How To Cleanse The Mind Of ALL Impurities – Jnana Yoga

Jnana Yoga – Cleansing the mind of all false ideas by letting go of objective focus.

How can you see yourself clearly in a mirror that is full of dirt and stains?

To get an accurate look at yourself, the mirror must be cleaned, the stains must be removed – otherwise the image will always be distorted.

This mirror we speak of is the mind, within which “I” appear to be restless, anxious, and afraid.

“I” in truth am not restless, anxious, and afraid – but I appear to be so because of the mind, which currently is full of wrong ideas, incorrect convictions, and all sorts of beliefs.

These stains must be removed. The mirror of the mind must be cleaned so that I may see my reflection as I really am.

And that is what today’s video is dedicated to: To show you how to cleanse the mind of all impurities.

Let’s keep it short and simple for today! Make sure to watch the video and practice as directed.

-Sunny Sharma

October 9, 2020

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