If I was To Explain Self Inquiry To A Baby | Sunny Sharma

What is Self inquiry meditation – Laid out in the simplest way possible. In this video I will guide you into seeing how simple self inquiry really is and how to practice it without getting stuck and falling into mental loops.

Self inquiry is the most direct spiritual practice. Because it is the most direct, it is also the most simple.

But unfortunately, simple is not the language of the mind which is used to dealing in complexity.

And because of this, the mind perceives Self-inquiry as something outside of its reach.

That is why today, I will explain Self-inquiry to you:
1: Keeping it simple enough so that you get it.
2: But also with a hint of complexity; just enough so that we can lure your mind into being open to grasping it as well.

The video today is a recording of a call I did with a member of my Higher Consciousness Shift program.

In it, I am speaking to an intelligent woman but I explain Self-Inquiry to her as if I was teaching it to a small child – An approach I like to use with everyone that I work with.

If you have never really understood inquiry, hopefully balancing the simple with the complex in today’s video allows you to finally grasp it.

And if you are already familiar with inquiry, hopefully today’s guidance helps you refine and deepen your understanding.

-Sunny Sharma

October 9, 2020

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