it like a similar type of thought that comes into your awareness every single time you choose to engage with that kind of vibration?

See right there right then. And there is such a big mistake that most of humanity has not yet discovered, which is the fact that we don’t own our thoughts. The voice in our head is not our voice. You have to start asking yourself to whom are these thoughts occurring? Who are you that you watched these thoughts not be there right in the beginning. They’re not there. Some other thoughts are there and you see these negative thoughts come in. So you saw their absence, you witnessed their absence.

Now you saw their presence and now you’re witnessing their departure as well because eventually you will think positive thoughts as well, right? So who are you? That is watching the thoughts come be and go where you the sense of you still remains right here. Always right. The sense of here and now that you feel right here and now while watching this video, listen closely. By the way, don’t let your mind distract you out of this. This is cause this is the, this is the longterm solution to your problem right now.

The here and now through which you’re watching this video right now. The sense of alignness, the sense of me being here, the sense of me through which you’re watching this and experiencing this current moment is the same sense of me. Same sense of I that you felt when you were a five year old girl or boy.

Okay. And the thoughts that were coming and going in your mind at that time were very different. And the thoughts that are coming in your awareness right now are very different. So are the thoughts really you or are you simply the observer of those thoughts? This is the main distinction that has to be made. If you want to stop thinking negative thoughts because you battle with your thoughts only because you believe in their reality, you think that you are those thoughts.

You think that the voice of the, like that voice in your head is your own voice. And this is one of the biggest mistakes. So it doesn’t, there is no matter of, Oh this is that person’s thought, this is my thought. No thoughts just are. And they just go within us. We claim them, we identify with them and that’s our problem. And that’s why we lose our control over which thoughts we want to think is because we believe we are the thoughts but no you are the awareness within which these thoughts come and go.

It is not. The voice in your head is not your voice. It is just a voice pretending to be your voice and you have fallen for the trick. You’re falling for the illusion because you have forgotten you. You have forgotten who you actually are and that’s really the, the whole, the whole spiritual process is all about realizing more and more that you are not your thoughts. You are not the physical body in mind and that you are the observer within which all of this stuff is happening.

Even your body and mind think about your body right now. It is so different than it was when you were five years old but the sense of me is always here. The body even comes and goes in this experience just like the thoughts you, if you continue to identify with the physical, you will struggle to change the physical.

You will struggle to stop thinking negative thoughts if you think you are the negative thoughts because if you think you are the negative thoughts, you will just unwillingly and unknowingly be giving them all of your attention and anything that in life that you give your attention to, you are growing that part of your life. You are watering that part. You’re like, Oh, here you go. I’m raising you like my little child.

That’s what you’re doing to your thoughts. You are the only reason you are thinking negative thoughts. The thoughts are just there. They’re coming and going but it’s not their job for you to like realize this, it is your job. You have to now become a little more self-reflective. You have to close your eyes and contemplate the nature of who I am.

Who am I that is watching these thoughts come and go. The thoughts come and go. The body comes and goes. Everything changes. All these experiences come and go, but the sense of I always remains right here and it’s always the same. It is the changeless essence to my life. Everything else changes. But this sense of I always is here. So what is that?

And now you may think like, okay, what does that have to do with stopping negative thoughts, right? It is only when you start to realize your true nature, which is the observer within which all of this play occurs. Do you gain the detachment, the space that allows you to just observe what is happening, observe your positive thoughts and negative thoughts and know that your positive thoughts are equally as not you as the negative thoughts.

So when you start to gain this true wisdom, this true realization of your actual self, you start to realize that I am not my thoughts and the voice in your mind, even when it does try to pretend to be you. You wake up and you’re like, Oh, what? Like why am I, why would I listen to that voice if it’s not my voice? Right? Like I could tell you so many bad things about you right now, but you won’t listen to me.

You won’t really take me too seriously because that’s not your voice. You don’t think that’s your voice and you’re like, Oh, that’s not my voice. It’s somebody else’s. So I don’t have to listen to it. But even the voice in your own head, you only listened to it because you think it’s your voice. You believe it’s your voice.

You have all your life believed that it was your voice. Now when you start to go through this spiritual journey and start to realize that, damn, that voice in my head is not even my own voice. I’m actually the watcher of that voice and I don’t have to identify with it. And so if this voice is telling you something like, Oh, you should be fearful, you should now go for your dreams, you’re worth nothing. Then it’s like, why would I listen to that voice? And you simply stop engaging with it.

You stop giving it your attention. And naturally due to that, it just passes. Because anything in life, including thoughts, needs your attention to survive and only when it gains your attention. Does it gain life? Does it gain power? Does it gain any sort of relevance in your experience? And this sort of choice can only come right? The choice of choosing what you want to give your attention to, choosing what you want to observe, choosing the thoughts that you want to think.

This choice can only come by realizing more and more of your true nature as this awareness within which thoughts come and go. These are not my thoughts. These are not your thoughts. They just are thoughts and you can identify with them and they will make your life chaotic. Or you can gain this detachment. And that is what we call wisdom. That is a person who truly understands life more and more.

And we look up to those people. But that’s, that could be you right now. You’ve just got to put in the inner work. So how to get to that level, you have to meditate every single day. Watch my meditation video up here. But then that’s going to teach you how to deepen your meditation very quickly and really take this to the whole nother level, your entire spiritual journey or entire create your own reality journey.

Take it to a whole nother level. Watch that video. Um, but it’s all about meditation. Meditation is the only thing that will allow you to realize this detachment and create that space between you and thoughts, you and physical reality. And this is the control that is necessary to ever be able to influence your physical reality. Until then you’ll be identified with the voice in your mind and you will sway between what the voice is telling you and it will control your entire life.

And you will think that you are controlling your entire life, but you are not. That is the state in which there is no free will because you’re not even choosing your thoughts. They’re just happening to you, but you believe you are your thoughts and so you don’t. Those thoughts determine your actions and they create your entire life. And that’s why a lot of people’s lives today are like very negative.

They always have been because a lot of the thoughts that we kind of really give our attention to easily are the negative thoughts because we’re very fearful that ego is very fearful. It’s nature. So if you want to stop thinking negative thoughts, if you want to start having more control over this creation process of your reality, start meditating every single day. Gain this detachment between me eye and thoughts, and naturally through that, you will start to naturally through that, right?

The more you realize your true nature thoughts will just not be able to, negative thoughts will just not be able to exist in that kind of vibration, but you will still experiencing, you will still experience them, no doubt. And when they come now even the thoughts that do come, you’re not identifying with them.

You truly just realize this is not my voice. And you allow them to pass just like they came in, just like they’ll just as easily they’ll go out. This is wisdom, my friend. All right, so I hope you enjoyed this video. I hope you gain true value from it. I know this is kinda deep, but don’t think that, Oh, this is kind of not too abstract for me. No, just the fact that you’re listening to this right now means that you’re ready for it. So now put it to practice.

Start meditating every single day. Again, watch my video about my meditation. Also, after you’re kind of getting this process in motion, made sure to watch my create your dream life workshop, it’s absolutely free and it’s going to show you the four most crucial things that you need to start creating the life you truly want to live through a higher consciousness mindset.

Okay? So don’t miss that link for that is down there below, but other than that, give me a thumbs up and share this video with a friend who was having a lot of negative thoughts. Get them out of this state just like you’re getting yourself out of this state. Okay? Share this video on social media. Uh, just show it all the love you can. Okay. Subscribe to this channel and I will see you in the next video. Peace out.

October 29, 2019

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