Uprooting Personal Identity(ego) – Jnana Yoga

Jnana Yoga – Directly looking into your experience and seeing the unreality of the separate self. Allow me to point you to this discovery.

Thoughts arise in an empty space-like medium – that we call awareness.

As they arise, we neglect our true nature as the empty space within which they arise, and take ourselves to BE the thoughts.

Upon taking ourselves to BE the thoughts(identification), it gives birth to personal identity, and the content of the thoughts becomes our experience.

If it is a pleasant thought, our experience is colored with pleasure. If it is a an unpleasant thought, our experience is colored with suffering.

And as long as we remain identified with our thoughts, not acknowledging our true nature, this cycle of pleasure and pain seems to be all that life is about.

Only upon returning to yourself, seeing yourself as you really are, do you begin to transcend this cycle and become free of mental projections.

In today’s video I aim to bring you back to acknowledging the space, the knowing within which your thoughts are arising, as yourself.

By clearly seeing yourself as this knowing(what you actually are), personal identity(what you appear to be) becomes weaker and weaker.

This is perhaps the greatest discovery one can make in his/her lifetime.

Watch the video above.

-Sunny Sharma

September 30, 2020

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