Who Is The Mind Talking To? – Advaita Vedanta Philosophy

All the things that the mind says, all the projections it creates, all the opinions that it has… Who is it talking to?

For what audience is the mind dancing? Who is this subtle entity which claims that it is “the one” thinking, feeling, and doing?

What is this subtle entity which constantly takes ownership of all that arises in consciousness, then feels either pride or guilt, pleasure or pain, because of it?

What is this self which suffers the mind and claims to want to be free of it? This is the one we are going to catch in today’s video.

In it, I will share with you practical pointers to make your meditation/inquiry more subtle through which your seeing will become more clear and this thief which is currently clouding your natural state will be caught.

This thief is the one which keeps you in a battle with mind. By catching this one, the battle doesn’t end – It simply dissolves and ceases to be.


September 3, 2020

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