How To Absolutely Diminish Belief In Thoughts – Jnana Yoga

The essence of Jnana Yoga – Allowing what it to be as it is, knowing yourself as you are. This video will help you free yourself of the tyranny of thought. It might be the video that offers you a major breakthrough but what I mention must be practiced consistently. Here’s how to stop believing your thoughts.

About to say something crazy – You Ready??

If you watch today’s video in full and implement what I teach, I can confidently say that:
1: Thoughts will NEVER have the same pull over you ever again.
2: Your understanding of self-inquiry will become 10x deeper.

Bold claim? Perhaps..

But that is how confident I am in today’s video in its ability to wake you up and that’s how excited I am to share it with you, hence I’m hyping it up much more than usual. Haha 🙂

Not going to give away anything more about it. Watch it above.

Best wishes,

Sunny Sharma

October 28, 2020

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