Dissolving All Thoughts – Self Inquiry Meditation

In this video I will share with you how to get unstuck in self inquiry meditation – how to go to the root of the self inquiry meditation and rest as the seeing.

There is this space within you which sees all, yet has no need to say “I see.” There is a space within you in which all your reactions are known, yet it does not have any reaction to them.

There is a space within you in which all desires and fears appear, yet it does not have any desire or fear of its own.

This space is spontaneous, effortless awareness. And this space is not just “within you,” it IS you. It is your own Self; your essential identity before all personal or worldly layers are added on.

And as you learn to see this “space” and as you learn to recognize it as yourself, you will become free of all mind-imposed limitations which you are currently suffering from. In today’s video I break it down in a very simple way: How to acknowledge and rest as this “space.”

Make sure to watch it. It may be deep and difficult for the mind to comprehend at first, but once this seed is planted you will never be the same. Wishing you all the best.

September 3, 2020

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