Merging Inner & Outer Reality – Non Duality

As you grow in stillness, in recognition of your true nature, you will notice how the inner and outer are both seen to be in awareness, and are known to be made up out of nothing other than awareness. Let’s dive deeper into this..

When there is a distinct separation between the inner and outer realities, the connectedness of mind and world is not seen clearly.

Life is then lived in confusion. The outer effects(circumstances) are rarely traced back to their inner causes(thoughts).

We continue to try to change the image in the mirror, not realizing that what we see and are trying to change is a reflection, mirroring back to us what we are ourselves projecting.

You can spend your entire life in this cycle, but it only results in exhaustion and further confusion.

The only remedy is to look within at your own self, and seek to understand what you are in essence.

Only when you begin to have a deeper understanding of yourself than just body/mind, will you receive clarity about this play of inner and outer.

Only then will the inner and outer be seen as they really are – not two, but one.

That is what today’s video is dedicated to.

In it I will show you what it means to merge the inner world of thoughts and feelings, and the outer world of circumstances and form.

It is a shift I want you to experience not only at an intellectual level, but in your very own experience.

I hope todays video sparks that discovery. Watch it above and have a great rest of your day 🙂

-Sunny Sharma

September 21, 2020

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