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How To Heal Past Emotional Trauma, not by going back to it and dealing with it one by one but instead dissolving identification with the entirety of it.

The spiritual community has many beliefs about emotional healing, most of them are wrong – and this is creating widespread confusion.

Today, let’s put an end to that, at least for you. And then perhaps you can become an embodiment of healing, which you can pass onto others.

There are a couple of things you must understand about healing from your past trauma, your limiting beliefs, and attachments.

A couple of things you must understand, without which your healing process will seem like a never ending journey.

Here they are:
-Healing is not about revisiting the past and “doing something” to release it.
-Pain and trauma are in mind only – your essential Self knows no trauma or limitation. You are already free of all past. True healing is about just recognizing this fact.
-For any real and lasting healing to occur, you must let go of “the one that needs to be healed” – this means relinquishing attachment to the identity which claims to be wounded and incomplete – thereby fading away all belief in your hurt and limiting ideas about yourself and your world.

Today’s video is dedicated to these points.

Watch it below, it may be what frees you of many wrong ideas and beliefs about yourself and your healing process in general.

I hope it is of great value.

-Sunny Sharma, Personal Mastery Quest

September 14, 2020

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