Letting Go Of All Fears & Questions – Access “The Inner Guru”

Going beyond all fears, going beyond all questions.

Today’s video will perhaps be one of the most important videos you watch regarding the spiritual process.

It won’t necessarily answer your questions. Instead, it will help you go beyond the need to have them answered.

It won’t necessarily pacify your fears. Instead it will help you remain unaffected by them.

You will begin to see fears and questions simply as movements in the mind, with no further need to identify or entertain their projections.

The reason I say it will be one of the most important videos is because it is your own questions and fears which are the greatest obstacles towards your spiritual maturity and understanding.

Learning how to deal with them properly helps you go beyond them. Then, life continues to unfold without mental distortions and naturally reveals to you the answers through direct experience and understanding from within.

This is the “accelerated” approach.

Watch the video below and see exactly what I am speaking of.

I hope it is of great help.


September 3, 2020

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