Freedom From Subtle Layers Of Mind – Ramana Maharshi Who Am I?

Sri Ramana Maharshi Who am I? Let’s cover what this “I” really is, how to practice this inquiry, and how to not get stuck in the subtle layers of mind while practicing.

In inquiry, there are many subtle layers of mind which go completely unnoticed.

These unnoticed layers of mind continue to keep us in identification; they continue to operate as “I.”

For example, a thought arises. It is clearly known. Because it is known it can easily be discarded as not myself.

But along with it, a gentle urge to be rid of that thought(resistance), which itself is not a thought, arises as well. Because it is known, it is also a mental projection…

But because of its subtle nature, it often goes unnoticed. And as long as it remains unnoticed, it continues to operate as “what I am.”

There are many subtle layers of mental webs just like this which keep us stuck and going in circles.

They make inquiry seem like an endless journey and give rise to further thoughts of doubt and frustration which the ego feeds off of.

By but seeing these layers as they are, we become free of them.

By clearly bringing them under the light of observation, they lose their power. The hypnosis becomes weaker. Clarity arises.

Today’s video is dedicated to first helping you understand this clearly, and then second, to know how to implement this in your daily practice.

I know you will find great value in it. And it may be what frees you of this “stuck-ness” you feel in meditation/inquiry.

Watch the video above.

-Sunny Sharma

September 14, 2020

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