Should We Disengage From Positive Thoughts Too?

A common viewer questions that I hope to address with this video: Should I disengage from my positive thoughts too? And if so, why and for what reason? Here is the answer…

It is very easy to accept that I must disengage from and let go of my negative thoughts.

You clearly see the dysfunction that they create, so logically it makes sense that we must let go of belief in the negative thoughts.

But still, a sort of clinging remains to the positive thoughts; the tendency to rely on positive thoughts for a sense of wellbeing, reassurance, and peace

But here is where you must understand, that as long as you believe in your positive thoughts and cling to them as “true,” as “my voice,” you will naturally continue to believe in your negative thoughts when they arise as well. You cannot have one without the other.

And this keeps you stuck in a play of positive and negative. Whereas the teaching is pointing you beyond both.

Only when you learn to acknowledge your true position as being beyond both negative and positive, will you come to rest.

Beyond both negative and positive is where peace actually resides. In the mind there is only restlessness.

So let’s clear this up today and be free of this doubt/concern that often arises in the PMQ comment section and Facebook group.

Watch today’s video and go beyond the need to rely on thoughts for wellbeing and happiness.

-Sunny Sharma

October 28, 2020

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