Discover Your Changeless Self – Ramana Maharshi Teaching

A powerful Ramana Maharshi teaching which I encourage you to practice with me as you watch this video 🙂

All change happens to a changeless background, which registers the appearance of movement and continuity.

No one would argue that everything in life changes; circumstances, people, and things all come and go.

But the mistake we make is believing that “what I am” also changes. This mistake is rooted in ignorance of your essential, changeless Self.

Because you take yourself to be the mind and body, you see yourself as something that is temporary and changeful.

This mistake born through ignorance can only carry on as long as you don’t investigate it. Once you begin to investigate, you quickly come to see that there is a deeper dimension to what you call “me” and that there is nothing about this “me” that ever changes.

Right now your reference point for yourself is the ever-changing mind/body. Upon investigation this reference point becomes deeper, and becomes stabilized in Being.

If you continue to neglect investigation, going about relating in the world as a temporary changeful self, you will experience fear and sway between pleasure and pain.

But as you begin to investigate and uncover this deeper changeless dimension, you will become open to life, experiencing fully what is unfolding here and now, free of suffering.

Let’s discuss this deeper in today’s video. I hope it brings you great clarity and understanding.

-Sunny Sharma

October 9, 2020

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