How To Stop Believing Your Thoughts – Advaita Vedanta

How to stop believing in your thoughts, an advaita vedanta approach.

Fear, anxiety, regret, self-doubt, jealousy, envy, greed – All these things which you claim disturb your peace…Why are they so prominent in your experience?

Have you ever considered why they continue to have such an impact? Why they continue to be relevant?

You can come up with all sorts of complex formulations but the answer is quite simple.

It is because you believe in your thoughts. Yup, believe it or not, that’s really all there is to it.

You not only believe in what your thoughts are saying and projecting, you also believe in your thoughts as “my voice.”

This conditioned tendency of yours creates most of your problems and all of your suffering.

Are you ready to put an end to it?

If so, today’s video will be an incredible resource. In it I will share with you how to dissolve this belief in mind.

I will also guide you to experiential evidence for understanding the difference between pure observing vs. identification with thoughts; watching vs. involvement.

If you listen to the entire video with focused attention and apply what I guide you through, I can confidently say you will never be the same again.

Watch the video above and have a great Monday!

-Sunny Sharma

September 14, 2020

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