How To Get Rid Of Negative Thoughts – Advaita Vedanta

Advaita Vedanta approach on how to get rid of negative thoughts, how to get rid of belief in thoughts in general. This is a recording of a live call from my coaching program, I hope it helps!

I’m not interested in giving you little gimmicks and techniques to temporarily ease your negative thoughts.

My intention is to help you solve the root of the issue. So let’s talk..

As long as you continue to try to “do” something about your negative thoughts, you will continue to feed them and they will continue to grow.

The problem is, you have great belief in the thoughts that arise and have little understanding of what lies beyond them.

When thoughts make up a large part of what you call “myself,” then thoughts will continue to dominate every aspect of life.

But once you begin to understand the deeper dimension of yourself, thoughts will no longer be considered a problem.

This deeper dimension is what I will point you towards in today’s very special video.

In the video I will share with you the 3 thing which will open you up to this deeper dimension and be free of the self-imposed torture of negative thoughts:

1: Letting them be without giving them any significance or meaning.
2: Becoming more interested in the knowing of the thoughts rather than the content of them.
3: Freeing yourself of belief in thoughts, not just the negative but also the positive.

This video is a live recording from my coaching program. I will highly recommend you make time for it either today or during the weekend. It could be what changes everything for you.

Watch it above!

Best wishes,
Sunny Sharma

September 30, 2020

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