How To See The Real Within The Unreal – Advaita Vedanta Philosophy

Here is a powerful Advaita Vedanta teaching in my words.

What IS shines brightly in what appears to be.

The reflection of the real shines bright and obvious, but due to its obvious nature it goes unnoticed and seems non-existent.

What I’m referring to is the knowing element in all experience; your capacity for knowledge; your ability to know.

Through it you know many things, and in these things, you remain immersed.

Being immersed in the unreal, you seek the real as if it is at a distance, outside of your reach; outside of yourself.

This is the tendency which must cease, and it is what I wish to help you with today.

I would like to help you see clearly that for this “search,” you must turn away from WHAT you know and acknowledge THAT you know.

But enough confusing you with fancy language. Let’s make this simple and practical.

In today’s video I offer to you a simple guidance which will ease you into this understanding with little effort.

Click above to watch. You can even use it as a guided meditation if you wish.

I hope it brings you great clarity. Be well and have a great day!

-Sunny Sharma

October 9, 2020

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