Letting Go Of Chasing A Destination – The Way Life Is Meant To Be Lived

Letting go of time and chasing a destination. Happiness is no where to be found in the future. As long as the mind continues to cover happiness up in the Now, it will always seem to be missing.

So instead of chasing, start to live life for the sake of living life. Within this approach, you will find the seed of joy that is not dependent on things and circumstances.


🎁 Shift from Ego to Presence: There are 3 stages to the process of awakening to your true Self:

Stage 1: Discovering Presence

Stage 2: Self-Inquiry

Stage 3: Self Abidance If you wish to learn how to master each phase and dissolve every mind-made obstacle that is currently holding you in a state of ego-identification, check out the free class I am offering here: https://go.personalmasteryquest.com/masterclass-2

May 19, 2020

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